VIN mismatch in Parivahan & FASTags stalls car registrations

In December 2017, FASTags were made mandatory on sale of all new cars. Later, new cars were required to also be registered on the Parivahan website with details like the car's make and manufacturer, VIN number, name of the first owner, dealership name, insurance details amongst others. These details are submitted by the manufacturers.

Now, it has come to notice that manufacturers like Jeep and Toyota have been uploading the full 20-digit VIN numbers on the Parivahan portal, including the special character '*' and the two letter month and year code of manufacturing. However, FASTags accept only 17 digit VIN numbers. Due to this mismatch, FASTags are not getting generated and as a result, new car registrations are stalled.

Car dealers have asked the RTO to allow registrations without a FASTag till the time the issue is resolved. It is also not clear if Fastags would be issued later, if the RTO decides to allow registrations without a FASTag.

Thanks to BHPian AMKAM for sharing this with other enthusiasts.

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