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Old 30th December 2006, 21:03   #46
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Originally Posted by faithless_1984 View Post
even i think there is more to it then meets the eye as in the videos he looks so calm and composed that one thinks wether he is getting hanged or going out for a cup of coffee.!!!
Whatever he may have done... he was a brave man for sure... whether he deservd death or not... i dont really know... But, America had no right to execute him... afterall, bush and his army killed thousands more than Saddam did...

Since americans had power, they executed him... If someone else gets power, Bush will be executed for all the killings... Its all a matter of power... The one who has it makes the other pay...
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Old 30th December 2006, 21:17   #47
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Originally Posted by supremeBaleno View Post
The UN's status today ? Zilch. It just looks on from the sides and has lost any trust that it had few years ago. The UN gets the lion's share of its funding from the US and that supposedly gives the US the right to ignore the UN. It is time to disband the UN which does not have any power to control member nations.
The UN are a true sham. The configuration of the security council gives too much power to the permanent members.

Kofi Annan will go down in history for presiding over a corrupt innept and shambolic UN. I guess things worked out ok for him as his son was never charged for his didgy activities like using his father diplomatic status to buy tax free cars for his own personal use.
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Old 30th December 2006, 21:26   #48
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IMO, saddam deserves what he has done for or rather even a worse punishment... (chop off both his legs and one hand and 4 fingers of his other hand... one finger shud be spared for him for cleaning and eating)

But the punishment should have come from the free Iraqi Republic rather than a NATO dominated international court or atleast by an international court(if that exists)
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Old 30th December 2006, 21:27   #49
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Former US secretary of state Madeline Albright once said sanctions against Iraq which killed more than 500,000 Iraqi children were a price worth paying. This is the woman who like to use her Jewish background to win sympathy for the jews killed by Hitler.

Today there are countless old weapons destroyed by depleted uranium shells still lying in the open with Iraqi children playing in them. No wonder leukaemia rates shot up are the first Anglo US - Iraq war.

I wonder if Mr Blair would allow his kids to play in these depleted uranium wrecks.

The so called new political masters of Iraq are already showing their corruption. People with dubious pasts and those convicted of major fraud such as Ahmad Chalabi have been entrusted with the future of Iraq.
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Old 30th December 2006, 22:33   #50
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I fully agree on this post made by four tire<
Bush will do Anything for OIL
(oil its the hottest commoditiy for all humans)

In a couple of years someother resource will be come a hot one.. So the local will be hung by the bully with some dumb pretext of humanity again...

And proof is this..............
After UN senctions on Iran,crude price world over went down than going up. !!!!!I
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Old 30th December 2006, 22:42   #51
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More than the Americans, the Iraqi Shieits were really keen on hanging him for revenge.
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Old 30th December 2006, 23:21   #52
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he was right in the way that the people he killed were in retaliation of an attempt to murder him. technically speaking this falls under the category of "Pre-emptive Strikes" which bush has been using all thru his presidency.
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Old 31st December 2006, 00:04   #53
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it is all abt OIL folks..rest is all drama...
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Old 31st December 2006, 00:10   #54
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Too Bad...The US just killed their Alumni...Pathetic....

Though Saddam was a despot, the country was atleast stable inside as well as outside during his times except for minor hiccups ...He could even raise the literacy rates from 55% to 80% in merely a decade...

I remember one of my Iraqi friends telling earlier that during Saddam's rule, poor families could get their entire month's food ration for an equivalent of 14Rs....Beat that!!!...

The US must have killed 10000 times more people that Saddam ever did...

I sincerely hope the US pays a heavy price for all these...The so called "War on Terror" was extremely successful in creating more terrorists and a highly unstable world...

May Saddam's soul rest in peace...
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Old 31st December 2006, 06:27   #55
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Before End Of Saddam!

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Old 31st December 2006, 12:45   #56
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may the guys soul rest in piece...cause come 2007...after all this, iam sure someone somewhere is perparing for another 9/11 types just for america.
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Old 1st January 2007, 13:35   #57
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(Maybe too harsh for some of us).

Havent watched it, but it must be the same one which showed his body in a sheet in the end, with his neck snapped.

Last edited by sajo : 1st January 2007 at 13:45.
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Old 1st January 2007, 19:00   #58
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Saw the full execution on Google video. Saddam was calm, dignified and fearless in death. Can't say the same of his executioners, who hid behind masked hoods and threw cheap taunts at Saddam. Not the way for a state to conduct an execution, which is a tragic event under any circumstances.

Saddam was a brutal tyrant, but I couldn't help but feel sorry for the man. His empire destroyed, his two sons killed, and now finally his own capture and hanging. Saddam could have taken Iraq to great heights if only he had been patient and thought before he acted. Prior to the diastrous Iran war (in which the US gave support to Saddam) Iraq was enjoying unprecedented peace and prosperity under a relatively forward-looking regime. With his premature and ill-conceived military aggression against Iran and Kuwait, Saddam virtually destroyed himself and his country.

But I guess there is no point in feeling too sorry for the man. Of the many crimes that he committed, I am still shocked by the manner in which he made false promises to trick his two sons-in-law into returning to Iraq (after they had defected to Jordan) and then had them brutally murdered after forcing his daughters to divorce them; he didn't even spare their family members, including children. That says it all about the man. The fact remains that had Saddam's sons turned against him, he would have had them bumped off too. His two sons had a reputation of their own for being brutal, but I blame Saddam for that -- they never had a chance being anything other than what they were.

Personally I am opposed to the death penalty. In this case nobody gained anything by hanging 69-year-old Saddam Hussein, who, despite all his bravado, was already a broken and grieving man. I can only hope that whoever succeeds George Bush as US president will show better judgement and statesmanship.
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Old 2nd January 2007, 15:34   #59
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Another Iraqi murder on the hands of the Americans.
I am sure GWB will rot in hell for all the blood on his hands. And to think that he invokes the name of God at every chance. Hypocrite.

Saddam, may your soul rest in peace. The only man to stand up to the world bully is no more.
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What baffles me is why did they capture him alive & conduct a public trial ? why not just torture him & bleed him to death & say that he was shot in an encounter, something very familiar to TN police ?
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