2023 Safari replaces my humble Nano: Mr. Ratan Tata takes a closer look

My favourite features are the ventilated seats, height adjustable seats, adjustable steering position and the lane assist and ADAS.

BHPian CityScrambler recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I got one of the first few Tata Safari Facelifts on Dassera Day  Accomplished plus top end.

I've driven about a 1000 kms and thought I would mention some points. Bear in mind that I have driven a Tata Nano all my life so this was a big big jump for me.

Why did I choose this car to begin with? I mean working with the Tatas I do have a sense of loyalty, but you know you look at a vehicle sometimes and you just know. Everytime I park her (her name is Yuki) I turn around to stare a bit, that's how you know I guess.

This might sound a bit amateurish but to me it is the equivalent of an Indian discovery. In the seas of SUV's that are getting churned out today I needed something that has different DNA in its looks and this facelift did it for me.


  • On the highway you are quite literally running on water. It eats up the miles with such ease and comfort you don't know when your intercity trip ended (for me that's Mumbai-Pune)
  • It has a LOT of power at its disposal. Having driven a Nano I am used to maneuvering through traffic zipping and I thought I would have to give that up but she lets me do it in the city anyway (Mumbai).
  • The sports mode is AGGRESSIVE. You can notice a slight change in engine sound notes too and its very exciting.
  • The 19 inch alloys are so attractive they immediately set the SUV apart.
  • The space is ridiculous. My dog travels with me a lot so I wanted the second row to be bench seats instead of captain. Works for me perfectly. The bench is higher than the front seats which according to my passengers gives them a very good view.
  • It is heavily feature loaded. I was concerned with so many features so many things can go wrong especially coming from an analogue car. But my favourite features are the ventilated seats, height adjustable seats, adjustable steering position and the lane assist and ADAS.
  • The "Hey Tata" feature that works like Alexa is surprisingly good. I use it usually to open the sunroof, reduce or increase AC temperature and blower and music commands.
  • Gesture controlled tail gate is fun once you get the hang of it.
  • The terrain modes of rocky road, hill mode, wet road are more than sufficient for someone like me. I do not hanker for the 4X4 but I understand it’s a must for others.

Room for improvement:

  • The interiors are gorgeous with the piano black setup but I got mine PPF'ed to prevent the scratches, which they are very prone to.
  • I have disabled some of the ADAS features since the notifications and tone interrupt and kill the music. (For example when you turn on the indicator it immediately gives you blind spot camera) I'm guessing a software update should fix this.
  • The new grill is so aggressive but difficult to clean.
  • So all in all I love this car quite a lot, I am still getting used to the size of it but now that I get into every lane and by-lane with courage because that is the only way to get used to it. It does everything across a spectrum and I am happy to answer any questions

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