Upgraded my Nissan Micra's audio system but it still lacks mid-range

The EQ in the head unit has already been adjusted to give the best of the mid-range but I'm still not satisfied with the output.

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I have recently upgraded my car's audio to pioneer head unit + 4-door Hertz dsk165 component speakers+ Sony xplod amplifier + Harman infinity subwoofer with damping in all doors and dicky door.

Mind you, it's one hell of an audio system to show off. However, I feel it lacks it in the mid-range (to be specific, tabla, taals, etc in Bollywood songs). What can be upgraded or any change in amp settings? (EQ in the head unit is already adjusted to give the best of the mid-range).

Any ideas will be helpful. Thanks in advance.

The car is Nissan Micra Active 2013 model.

Here's what BHPian navin had to say about the matter:

I am a little confused. You have already adjusted the EQ settings to get the best midrange. Typically this would also mean reducing the bass and treble to bring attention to the midrange.

The fundamental frequency for a tabla ranges from 100-800Hz. What type of EQ controls does your head unit have? If it is a 2-band (bass and treble) control, it might not be able to accentuate tabla frequencies. A 10-band EQ, for example, would offer you more control.

Assuming your head unit has only bass and treble controls, bass and treble controls are typically centred around 100Hz and 10kHz, respectively. If you have boosted either of these controls, you might have inadvertently reduced the focus on instruments like the tabla (and male voices).

Here's what BHPian vedirah had to say about the matter:

Hi, if your speakers are only slightly lacking in mids, I suspect it could be because of the Sony amp. Sony audio products are known for having a very consumer-oriented V-shaped sound signature. You could EQ it out.

Here's what BHPian singh.b86 had to say about the matter:

First off, hearty congratulations to you for the upgrade. Now for any of us to be able to help you better, we would like to know the model number of the equipment (HU and Amp) installed. Also, is it a single damping or double damping or triple damping on the doors (incl the boot)?

Single damping is just 1 layer of damping, usually put up on the exterior sheet of the door but from the inside. Double damping is 1 layer of damping each on the exterior sheet from the inside AND the door frame on which the door pad sits. Triple damping includes damping the door pad also from the inside over and above the double damping.

I was running on Double damping for about 6-7 months, chose to get the triple done and trust me, not a placebo effect but it did make a good amount of difference to the audio quality.

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