Skoda Superb ownership update after two long road trips & 25,000 km

The Superb's right at home here on the open highway; a supremely comfortable and fun inter-city express.

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25,000 km + road trip update:

Graduating high school is quite the cause for celebration, don't you think? Well, we certainly did, hitting the road once again, soon after I finished 12th grade. In fact, we did two road trips within one month of each other! The first was Hyderabad-Nandi Hills-Bangalore-Coorg and back, while the second one was Hyderabad-Pune-Mahabaleshwar-Shirdi and back.

It was during the second trip, amidst a spirited backroad drive in sports mode, that the odometer reading crossed 25,000 km! Here's a picture taken a hundred kilometres later.

What a joy these 3.5+ years with the Superb have been. It's been performing flawlessly so far, and I hope it stays that way. We also got wheel alignment and balancing done immediately upon our return to Hyderabad, since we covered around 5,000 km in a single month! Apart from a slight drop in fuel efficiency, I have not noticed any other impact of ethanol blending so far, and I hope it stays this way. Fingers crossed.

The Superb's right at home here on the open highway; a supremely comfortable and fun inter-city express

Here it is, taking in the sunset at Coorg.

The enjoyable ghat roads to Mahabaleshwar offer stunning views

And the actual place is even better!

Here's the sunset at Nandi Hills, near Bangalore. We took a quick detour off NH-44 on the way to Bangalore for this.

Lots of ghat road excursions in the Superb during the past month for sure. A part of me thinks that stiffer springs can completely transform the car since I've realised that there's tons of grip and the chassis doesn't complain at all even as you chuck the car into a corner. The potential is aplenty.

Unfortunately, the Superb also got its first battle scar some time ago, when a sizeable rock flew and hit the front left door while at 120 km/h on Hyderabad's ORR. This is where the PPF helped a ton: there's not a scratch on the paint even though the door itself suffered a small dent. These were taken minutes after the impact; now invisible unless you actively look for them. Such things are unfortunately pretty much inevitable, so no use losing sleep over it

Hence to lighten the mood, here's a parting shot of the Superb resting in the shade near Mahabaleshwar. She's anything but a garage queen!

Until next time. Cheers!

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