US: Petrol station converted to EV charging station


According to a media report, a petrol station in Takoma Park, Maryland, US has been fully converted to an electric vehicle charging station. This is said to be the first petrol station in the country to be converted to a charging station.

The station, called RS Automotives, is reported to have opened in 1958. The report suggests that the owner of the petrol station was unhappy with the way oil companies structure contracts. These included limiting the use of multiple suppliers, including clauses that extend contracts when a certain volume of sales is not met and limiting maintenance support.

There are more than 20,700 EVs in Maryland and Takoma Park also has an electric taxi service. However, there were just two charging stations in the area - in the community centre parking lot and at a street location. The conversion of the petrol station to a charging station was funded by the Electric Vehicle Institute and the Maryland Energy Administration. The station features four dispensers connected to a 200 kW system. Four cars can charge at a time and can charge to 80% in 20 to 30 minutes. Drivers can monitor the charging status via screens in the convenience store.

Source: CNBC

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