Why I'm scared to give the Kiger CVT to my wife: Looking for 2nd car

Open to a good beginner-friendly automatic car under 10 lakh.

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I am currently driving a Renault Kiger CVT. I am looking for another car for my wife. Kiger though ticks off all the needs, it has poor visibility because of its thick A and B pillars. Sometimes the A-pillars are great at hiding even two-wheelers if not very attentive. That makes me scared to hand over Kiger to my wife as she is a new driver. None of the car review websites cover the visibility part for all the cars. Can someone suggest a good beginner-friendly car with great visibility and automatic transmission within a 10 lakhs budget? I am okay with used cars as well. Thanks

Here's what GTO had to say on the matter:

It's due to enhanced safety levels that you will see almost all new cars getting thicker & thicker A-Pillars. I would suggest that the same be incorporated into your style of driving because A-pillars aren't going to get thinner with time.

Your wife can perhaps learn driving on a cheap beater car, but eventually, let her drive the Kiger.

If you absolutely want a 2nd car, I'd suggest getting an EV. For example, the Punch or Tiago EVs. Just wait a little time for Tata to iron out all the niggles though.

Here's what BHPian clevermax had to say on the matter:

In my opinion, one needs to adapt to the fact that cars will have thicker A-pillars for safety reasons.

A glued-to-the-seat static positioning while driving isn't advisable, particularly in situations that demand a wider field of view before executing manoeuvres such as turns. It's necessary for drivers to sometimes lean forward, and move their heads sideways to get a better look around, and also glance through the right-side window glasses for a comprehensive view. Check if your wife is doing this while driving.

Here's what BHPian shancz had to say on the matter:

Good point, I was quite surprised at the A-pillar thickness of the Nexon recently and I have heard that some other cars have it worse. I also felt it's a combination of the location of the A-pillar concerning the driver seat, driver height and the position of the RVMs.

So shorter drivers who end up in a position where their field of view is blocked by the large triangle of a thick A-pillar and window-mounted large RVMs can easily miss a small car even at close quarters.

So cars with door-mounted RVMs will block less as there is a gap between the A-pillar and the RVMs.

But this can only make things slightly better or worse but can't replace the basic design which keeps the A-pillar away from the driver's field of view under normal driving.

As for the car, you'll have to specify your requirements but I am listing some entry-level cars for a check if it works for you:

  • Ignis
  • i10 Nios
  • Tiago

Here's what BHPian ninjatalli had to say on the matter:

Check out used Honda Jazz options with automatic transmission. Think you should find options easily under 10L. I always the huge front glass view a big +point for this car. It's also a car that's easy to drive so should work well for your wife.

I would also suggest to have a look at Honda Brio options but I felt that too small / compact a car. If that's a plus point for your wife, then go for that.

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