Tesla recalls 90,000 Model S sedans over seatbelt concerns

Tesla has issued a recall of 90,000 Model S sedans over a suspected issue with the seatbelt. The issue came to light earlier in November, after one report was sent to the company of a front seatbelt assembly breaking when a customer turned around to talk to a passenger in the rear seat.

Tesla has emailed customers, requesting them to bring their cars to any of the company's 125 service centres for an inspection of a bolt that attaches the seat belt mechanism to the body of the car. Tesla may send service technicians to the customers if required. Most of the vehicles affected are in the USA with a few others in Asia and Europe. There haven't been any reports of accidents or injuries due to the suspected issue.

Given the fact that seatbelts are a preliminary safety feature, it's no wonder that Tesla swung into action after just one incident was reported.

Source: Reuters

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