Stellantis to offer 2-speed transmission on off-road EVs

The Stellantis-patented 2-speed transmission for EVs will have an 'on-road' gear and an 'off-road' gear.

According to reports, Stellantis has filed a patent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for a 2-speed transmission system for electric off-roaders.

While 2-speed transmissions are already in use on certain EVs like the Porsche Taycan and Audi e-tron GT, it's not a necessity or a requirement. The 2-speed transmissions on the Porsche and Audi are used for off-the-line acceleration and top-speed performance. The 2-speed gearbox patented by Stellantis though will be different, allowing EVs to offer the same level of off-road prowess as its ICE counterparts.

The Stellantis-patented 2-speed transmission for EVs will have an 'on-road' gear and an 'off-road' gear. This transmission system will alter the power and delivery, depending on the gear. While in off-road gear, the EV will be able to deliver immense low-end torque, helpful in getting out of sticky situations. The transmission is said to consist of two planetary gearsets positioned in between the electric motor and axles. Reports suggest this will also give Stellantis EVs the capability to perform tank-turns, similar to the Hummer EV and Mercedes-EQG.

The Stellantis patent filing, stated, "Vehicle off-road driving typically requires low-speed and high-torque operation over a sustained period of time. In vehicles with internal combustion engines, this is commonly achieved through additional gearing in the transfer case. However, battery electric vehicles typically have single-speed gearboxes, which while providing good torque capability, are unable to provide sustained high torque."

However, as with any patent filings, it remains to be seen whether the company actually brings the tech into production.

Source: TheDrive

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