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Re: Triumph Speed 400 Review

To the initial/high mileage users, what's the feedback on the 16k km service interval? Do you have to make frequent visits to the SC to get things adjusted/lubed/fixed? Does it feel like a genuine once a year service bike for usage of around 12-14k km a year.
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Re: Triumph Speed 400 Review

Hello everyone,

I have serviced my Speed 400 at 4500 Kms as a part of preventive maintenance. I had no faith in Triumph's claim of 16k Kms. Last service was done in October 2023.Preventive maintenance initially helps a lot as I have experienced on my 2009 Yamaha FZ. I believe that if we service much before the claimed interval of the manufacturer the engine life will last much longer than expected. Along with regular oil change my right side fork seal was leaking due to my rough usage of the bike. But still I am very satisfied with the ride quality of this bike. I got the work done at Aakash Motors in Bavdhan, Pune. Since rush is less with them, the quality of work done was top notch. We used 2 ltrs Motul 7100 10w50 Fully Synthetic engine oil. Fork oil used was Maxima Racing oil 5w 400ml. Oil filter was purchased at Chinchwad service centre for Rs 79/-.Fork seal is the same as the KTM ones, which Aakash had in stock. Chain Lube used was Putoline Drytec ceramic wax. I missed the air filter as I had underestimated how bad it would be at 4500 Kms. I really recommend to change the air filter as it's very cost effective at 350-400/- only. My Air filter was clogged upto a certain level. I am planning to service it at every 5-6k or 6 months. Aakash himself has good experience in handling big bikes and dirt bike Racing since 2 generations of his family. I am mentioning his adress below for reference.

Aakash Motors
S.No.34, Bhunde Wasti, on Oxford Golf Resort Road,
Bavdhan Bk, Pune-411021
Ph. 9403412335

Do check out this small video😁:-
Attached Thumbnails
Triumph Speed 400 Review-img_20240501_1321521422.jpg  

Triumph Speed 400 Review-screenshot_20240511192044.png  

Triumph Speed 400 Review-img_20240501_151031418.jpg  

Triumph Speed 400 Review-screenshot_20240511191556.png  

Triumph Speed 400 Review-img_20240501_163844822.jpg  

Triumph Speed 400 Review-img_20240501_163310740_hdr.jpg  

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Re: Triumph Speed 400 Review

Taking delivery of the Triumph Speed 400 for my friend - 08-05-2024

My childhood friend and I, both having crossed 55, were always in love with motorcycles. While I had 4 in the stable, my friend had recently sold his solo Duke 200 and was on the lookout for a light and nimble bike for city use. He asked for my advice and we zeroed in on the Speed 400 in Blue. I had got the Classic 350 last year, for the same use case scenario, but for me pillion comfort was paramount for my wife's local shopping sprees. He on the other hand would mostly be riding solo. Hence the Baby Triumph it was.

As there was no Triumph dealerships in Meerut, we searched online and got quotes from the Noida and Okhla dealerships. But then, a long time acquaintance whom I knew since the last 13 years from Capital Harley, had recently joined Triumph Noida as Branch Head. He gave a good offer and that sealed the deal. The photos and VIN number was checked and the 10th digit was an 'R' signifying the Mfg Year to be 2024 and the bike was available for immediate delivery.

So we reached Triumph Noida at opening time -

Triumph Speed 400 Review-triumph-speed-400-delivery-08052024_1.jpg

And there it was in full glory. It was love at first site. Notice the bigger Speed 900 besides it. The fit and finish was impeccable in comparison, considering both had a price difference of almost 7 lacs!

Triumph Speed 400 Review-triumph-speed-400-delivery-08052024_2.jpg

A view from the other side. That Saree Guard looked hideous and it was decided to remove it promptly before delivery -

Triumph Speed 400 Review-triumph-speed-400-delivery-08052024_3.jpg

This was our final pricing and the dealer friend threw in 5k worth of accessories free on his personal behalf -

Triumph Speed 400 Review-triumph-speed-400-delivery-08052024_4.jpg

The under-seat area was checked. I was surprised to see an extra lock cylinder (encircled in red) being given free with the spare key by Triumph/Bajaj. I have not seen that with any other manufacturer. Do they expect their locks to go bad so soon?

Triumph Speed 400 Review-triumph-speed-400-delivery-08052024_5.jpg

The single piece seat bottom, with area to lock in the 2 main tools (in red), a L key and a Spanner. Though they do give a Rear Suspension Adjuster separately.

Triumph Speed 400 Review-triumph-speed-400-delivery-08052024_6.jpg

The speedo was on 16km as the dealer had asked my specific permission to ride it down 12 kms from their Vaishali Workshop, where they were unloaded, to which I had agreed -

Triumph Speed 400 Review-triumph-speed-400-delivery-08052024_7.jpg

The bike was tanked up with XP95 as the same was the fuel of 1st choice in the Owner's Handbook -

Triumph Speed 400 Review-triumph-speed-400-delivery-08052024_28.jpg

The Owner's Handbook in pdf, in case anyone is interested, is posted in the end of this post.

A view of the cockpit. Fuel cap has a E20 sticker on it -

Triumph Speed 400 Review-triumph-speed-400-delivery-08052024_8.jpg

Left hand controls with Info button -

Triumph Speed 400 Review-triumph-speed-400-delivery-08052024_9.jpg

Right Hand Controls with a Hazard Flasher button -

Triumph Speed 400 Review-triumph-speed-400-delivery-08052024_10.jpg

The Bike was now transferred to their nearby other workshop for fitting of accessories and removal of saree guard. Very neat, clean and immaculate, impressed -

Triumph Speed 400 Review-triumph-speed-400-delivery-08052024_11.jpg

The Bike was put on the lift -

Triumph Speed 400 Review-triumph-speed-400-delivery-08052024_12.jpg

And raised to complete the jobs. The removal of the saree guard was a simple job and required removal of just 3 nuts, which were tightened back in place after it's removal, so that they don't get misplaced for any future use -

Triumph Speed 400 Review-triumph-speed-400-delivery-08052024_13.jpg

A closer look at the beautifully crafted and finished Engine and those cooling fins -

Triumph Speed 400 Review-triumph-speed-400-delivery-08052024_14.jpg

And that full SS exhaust pipe -

Triumph Speed 400 Review-triumph-speed-400-delivery-08052024_15.jpg

Rs. 2788/- is the MRP of the Lower Engine Bars, that we got fitted -

Triumph Speed 400 Review-triumph-speed-400-delivery-08052024_16.jpg

And Rs. 3185/- for the beautifully crafted Luggage Rack Kit, that we did not fit yet and kept with us for future touring purposes. Quite reasonable, I would say -

Triumph Speed 400 Review-triumph-speed-400-delivery-08052024_17.jpg

The Knee Guards were installed. A view of the Left Side one -

Triumph Speed 400 Review-triumph-speed-400-delivery-08052024_18.jpg

And the Right Side One -

Triumph Speed 400 Review-triumph-speed-400-delivery-08052024_19.jpg

The Tank Guard -

Triumph Speed 400 Review-triumph-speed-400-delivery-08052024_20.jpg

The installation of the Lower Engine Guards was a tedious process and took nearly half an hour, as it 'officially' involves, removal of the Exhaust Header Pipe. Triumph even provides a new Exhaust Header Gasket in the kit for this purpose. But the technician was able to install it without removing the full exhaust. Though it would have been helpful if clear installation instructions were provided with the kit like other manufacturers (read Harley, BMW etc.), which they were not! -

Triumph Speed 400 Review-triumph-speed-400-delivery-08052024_21.jpg

All installation finally complete. These total accessories were around 8.5k but we payed 5k less on them as had been agreed. Also installation labour of these accessories were made free by the Branch Head -

Triumph Speed 400 Review-triumph-speed-400-delivery-08052024_22.jpg

In the meantime it was Lunch time and we took a Whopper at the adjoining Burger King. Lolz -

Triumph Speed 400 Review-triumph-speed-400-delivery-08052024_23.jpg

The Bike was finally back at the showroom and ready for delivery. The cleaner look, without the saree guard, looked better to me -

Triumph Speed 400 Review-triumph-speed-400-delivery-08052024_24.jpg

Out on the road -

Triumph Speed 400 Review-triumph-speed-400-delivery-08052024_25.jpg

The Noida Head informed me that they will be opening a local dealership in Meerut this month. That will be the 1st Superbike Sales and Service setup in Meerut. Nice for us -

Triumph Speed 400 Review-triumph-speed-400-delivery-08052024_26.jpg

My friend is 6' like me and he was supremely comfortable on the 80km ride home. All's well -

Triumph Speed 400 Review-triumph-speed-400-delivery-08052024_27.jpg


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Re: Triumph Speed 400 Review

The extra lock cylinder is for using with Triumph luggage accessories like the top box and the saddle bag so that one key can be used across the bike.

Very thoughtful of Triumph.

Originally Posted by dkaile View Post
The under-seat area was checked. I was surprised to see an extra lock cylinder (encircled in red) being given free with the spare key by Triumph/Bajaj. I have not seen that with any other manufacturer. Do they expect their locks to go bad so soon?

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Re: Triumph Speed 400 Review

Brilliant and congratulations to the owner. Triumph and Bajaj simply have nailed it with this one, be it quality, fit, finish and overall yum factor of owning a Triumph.

A couple of points of interest that I liked from the brochure..

The motorcycle is filled with a year round, Organic Additive Technology (known as OAT) coolant when it leaves the factory. It is coloured orange or green, and contains a 50% solution of monoethylene glycol based antifreeze.

1. Triumph D2053 OAT coolant (premixed) is coloured orange.

2. HP THANDA RAJA B OAT coolant is
coloured green.

These premixed coolants provide freeze protection to at least -34C
(-29F). Do not mix coolants of different types and colours. Mixing coolants of different types will reduce the performance of the coolant and reduce its life. When replacing coolant, it is recommended to thoroughly flush the cooling system with clean water.
I think we could all do with this one

The use of products containing silicone will cause discolouration of the
chrome and stainless steel parts and must not be used. The use of abrasive cleaning products
will damage the finish and must not be used


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Re: Triumph Speed 400 Review

Has anyone with Speed 400 noticed any sound (like metal plates clanking/metal resonating sound) coming from the radiator side (not sure, but could be from place else too) of the bike at and above 4000 RPM constantly, with the noise only worsening over high revs and speed. After 120 kmph the noise just goes crazy.
I've tried going to the service centre for it, but no nothing +ve, except that it is default.
Has anyone tried something for it, if they had any noise issue? Mine is from the time I had taken the delivery of it and still have it.
It would be great help if anyone has done something for it.

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Re: Triumph Speed 400 Review

Saw a speed 400 with the scrambler split seat. Looks awesome and I guess it's the better seat of the two. Has anyone managed to fit or see a speed with the scrambler handlebar? Hows the riding posture?
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