RC renewal of my BS3 Mahindra Scorpio: Served me flawlessly for 15 yrs

With all the formalities completed, the SUV was put up for fitness (2024-2029) before the RTO. Hoping for another five years of pleasant ownership.

BHPian anjan_c2007 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

My Brute SUV of 2009 has gracefully done 15 years with me. It was registered on 17.04.2009, and was among the earliest from the refreshed batch and has rendered flawless service to me for over one and a half decades now. Other than components that suffer the normal wear and tear that were replaced, almost all its components are factory-fitted and OE from 2009.

As it was completing 15 years, I geared up the fitness schedule starting to pay the requisite charges online and also doing all necessary formalities like getting a fresh PUC and so on. The PUC people told me that the exhaust emissions are quite within limits and they were also a bit taken aback, stating that such SUVs are overused and seldom reach such clean emission levels. And my Scorpio is only BS III compatible!

So with the Green Tax payment (Rs 3,500=00 for five years for diesels in Maharashtra) done and the insurance valid, all documents were ready for the D-Day. These days the VAHAN portal does not accept payments online if there are gremlins like invalid insurance, invalid PUC, Green Tax not paid, fine/s pending for traffic offences, accident involvement and so on. Only when all such requirements are complied with, the fitness fees are accepted online. Thereafter, the next steps for fitness can be taken up by the owner. Earlier, one had to take clearance on the hard copy and get it signed by the prosecution wing of the RTO stating that no accident cases are pending. Only thereafter the fitness could be done. VAHAN has taken care and does not require us to move around seeking clearances.

With all the formalities completed, the SUV was put up for fitness (2024-2029) today 15.04.2024 before the RTO. The AMVI had a thorough look, checked its functioning and also indicators, brake lights, reverse lights, headlights, parking lights and so on. Most important of all is the chassis number which is engraved on the ladder frame chassis to the right (drivers side). The wheel needs to be steered fully toward the right for the chassis number to be visible. The engine number is engraved near the water pump to the left which has to be seen after opening the bonnet.

After all the checks to my glee, the AMVI okayed the fitness valid from 2024-2029. Hence the Scorpio gets a new lease of life for another five years.

Above images at the General Post Office

Above images at the RTO office

To all doomsayers, who have assertions that Mahindras do not age gracefully, the images can very well portray real facts. I have till date never had to use the self-starter for the second time during the past fifteen years. It has always started with the first crank. Only once when its battery got weak in 2019, it required more cranking. I immediately changed the battery.

Hoping for another five years of pleasant ownership, that will be further extendable in the future.

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