Edd China quits Wheeler Dealers

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Mechanic Edd China has decided to quit the television auto show - Wheeler Dealers.

The show was started in the UK by Michael Wood and Dan Allum of Attaboy TV. Back then it required the massive collaborative efforts of the producers, the hosts - Mike Brewer and Edd China assisted by just one production man, one camera man and one mic man. Every episode would feature Mike who would go looking for an old car that he perceived repairable and would bring it to Edd's garage. Edd would then work on the car by first assessing the repairs or replacements to be done in a budget, and then go ahead with the complete restoration. The car was then sold to an interested buyer at a profit.

The show, which has been broadcast in about 200 territories across the globe so far, gained immense popularity among its viewers who enjoyed watching all the 135 car restorations through the 13 seasons.

Edd feels that the new producers, Velocity and Discovery USA, saw more business opportunities in the brand that has never had a single endorsement within the show. He feels the intricate details with which he would work on the cars gave the show its USP and made it so successful. The new producers however, found it extremely tough to stick to the same format and cover the restoration work in as much detail. This meant reducing the quality of the content and thus saving time, money and effort. Edd felt this could jeopardize the brand along with his own reputation.

China will be replaced by TV presenter and auto enthusiast Ant Anstead. Ant, a top mechanic himself will now take care of the business of doing up wrecked cars that Mike brings to the garage. Edd, plans to pursue other opportunities and new projects that are lined up for him.

With Edd's exit, Wheeler Dealers is not likely to look and feel the same again.

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Source: Yahoo News / Jalopnik / YouTube

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