Tata Motors unveils 21 new commercial vehicle models

Out of the 21 new models that Tata Motors has introduced, one is an electric bus called the Starbus 4/12.

Tata Motors has unveiled 21 new commercial vehicles. The new models belong to multiple segments, including Medium & Heavy Commercial Vehicles (M&HCV), Intermediate & Light Commercial Vehicles (I&LCV), Small Commercial Vehicles & Pick-ups (SCV & PU), and Passenger Commercial Vehicles (PCV).

The 7 new models in the M&HCV segment include the Construck, Tractor-Trailer and Rigid truck range. These are the Signa 5530.S, Signa 4623.S, Signa 4625.S ESC, Signa 4221.T, Signa 4021.S, Signa 3118.T and Prima 2830.K.

In the I&LCV segment, Tata Motors has introduced 5 new models of 4-18 tonne GVW with CNG powertrains. These include the Ultra T.18 SL, 407G, 709G CNG, LPT 510 and Ultra T.6.

In the SCV & PU segment, 4 models have been unveiled - Winger Cargo, Ace Petrol CX cab chassis, Ace Gold Diesel+ and Intra V30 High deck.

The PCV segment sees the introduction of 5 new vehicles including an electric bus. There is the Winger 15S, Starbus 4/12 (E-bus), Starbus 2200, Cityride Prime and Magna coach.

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