Why I sold my Himalayan 411 after just 2 years of ownership

The Himalayan 411 sort of fits the gap between the Xpulse 200 and KTM 390 Adv/Himalayan 450 for someone looking for an occasional tourer.

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It is with mixed feelings I have to say that I have sold my beloved Ghata, my Rock Red Himalayan 411. After 21,580 km on the odo with just a couple of days to the 2nd anniversary. Sold almost all my accessories with it to a direct buyer for a fair price considering how the market value dropped after the launch of the 450.

As I described my many experiences with the bike, both good and bad, the 411 should have been the 450 in all ways as I described in my short impressions post on the 450 thread, still, fingers crossed on the 450's reliability. Considering the 411 is a 2016 launch, it may have a great package then, gradually refining out the fiasco with the BS3/4 and this 2020 BS6 version being the best.

But the general robustness and ownership/maintenance experience with RE for someone who tours on the road like me very frequently if I can and the fact that I grew out of it quickly, the desire for speed, as well as strong brakes even for city commutes amidst our drivers/riders, made it clear I had to move on. With my touring season for 2024 not seeing many planned trips due to career changes and only city commutes, I had grown apart emotionally from the bike except for the still lingering emotion of "first bike, first long tours of many" to keep it as a 2nd bike, even if I had been able to.

Make no mistake, for a very sedate tourer/city rider and offroad rider this is STILL the bike. The 390 Adventure/Himalayan 450 cannot fill this gap by a long shot just because of that low-end tractor torque. This sort of fits the gap between Xpulse and 390 Adventure/Himalayan 450 for someone looking in the preowned market for an occasional tourer, if weight isn't an issue for the rider.


I am in exactly the other way round thoughts - own a Himalayan but want a scare you, updated with an electronics bike like the Duke 390 now. The Himalayan is great for touring but not breakfast rides. I do breakfast rides every weekend and boy is the Himalayan slow.

My post from rahul4321s Duke/Himalayan thread in July 2022, a month after my first tour with my Ghata and 6 months of owning it. The next chapter is exactly what I had asked for then, the same feeling extended to touring after a year and 10000 km of ownership. Salaga is with me now, having just taken her today from her previous equally heartbroken owner who had to move on to complete his transition to his recently acquired preloved Duke 790. Touring all this time has taught me exactly as to what and how to modify any shortcomings, a stiff suspension is no longer a problem. I will post some pictures and try my best to write an ownership thread after I put a few kilometres into it.

A parting shot of Ghata on the way up to Zostel Wayanad. Had a great time touring on it for 1 and a half years and riding it for nearly 2 years. You will be missed!

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