Customer gets wrong colour Duster; wins court case


In 2017, BHPian PetaWatt had filed a case in a consumer court against Renault after he was delivered an orange Duster instead of a green car he had booked. Now, the court has passed a judgement in favour of the complainant.

He had visited Renault Whitefield showroom on September 23, 2017 and paid the booking amount for a green Duster. The dealer promised to deliver the car on September 28, 2017. Expecting a new car at the time, the customer sold his existing vehicle on September 24, 2017. However, when he contacted the dealership the next day, he was informed that the green car was sold to somebody else and he would have to wait at least 1 month for another car or pick a different colour. Due to personal issues, he was forced to accept the SUV in a colour he did not like. After taking delivery, he filed a complaint against Renault with the consumer court.

On April 26, 2019 the consumer court passed a judgement in favour of the complainant. According to the judgement, Renault has been directed to replace the orange car with a green car, pay the customer Rs. 10,000 for the mental agony caused and Rs. 5,000 towards litigation expenses. The company has also been directed to replace packages like insurance, add-on insurance, road tax, registration tax, delivery charges, standard accessories, and extended warranty of the orange car with the packages of the green car.

The court observed that there has been a deficiency in service on the part of Renault. They have been given 60 days to comply.

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