Yezdi Roadster, Scrambler test ride impressions by Jawa owner

Also own a 2012 Hero Karizma, a 2015 Bajaj Avenger & a 2020 Royal Enfield Interceptor 650.

BHPian sukiwa recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Visited a nearby showroom for a quick test ride. The Adventure was away, so tried only Roadster & Scrambler. Both bikes were quite new, less than 100 km on the odometer.

  • Riding perspectives: 2012 Hero Karizma, 2015 Bajaj Avenger, 2019 Jawa Jawa, 2020 RE Interceptor
  • Rider: 6ft height
  • Dealer: K.M. motors, Warje, Pune

Yezdi Roadster

It appears like a Jawa with a better padded stepped seat. The seat felt comfortable in a short ride hope it isn't too soft for long/full-day rides. I was sitting on the rear edge of the seat and knees extended beyond tank side pads, this bike is really suited for average Indian heights. I will ask my wife to ride it when we visit next time.

Managed to ride it on well-paved service roads; suspension and braking felt appropriate. I couldn't go beyond 50-55 km/h due to traffic on the service road even on a weekday afternoon. I tried the rear brake just to compare with Jawa and this felt improved. Even in this styling, u-turns are manageable unlike Wife's Avenger, perhaps placement of footpegs makes a difference. I took a bit of time to get used to bar-end mirrors, which provides enough view if not wide. On test ride roadster, the left one was a bit blurry/shaky.

This paint shade looks very nice, pardon the dust layer. Yezdi badging is in capital letters here whereas it's a small case on other models.

Lock & ignition position similar to Jawa

Bit odd placement of brake fluid reservoir makes a case for after-market protection part.

Zoroastrian logo/badge on the rear fender.

Nice touch on alloy wheels. this lettering is in small case.

Yezdi Scrambler

The handlebar felt wider than the Roadster, feels at ease. I tried it on the same patch of service roads and a bit of nearby under-construction areas, mild off-road. The engine is peppy but felt rough, wonder why I didn't notice it earlier on the Roadster. My 68k Kms run Karizma engine felt quieter in comparison. I didn't notice any difference in Suspension on roads, firm suspension got noticed only on the off-road sections. I don't have off-road skills like petrolhead_neel, however, I thought I won't notice firmness if I try higher speeds. At 30-35 km/h, the ride was bumpy making me uncomfortable however bike felt in control. I stood up on pegs for a short while, felt I was too forward/uneasy, need to attempt again. We have plenty of bad roads in Maharashtra, however, on Scrambler I don't think it would give a pleasant ride experience due to firm suspension or I need to change my riding habit. A rear suspension mount point is odd for my height/torso, it almost transferred all shocks to the spine.

ABS modes can be changed by a long press of both arrow keys. It can be changed even on the go, don't know if this is a good thing or not.

Dual-tone paint scheme looks spectacular.

Ever since I saw leaked photos of Scrambler, I wanted to check how the rear part of the seat has been mated. This is the frame after removing the seat, it appears only bolts, was expecting welds.

Varroc ECU underneath the seat, rubber sheet covers it.

Tank welding

The rugged look of the side panel

The console can show miles and kilometres, Long press the 'M' button to switch. I only noticed later that the test bike was showing miles during the test ride. The salesperson & myself figured out how to switch.

I will pay a visit to the dealership again to test ride Adventure, also want to check if the Jawa Perak engine feels equally rough.

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