Traded in my 2017 Honda City for a Kia Carens Turbo DCT

The MID is hovering between 8.4 to 9.8 kmpl (talk of penny pinching Indians) but must say I'm taking the car out mainly at night in reasonably sparse traffic.

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Took delivery of the Kia Carens 1.5 Turbo/7 DCT Luxury Plus on 26-04-2024, Friday, auspicious day; there were more than 5-6 cars waiting to be delivered. The delivery process was smooth and the number plate was fitted and did a pooja at the local Pillaiyar Temple, Went in with the City, and drove out with the Carens with my family. The RC book was delivered by speed post from the RTO directly arrived two days after delivery. Got the certificate for My Convenience Plus which includes some parts covered with service with 4th and 5th year extended warranty and RSA. Got the Invoice and sale deed of my City and also a promise of getting a cheque for 50% NCB as and when the City is sold by them. Tanked up the van.

Early days of driving the car. It's car-like to drive and hardly any road shocks filter through as compared to the 2017 City: which lets in a lot of road imperfections and engine/suspension noise. The dealer has filled up 42-43 psi and has advised me to fill up 35 psi max yet the ride is pretty smooth and don't feel the rough roads and speed breakers. The MID is hovering between 8.4 to 9.8 kmpl (talk of penny-pinching Indians) but must say I'm taking the car out mainly at night in reasonably sparse traffic despite that got caught in jams at 11 pm due to CMRL bottlenecks and breathalyser barricades by the police. Reminded to shift to neutral: keeping in mind that is a 7DCT and doesn't want to strain the transmission. I drive in the Normal mode only and upshifts are "lightning" quicker than downshifts which are "laidback" My City felt a lot more sprightly with part throttle responses than Carens. It tips the scales at 1427 kgs unladen according to RC Book. The front passenger seat is much sought after for the ventilated function which keeps the "back sides" cool in this sweltering Chennai summer heat. My son, wife, and daughter-in-law take turns. The A/C is a chiller with vents in the roof for the 2nd and 3rd rows good that they didn't give the panoramic sunroof and gave a small one instead. Just got the 3D floor mats, Door protectors, and mud flaps fitted at the dealership. The ambient light is a cool feature and learned to turn off the honking that happens when you lock and unlock the car. Also turned off the Children Ahead warning that comes on for no reason at all. Got the Kia Connect app working so that one can turn on the car, unlock doors, turn on the a/c, etc from the phone. Wow, I saw a lot of iMT's in the previous 3 posts. Was driving manuals till 2017 but being on the wrong side of 60 (almost 65), I think I can excuse myself and have the luxury of an automatic.

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