Why I bought a Husqvarna Svartpilen 250

I could easily manoeuvre the bike in traffic without much effort. The riders triangle was good for me not neutral but slightly on the aggressive side.

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Hello Everyone,

First a little Background:

I own a 2021 TVS Apache RTR 160 4v that I bought in November the bike had done about 4k kms. There were few things I wasn't happy with.

  • Build quality could have been better.
  • Tvs Eurogrip tyres dont offer much road grip, ironic.
  • Rust spots on the chassis.
  • Panels don't fit properly.

All in all not very pleased with the bike. I was beginning to think it's just not a bike for me.

My Apache

How things went about:

On 16th March 2022, I went to give my 390 duke for service; me and the service advisor started conversing about other KTM bikes 200, 250 duke and 390 adventure which was next to my bike which was also there for service. Advisor asked me if I would like to test ride the adventure since it's more comfortable than the 390 duke. One of my friends was also looking for a test ride adventure. So I told him, I would give the showroom a visit on my way out. Then, I asked about the husky twins. He told me that those were great bikes, rare on the road; extremely rare in my city Mangalore. He suggested to take a look at the Svartpilen since it's more user friendly.

I always thought Husqvarna made really good looking bikes their attention to detail is simply too good. I left the service center and was on my way to the KTM showroom. Till this point I had no intention of selling my Apache. I was visiting the showroom after 2 and half years the sales executive who sold me the 390 duke recognized me and greeted. I saw the 390 adventure test ride bike, sat on it, the seat height was just too high for my liking and also the seat was broad in the front at the thigh region to get my feet down comfortably.

Test ride of the 390 adventure

There was a Svartpilen on display. I started enquiring about it. On road Price was 2.66 lakhs; readily available they can deliver the bike in 2 days. I have always had good experience with my 390, it was reliable, never had any issues. Service team is really good. Things started playing in my mind for the first time. I thought what if I exchange my Apache. I asked the sales executive if they were willing to exchange my Apache. The executive made a phone call to his second hand dealer and the negotiation started. The dealer asked me the details of my bike, why I was selling it so quickly and quoted a price of 85k for the Apache. I told him I needed to get more and my expected price was 1.2 lakh. We negotiated a bit, he brought the price upto 90k.

I asked the executive if I could test ride the husky, he said they don't have a test ride bike available. But if I am really interested in buying, then he could give me the display bike for test ride. I was pretty happy at this point, this would be the 1st time I would be riding a Svartpilen. I told him I would come back in the afternoon with my wife and take a test ride. I called my wife and told her we will take a few test rides in the afternoon. My wife seemed a bit confused at first as she didn't know what was happening. In the morning my plan was to give the duke for service and now I am calling her and asking her to come with me to take test rides.

I went back home explained everything to my wife over the phone who was at work. We had lunch and were on our way to the KTM showroom. Got to the showroom this was the first time my wife saw the Svartpilen. She seemed pretty impressed by the design and unique appearance. The showroom staff brought the display bike out.

The test ride

Boy oh boy what a bike it turned out to be. The acceleration was crisp, the sound from the engine and the exhaust was simply very very engaging, even though I had never riden it before I could easily guess the rpm and the speed just by the feel of it. Gear ratios are short just like the 390. You do feel the engine vibration on the handle bar. But its something which I prefer to have as it gives me a better sense of what's going on in the bike. The turning radius was small and sharp. I could easily manoeuvre the bike in traffic without much effort. The riders triangle was good for me not neutral but slightly on the aggressive side. I never thought the narrow seats would feel so perfect to ride. Getting my feet flat on the ground was also not an issue for me (my height is 5'9). Me and my wife both liked the fact that it had a flat seat which meant I could brake hard without having to worry about managing my wife weight. Pillion comfort as per my wife was ok not good not bad but definitely not a bike for long distance travel. The pillion footrest is a bit cramped and rear set as the bike is small. Also, the tank rack on the svartpilen can acts as a grab handle for the pillion they can hold on to it if they wish to do so. The rear grab handle is placed perfectly doesn't hinder the seating in any way.

Brakes had good initial bite and progression, dual channel ABS with switchable rear ABS. MRF tyres worked really well I was a bit surprised at the road grip they offered for the block pattern grip they had. I also liked the small tank with its bare minimum lines and curves. During the test ride the radiator fan never came on even once, which made me believe that the 250 and the 390 are actually very different in terms of heat decipation. The 390's fan would cut in and cut off regularly in the city. Also since the BS6 KTM's have exhaust routed underneath the engine the heat radiated from the exhaust is also away from the rider. Me and my wife didn't like the bare minimum LCD display we felt it doesn't go well with the futuristic design of the bike. Our test ride was over. I returned the bike to ktm, I was keen on seeing the fit and finish on the husky and it was really good the plastic panels are thick the paint is thick and quality is good on the chassis I couldn't find any obvious flaws in the build of the bike. As for the purchase I told them I would think it over.

Gixxer 250

I decided to test ride the Gixxer 250 the same day. I told my wife it would be perfect for a back to back comparision with the svart. We visited the nearest suzuki dealership and asked if they could give us a test ride and they agreed.

We got the test ride bike and immediately the moment we got on the bike it felt very similar to the Apache, the seating, the riders triangle was all too familiar. The bottom end and mid range is really good, it's a quick bike in the city with less effort. Brakes were good had good initial bite. The instrument cluster with negative LCD seems miniscule in comparison to the rest of the bike it seemed not very well proportioned. Diamond cut alloy looked really nice. Bike had a very smooth engine I couldn't guess the rpm or the speed on the gixxer. It was a bit less engaging to ride than the svartpilen. Overall I felt that the gixxer was like a more powerful Apache. The soft seat tends to sink and I ended up making a crater in the seat from which I could never come out and create a new crater else where. My wife felt that the pillion seating was very similar to the Apache. The sound too was similar. I was a little disappointed at how different the Svartpilen and the Gixxer 250 were. The svart simply felt much more alive and eager the gixxer was much more relaxed and calm. The gixxer had an onroad price of 2.27laks. The model available was 2021 so the showroom was actually struggling to move their inventory. They were so keen on selling the bike that they offered me 1laks for my Apache and would give a discount of 20k on the gixxer.

I had made up my mind there was no way I was selling the Apache for the gixxer.

I came back home discussed my thoughts with my family (mom and wife). Mom thought I was nit-picking things with the Apache. Wife was supportive as she knew I didn't like the Apache. Next day I got a call from ktm showroom, I told them I needed time to think. They offered me 1lakh for the Apache. Few days went by I knew for certain that the Apache is not a keeper it will eventually go. I got a little busy by the end of March. It was April now, I asked my mom one last time "should I exchange the Apache for the new bike". Mom told me "you can buy this bike but promise me you will keep it for the next 5 years". I told "yes".

The booking day

April 5th I visited the KTM showroom with all the original documents, 2 keys, owners manual and my clean Apache with all the stock parts fitted back. The sales executive had a big smile on his face as he knew. I told him give me the one lakh and you can have this bike. He made the phone call to his second hand dealer and he agreed for one lakh. The sales personnel took my Apache to the dealer to get it inspected. All went according to plan and I booked the Svartpilen on 5th April with full payment. The downside was that the dealership had 2 Svartpilens available and both of them had been sold in the 20 days time. So now I had to wait for a max 15days to get the new bike.

PDI and delivery

On 13th April I get a call that my bike has arrived, I can come take the PDI. I visited the showroom at around 10:30. Took a test ride the bike felt mechanically alright the parts were all clean and tidy, no scratches on the paint work. I was satisfied with everything. They told me that I could take the delivery at around 3:30.

My svartpilen during PDI

Me and my wife visited the showroom at 3:30 finished all the formalities the sales executive explained me the details associated with the new bike, I did take the extended warranty (even my 390 duke has extended warranty) And that was that I had the keys to my new bike in my hands.

We rode the bike home it was everything I expected it to be fun, well built, and more importantly I am happy with what I have now.

So that's how I ended up buying my Svartpilen 250.

Husky at home

Husky after I personalized it a little bit

The two brothers

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