Volvo reveals its new 'iron mark' logo

The 'iron mark' logo first appeared in 1927 on the Volvo OV 4.

Swedish automotive brand Volvo has revealed its new corporate logo. The new brand identity will debut on all products from 2023.

Volvo's new logo is an evolution of its famous "iron mark" emblem. Instead of a 3D logo, the company has gone with a flatter, simpler design. It features a circle with the 'VOLVO' lettering in the centre and an 'Arrow' at the 2'o clock position.

The carmaker has been using the 'iron mark' logo since April 1927. It appeared on the brand's first car, the OV 4. Over the years, the logo has gone through various redesigns. More recently, the brand had dropped the 'iron mark' for a simple 'VOLVO' script.

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