Which petrol manual hatchback to buy under Rs. 10 lakhs

By the way, I am 49 years old if that is required and have a slight back ache problem which keeps coming up once in a while if I do not stretch and exercise (Yoga).

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I want to sell my used 1.52L Km Fiat Punto Emotion hatchback as a buy back and want to purchase a petrol hatchback below 10 Lakhs. Have the following requirements at hand:

  • Only petrol Hatchback
  • Only Manual transmission
  • Front and back wipers, defogger, Reasonably good Audio package, Heater as well as AC inside, Adjustable height for the drivers seat, fog lamps, ABS, airbags. No Internet connectivity (a serious security risk)
  • Good safety rating at least 4 and above
  • Good ground clearance to avoid problems with Indian roads
  • Will be able to put up with less service stations in Visakhapatnam where I currently stay as long as the service is good
  • At least 4.5 seating capacity
  • Maybe I can live without a spare tyre with my past experience with Punto. I maintain my tyres and replace them when required. I am a maintenance freak
  • My Punto is good. However is giving problems with various components, which worries me with its reliability for interstate travels. I want to be able to travel until Tirupathi from Vizag which is 800 Km and beyond. I also go to hill stations in almost all winters.
  • I want the fuses to be inside the cabin and not in the bonnet (have found that it was a problem with Renault Kwid which were getting loose due to vibration or whatever and the heat that they are exposed to, due to which the new Kwid refuses to start). I also do not understand the design and placement of the ECM (a computer) inside the bonnet. So probably no Renault.
  • My Fiat Punto has given me the least surprises (very few niggles) for the first 5 years at least. I want that sort of reliability.
  • Another issue is Engine power. My Punto is 1178cc, 67 BHP whereas that of Nissan Magnite is 1000cc, 78 BHP for the turbo version. I did not understand how is Magnite better in terms of Engine power than the Punto. Can one of you clarify or point me to the right thread on this CC, BHP issue.
  • I want to avoid Hyundai having read that software problem of Steering giving away in a few cars of theirs. I am not sure about Kia either.
  • I think of Japanese brands as being the most reliable- so I want to choose between them if I have a choice.
  • I have issues with money and hence the limit of max 10 Lakhs.
  • I was thinking of TATA cars earlier; have visited Nissan Magnite which was sort of ok for me on the pricing front although the interiors could have been better. I was hearing that Tata cars have problems with their dashboard (vibrations after one year) and so I am worried.
  • Not interested in Maruti but not sure.

By the way, I am 49 years old if that is required and have a slight back ache problem which keeps coming up once in a while if I do not stretch and exercise (Yoga). What do you suggest? Please help or point me to the proper threads.

Here's what BHPian Researcher had to say on the matter:

Unfortunately, there is not a single car available that fits to all your requirements.

However, if you're a bit flexible, then you may check the below:

1. Flexible on internal fuse box only: The Polo TSI Highline Plus, Tata Tiago (XZ and XZ+) and Altroz (XZ, XZ(O) and XZ+, even iTurbo ones) should fit your requirement as there are no other hatchbacks below 10 lacs with a 4+ star rating and the features you require (rear wiper, defogger, etc.).

2. Flexible on fuse location, slightly on budget (11 lacs approximately) as well as body style: If you can consider crossovers, you can check the Nexon XZ, Brezza ZXi and S-Cross Delta. These will take care of your ground clearance fears and in my opinion, these are the only two Marutis one should consider if safety is a big priority. Maruti will be my preference over Tata here, if looking to keep the vehicle long term.

Personally, I do not feel you should be flexible on anything else apart from the above. However, you probably will get rattles in almost all modern vehicles as they're built to a cost these days in this price range, unlike your Punto. Regarding your back, you may check the vehicles physically and take them out for a test-drive to get a better idea.

Here's what BHPian TrackDay had to say on the matter:

With car prices that have risen like rockets over the past few years, a few compromises will have to be made from the criteria's that you have mentioned. You have also ruled out some brands which makes things further difficult. Not sure about which ones have the fuse box inside the cabin, but do consider the Tata Nexon. With the exchange of your Punto you will be able to match the price and get a very good car. I have felt that the Nexon is one of the best built cars from the Tata family and can easily handle any rough roads that comes its way. If you want to go a segment down, go for the Swift (P). The reason I suggested the Nexon first was due to the back problem you mentioned.

Here's what BHPian sanchari had to say on the matter:

Honda Jazz could meet many of your criteria. It is spacious, has good engine, has most of the items in #3. Not sure about the service station situation in Vizag. Fuze box is inside the cabin I believe.

Here's what BHPian abhishek46 had to say on the matter:

You may consider the Altroz iTurbo.

It has excellent safety, strong build, sufficient space for 4.5 people, adequate clearance & a decent engine.

It will fit your budget as well of under 10lakh.

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