Why I want sell off my Tigor EV: Range issues even after battery change

My brother bought a Tiago EV, which has been running fine with no issues.

BHPian Nanolover recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Battery charge drops from 69% to 24% in one minute when the car stands still!!

So, as you all know, my Tigor's battery pack was replaced in Feb this year and almost 10,000 kms later it was running fine till today.

I had slowly charged it at home, as usual, yesterday (my car is only home charged) to 100% as we had 100+ kms running today for a marriage and school run etc.

My driver did the school drop and morning chores and the efficiency was 110 kwh/km and covered around 60kms and the charge was at 69% when parked at school for picking up the kids.

I just casually checked the app and it was showing 69% also. Around the expected time of return from school, I rechecked the app to know if they had started from school. To my horror, the SOC was showing a 24% charge! I thought it might be a bug in the app and restarted it multiple times, but still showed the same 24%! I thought letting the kids come back may be an app bug. Upon the kid's arrival, the driver also confirmed that the charge dropped suddenly and just to be on the safe side ( he was stranded once on the road when we had a battery issue) he drove without AC.

Now the car is showing 17% charge, so a 7% drop over 19 km, so nothing unusual there.

Don't know what the problem is now, but I dread sending kids to school in it for now. I am charging the car as we speak and will drive around tomorrow as Sunday traffic is ok, in case any breakdown happens.

I am now really at my wit's end and thinking of selling off the Tigor as I believe I have been sold a lemon by the dealer. My brother considering my ordeal, bought his Tiago EV from the other smaller dealer in Trivandrum and he got a factory fresh car with no issues to date over 2000 kms.

See the attached image for the charge drop.

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