Toyota resumes partial operations at Bidadi plant

The factory will operate with 50% workforce and will conform to all Covid-19 norms laid down by the government.

Toyota has announced that it has resumed partial operations at its plant at Bidadi, Karnataka from June 15, 2021. The factory will operate with 50% workforce and will conform to all norms laid down by the government.

Official statement:

TKM confirms partial resumption of operations at its plant at Bidadi in Karnataka beginning 15th June, 2021. Operating at the prescribed workforce strength of 50%, TKM will resume its operations as well as enhance training of all employees for the “new normal”, both in terms of facilities and processes. Furthermore, all such operations will be carried out in strict concurrence with all State and Central Government’s directives. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, we are very clear that we will respond to the needs of those in the midst of this outbreak, making prompt decisions and taking immediate action to help ensure safety and security of all our employees and other stakeholders.

On the manufacturing side, we are trying to ensure that all possible measures & preparations are made to resume production soon, so as to be able to cater to the immediate mobility needs of our customers, at the earliest. Our focus will be to cater to pending orders that could not be met due to the non-production days of planned annual maintenance shutdown, followed by the lockdown announcement by the state Government. Moreover, we are also focusing on vaccinating both our employees as well as their families and extending our support to have dealer and supplier staff vaccinated too, so as to ensure lower risk & severity of infections.

In April, Toyota had halted production at the Bidadi factory for 3 weeks. Since then, Hyundai, Renault-Nissan and Ford have also had to suspend production due to the rising number of Covid-19 cases.

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