Testing Tata Tiago EV range: Real-world vs estimated figures

It was quite a hot day and hence the air-conditioning of the car was continuously on.

BHPian roy_libran recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Day 6 Update

Today was a good test for us of the Tiago Range in real-world conditions, despite the somewhat misleading range reading on the dash.

We (2 pax) started at 100% battery showing about 191 km range, and drove through peak hour Delhi traffic and back home for a total distance of 85 kms, at which point the battery came down to 54%. It was quite a hot day here today, the AC was continuously running, got stuck in endless traffic snarls in South Delhi (EoK, NP, CR Park, Govindpuri Extn. you get the drift) and also stopped at a market for 10ish minutes with the AC running in the car.

A couple of interesting things I noted:

  1. Whilst we were driving through Noida, the Tiago was consuming between 99-102 wh/km, but when we got stuck in Delhi it gradually shot up to 135 wh/km, and again returned to about 110 wh/km by the time we returned home. Regen mode was set at 2 all through, and no use of 'S' mode today.
  2. The range accuracy on the dash seems to be improving. On the second day, it showed me 150 km of range on a full battery, and today 191. Hopefully, this will further improve. Also, 1 km of range drop definitely happens at over a km of displacement, but I am yet to work out the exact coefficient.

The use case for which we bought the Tiago was to do regular Noida-Gurgaon-Noida runs, about 150 km round trip, and my confidence in the car being able to do the trip without needing a charge midway is rapidly improving. And once my workplace sets up the free AC chargers (global policy), my charging cost can potentially come down to nearly zero, and the car should pay itself back real soon.

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