My 2022 Royal Enfield Himalayan: Service experience at 15000 km

Asked to replace the engine head tappets under warranty and he said he cannot if it doesn't show 78.

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Ghata went for her 15000 km check service yesterday. The personnel were strictly instructed to only fix the below and not touch anything else, as it was just fine after Zoheb's work except for:

  • Speedometer vibration between 3k to 5k rpm - not fixed
  • Tappet sound which was there since 10000 km but i was not aware of what it was - the irritating fich-fich sound amidst the engine note.
  • Rattling numberplate at the rear - no screws, have ordered. Wah!
  • The rubber boots coming off - saar, adu normal. Wah Taj!

Regarding the tappet noise, certainly didnt even open to check the decompression valve and timing chain that the technician Raju mentioned (how and why he said this after just putting his ears to the engine - clueless). Does anyone know this Raju at the company operated BTM outlet, where he mentioned he was working earlier? Gave a piece of my mind today to the supervisor who had no idea why he said I could collect the bike the previous evening, 5 mins before closing (thank god for call logs. He denied calling me!) when it wasn't fixed even after a day. The guy comes with a Db meter, it reads 72 db and says 78 is the minimum the company will consider. Asked him to replace the engine head tappets under warranty and he said he cannot if it doesn't show 78. Just decided to take it back as i was fed up. They insist to bill Rs.118 as consumable and washing charges at which i lost my patience. The bike had been standing outside in the rain, all dirty since the previous evening. I may not bathe but she will remain spotless is my policy and these service folk make it a bloody joke of security and cleanliness (I even saw a rat outside the building, once). They say its mandatory to charge and they kept it inside the building while closing (will have to verify this.). Mentioned that and firmly said wouldn't pay a penny because of their lacklustre job and wanted the bike back.

Gave a 1 star review on the review email and was contacted by the RE customer service team, gave a detailed account of all the above. Hopefully, something will happen.

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