What I think of Kawasaki W175 after a 5 km test ride: 11 observations

I feel it is unfair to compare it with the Bajaj CT100. This motorcycle is for a different set of people.

BHPian silver-stand recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Today, I took a test ride of the Kawasaki W175 at Kawasaki Hyderabad in Banjara Hills.

I needed to fill out a couple of forms for the test ride, including emergency contact details — which didn’t surprise me given the kind of sporty bikes they offer.

The sales guy was enthusiastic and let me ride the bike as long as I wanted. But I drove 5-6 KM.

Here are my findings

  1. First of all, the comparisons with CT100 are unfair. It does feel like a proper retro bike, and despite its weight, it doesn’t feel so light — it feels slightly heavy but not as heavy and easy to handle.
  2. It feels good for laidback or calm riding. I didn’t like pushing hard as I didn’t feel good with the kind of grunt it gives when pushed hard.
  3. The gearing is awesome. The engine and gearbox combo is good. Throughout the test ride, I hadn’t remembered which gear I was in. I felt the bike and the engine and shifted up/down. If you downshift properly, there aren’t shocks from engine braking.
  4. The rear brake is unsuitable for hard braking/stopping; it’s ideal for gradually slowing. The front disc brake felt good enough. And using both brakes offered confidence in stopping the bike.
  5. No vibrations at all, though the top speed I have reached might be around 70 kmph.
  6. The engine grunt felt more toward a long-stroke engine but didn’t feel exactly like a long-stroke engine.
  7. While taking U-turns, I didn’t feel confident enough to bend the bike slightly — maybe with more riding, I might feel confident and comfortable.
  8. The seating position felt natural and comfortable for the short ride. But I am not sure how it feels in the long run.
  9. The bike is easier to handle in city traffic.
  10. The side mirrors didn’t feel natural. During my test ride, I felt more comfortable slightly turning my head rather than looking in the mirrors.
  11. Finally, the build quality felt sturdy and well done. In person, the bike looks much more wholesome than in pictures. By the way, I liked the all-black paint scheme more than the red one.

Here is some info from the sales guy

  • They’re selling around 6-7 units a month.
  • The break-in period seems to be for 1000 km, but the sales guy wasn’t 100% sure what a break-in or run-in period is. After I explained it, he understood what I meant.
  • After that, servicing is required for every 6,000 km, and the service cost would be around ₹2,000/- (Not sure If I remember that correctly)
  • He quoted an on-road price of 1,90,000/- after knowing I already had a car registered in my name. I guess Telangana charges additional tax if a person tries to own more than one vehicle. He said they have a 10,000/- offer till the end of April. So the price could come to ~1,80,000/-
  • The booking amount is 10,000/-. The delivery timeline is around one month. Booking cancellation would be 2,000/- or 3,000/-, though the sales guy didn’t give an exact number.

Finally, I think it’s one lovely nice retro bike. I would probably buy it in the next 3-6 months period.

For those who think CT100 is better than this bike, I don’t want to change your mind. W175 is for different folks. Peace!

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