Why my Kia Carens service cost was reduced from Rs 5,000 to Rs 2,000

It was the 10,000 km service which the car had completed in about a year.

BHPian recently shared this with other enthusiasts.


ODO stands very close to 10,000 kms - and with very limited driving, it was done in about a year.

Regular scheduled servicing planned and completed. Booking scheduled via their app, and reached SC on time.

Had no issues with the car except for normal servicing which would mean an oil change + oil filter change.

As expected, SC quoted a bill in excess of 5,000rs - which included weight balancing and alignment, 3M this and that, even distilled water etc. Much to their disappointment, had them remove everything except what was there in the manual - which was Engine Oil + Oil Filter!

Told them clearly, that except for these two entries, there should not be anything else - be it shampoo pouches in windshield washer fluid, or topping up of battery using normal water. Grudgingly they agreed - which meant that the total bill came out to be around 1800rs.

Along with normal servicing, had them scan the ECU for any pending update, and it did show up one which is pending - "CLU Boot Logic Improvement" - I was not able to find out what it would do, and as usual the SC was clueless.

The patch took considerably longer than the updates which were done previously - but in 15/20 mins, it was done, and all components showed up to date.

Instead of wheel balancing and alignment, I had them do a quick tire rotation across all 4 tires ( free of cost ) - which meant even tread wear out, and nuts are not jammed/free!

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