White was the most-chosen car colour of 2018

According to a study carried out by the BASF, white was the most preferred colour for new cars in 2018. 4 out of 10 cars sold in India were white in colour.

43% of the cars sold were finished in white, followed by grey and silver at 15% each. White was also the most preferred colour in the small car segment. Red was the most popular chromatic colour, accounting for 9% of new cars sold. In the SUV segment, which accounts for 23% of new cars, white was the most popular at 41%, followed by grey at 15%, silver at 14% and red at 12%. 46% of compact cars were finished in white, while that figure stood at 42% for the sub-compact segment, and 40% for mid-size cars.

In the global market, achromatic colours like white, black, grey and silver accounted for 80% of the cars sold worldwide. Of these, white was the most popular. Blue was the most popular chromatic colour, followed by red. Chromatic colours were popular for smaller vehicles, while achromatic colours were popular for the larger segments, where black and white saw a considerable increase over 2017.

White was chosen for every fourth car in North America, every third car in Europe, and more than every second car in the Asia Pacific region. Silver saw a slight reduction in popularity.

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