Upgrading from my Defender 110: Which exclusive luxury car to pick?

I will be keeping the new car for 2-3 years and then getting the new BMW X7 when the model changes.

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Currently looking to replace my 2023 Defender 110 HSE .

I will be keeping the new car for 2-3 years and then getting the new BMW X7 when the model changes.

My requirements are

  • Which of the above two will have a good resale value and ease of sale . (What kind of value hit am I looking at these cars after 2-3 years with about 20,000 kms driving).
  • Which of the 2 have a better luxury perception to the general public .

Also is buying a Cayenne considered an upgrade from the defender ?

Thanks a lot in advance guys

Here's what BHPian Sahil had to say on the matter:

Two very different cars. SUV vs Sedan

As per your two requirements I would say Cayenne fits

I personally would go for the 7 especially if not self driving most of the time. The 7 back seat is in another league compared to Cayenne

Here's what BHPian Akshay1234 had to say on the matter:

Why do you want to sell the Defender this quickly? Is it not luxurious enough? Or some other reason.

Both the options you mentioned will require a bit more care in usage than the Defender.

The Cayenne is a great all rounder, and the Porsche badge does hold good value today. But the 7 in terms of luxury is something else all together, what a machine it is! I guess you need to take a call whether you want a sedan or an suv. In terms of resale I think the Porsche may hold its own, going by current trends.

Here's what BHPian acedriver_9000 had to say on the matter:

In terms of resale and badge value cayenne is better than the ugly 7-series.

Have a look at newly launched panamera as well if you are interested in sedans. Why change cars so often? Buy a top of the line range rover and keep it for a longer duration. Range rover >> cayenne > x7.

In terms of resale value & ease of sale: range rover, range rover sport> x7, cayenne> 7-series, panamera.

Here's what BHPian newton_metero had to say on the matter:

Defender has a terrific resale value as many Fortuner owners aspire to upgrade to a used or a new Defender.

Between the Cayenne and the 7-series, the 7-series is a new gen, fully loaded and feels up-to-date with all the gizmos and luxury. Hence, it should ideally have a better resale.

The Cayenne loses out on resale as the price bumps up with options. If you choose a basic spec Cayenne, then the resale would be fine. It’s important to note that neither of these cars will be able to hold value like a Land Cruiser or a Defender. Heck, even the current X7 or GLS would hold value better than the two cars in contention.

The Cayenne is more usable than the 7-series and can be an all-in-one car. If you self-drive all the times and do a lot of road trips, Cayenne makes sense.

However, in terms of value and luxury in this price range, it’s hard for any car to beat the 7-series.

Happy Shopping

Here's what BHPian Turbanator had to say on the matter:

Defender has a very strong resale. If you find a direct customer, you can probably get about the same as you might have paid. If you must sell now or soon, you better do it now, as Tata will start local production. Though I doubt they will reduce prices significantly, the cars can get more loadings.

Cayenne, at least in this generation, is glorified Q7, and I won't suggest it. This model also takes a hit on resales.

X7 - LCI is good, but only if you want to get driven. Unfortunately, nothing will give you a good experience at both the rear and in the driver's seat except Range Rover. Alternatively, you can add another car for rear seat comfort, like a Vellfire or an X7. If on budget, I will keep that Defender and add a Hycross.

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