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Default Drive within rules = Bloodied nose

Yes - this happened to me today !

Coming back from Lonavala with my 2 uncles, I got onto the Expressway from the diversion when the old road meets the expressway. A Gypsy, an Endeavour pass me by. I move to the middle lane and at the same time a Bolero with a flashing light passes me by. On the tight left and right handers that follow the EndeavoUr and the Bolero slow down while I overtake them and am behind the Gypsy. Due to the rock falling incidents the section of the road towards Bombay is closed and vehicles have to get into the opposite corridor in a single lane. I get in behind the Gypsy and the Endeavor gets in behind me with the Bolero following him and after a few mins, the Gypsy allows me to overtake….now I accelerate when I reach the tunnel and suddenly I see the Endeavor swooping down fast….but then there is a tight left hander and he backs of ,but then soon on next tight right hander he gets inside me , I understand that this guy has a problem and I lift of the gas and let him go. As soon as he gets in fronts of me, he starts zigzagging in the right lane, I slow down but he continues. He stops the car, blocks me off and 2 guys get out – “****er , b(*(*(*(* you don’t know how to drive a car and cut kisko maara” and stuff….the 2 escort vehicles stop by in the middle lane and about 11 people get down. In the meanwhile my uncle identifies the guy as Mr Narayan Rane’s son. He asks him if he is Rane’s son and he abuses my uncle with F*&&^^ , you don’t know how to drive. 3-4 guys from the escort vehicles come to right and open the door and slam my face and 3-4 guys slam my uncle on the left at the same time. “Dhande pe laga doonga” , “gaadi chalani nahin aati” , “cut kyun maara” and maa-bahen stuff fly at us ….I felt like giving them a kick in their b a l l s but I control as we were heavily outnumbered and who knows , guys like these carry weapons and stuff.

We have to ask their forgiveness and they let us go. My uncle has a broken spectacle frame and I have a bleeding nose to show.

Now points to ponder -

1) 2 escort vehicles for Mr Narayan Rane’s son?? Who the hell is he, some minister?
2) The guys stop just after a tight right hander in the right and centre lane of the expressway, potentially putting all of us at risk.
3) Assaulting me for driving within the rules. Did he expect a car doing 80 kmph to slow down for a vehicle doing 50 kmph, just because he was someone’s son?
4) Absolute pathetic behavior and language used against someone equal to his father’s age.
5) And all the way through to Vashi, I saw the men in the Gypsy drive rash, cut off vehicles coming in the way who, were by the way driving according to rules, so that the Endeavour had the right of the way. Don’t we pay taxes or are we paying for roads for these guys to drive their cars on?


I know nothing is going to happen with me raving and ranting here but I posted this just as a warning to all you dear members. Don’t get into fights and ego trips while driving, you never know what is in store.

The Endeavour’s no. was MH43-C-1 (I ain’t sure about C but its Vashi registered, I intend to hunt the car down and note its number) and write in to all newspapers and news channels.
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Sorry to hear about that N_C but these bas**** need to be taught a lesson. They act as if they own the god damn road & no one else can overtake them. Similar thing had happened to me also & I due to my contacts here had followed it up with the authorities & made sure some action was take.

About a couple of months back on a nice sunday I was travelling to one of my factories for a routine check & overtook the local MLA's escort vehicle & car since they were just pootling & I was driving quite quickly. The escort car then chased me & started blaring its siren so I gave way upon which they stopped my car & about 6 policemen came out of it and dragged me out. They misbehaved but the MLA knows me pretty well so he immediately came to my rescue but still by that time one of them had hit me on the head from behind. And that point of time the MLA apologised & asked me to forget about it but I said NO I will teach these *******s a lesson.

I noted down their names & numbers & called up the SSP who happens to be my uncle & after investigating about the incident he suspended all the 6 *******s. Point being since I am in a small town & know people I could take action against them & teach them a lesson, but what do you do when a senior politician's pilla misbehaves or if you don't ahve contacts.

I fully support you & think that you should circulate this widely in the media. These sob's need to be taught a lesson and told that they are PUBLIC SERVANT's. Their menace is all over India and really needs to be curbed.

P.S. Now whenever I see the MLA's car & the escort I make it a point to overtake them at all cost. I know it's foolish but still they can't do anything to me for overtaking them.
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Default Hope you are ok

Unpleasant stuff that we happen to experience .. Getting into ego trips doesnt help anyone, but we need to think of our safety at all times. In today's times, if someone wants to get back at anothr person even if the second person wasnt the one at fault, it doesnt take much. A phone call is enough, and the damage could be caused even with a stone flying out from somewhere.

It's not to chicken out, but it's about playing it safe to avoid what can be avoided.

If any one has seen auto drivers pushing a second auto's - one auto ahead, and the other behind it. the driver of the second auto has his leg stretched out to push the first auto ... encountered one guy doing that for a bike. He too was on a bike, and blocking way. I used my horn to try get way and continue, instead of having him play pace-maker. He parks his bike infront of me, and comes for a fight.

What does one do with people like this ?

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Hey n_c, I hope you and your uncle are fine now. Its extremely shameful that we live in a world filled with politicians and related all full of such blasphemious etiquette. Im sorry about what happened bro, I think this needs to go to every possible media matter. I dont know if you will have to face dire consequences for doing so but if I were you I wouldnt keep quiet. I cant imagine they manhandlesd your uncle...this is down right cheap by any human standard. I cant tell you how its burning me up bro as one of my friends has been a victim of similar situation but not to an extent where those bas****s in the name of politics think they can manhandle an elderly gentleman for no freakin mistake of his.

All I can say is a lesson needs to be taught to these brutes. A public offering of footwear slaps is what these scoundrels deserve!
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Gautam really sorry to hear about your experience, we ourselves were returning from lonavala yesterday, our innova was cut-off by 3 police vehicles driving rashly and abuses were hurled at us just because we came in their way while maintaining the speed limit. But that was the end of it. Seems you werent that lucky. Why did you stop?

I wish we could do something about them, but the reality is we really cant. Hope these F****** burn in hell.
Such an incident must have really shaken you....take some time off and relax buddy.


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N_C: That was a real sad incident... But u shouldn't have openned ur door locks under ANY circumstance...!!! And its always better to let these ppl go and not compete with them. today thanx to the media boom we have news hungry television channels, these channels are the best way the common man can get back at these ppl. If you had a video or some visual proof of Mr. Rane son's cavalcade driving rashly, channels like INDIA.TV and Channel7 would have jumped on it. Once one channel gets this news on air rest of the channels will follow it. Then Mr. Rane would have to do the explaining, if he is currently in ruling govt, then it would be easier to embaress him.

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N_C i think this guy has done these types of scene before also...they all are b*****s
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This is a very sad incidence. These guys are drunk with power, they usually get away with these stuff since nobody takes action against them, unless they mess with somebody with connections. If you take the case of iraghava, he was able to fight back only because connections and nothing else.

I hope something comes out your mails to media, but I don't think Police will take any action against the culprits here. In fact, they might ask you back off. Police are quite powerless against powerful politicians and hence won't bother.
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Sorry to hear about it N_C. Hope you are not seriously hurt. But I do know that it takes some time for scars like these to heal in ones mind. He is known to be a big time bully, with always an entourage of thugs with him.
BTW, isnt this the second incident involving Rane Jr. we are hearing about? First one was concerned with someone being run over/hit by his car, though his driver later claimed responsibility.
Write to all the TV channels/Newspapers you can buddy. I dont think going to the cops will help.
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Some people never learn... Just 2 months ago, the same chap had hit & run with a police man !!

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Hey N_C, Its sad to hear about your incident.

But I am confused. First you say that you wont go down the ego trip and then you want to give it in the papers and stuff. What good will this do? Is that going to affect that SOB? No. Is that going to help you or pacify you? maybe.

But look at all the time you will spend behind getting the article in the paper.
Remember, you are not the only one who is such a victim. And there is hardly any chance you may face him again.

I would advice you to forget it and carry on with your life. If he ever happens to cross your path again, then do make sure he pays for it bigtime.

Its best to not go ahead for media and stuff.
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I second devarshi.
Its best to forget about it and carry on.

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Hey gautam, hope you and your uncle are fine now.

A lot of such incidences have been taking place lately and i believe its a shame to our Police departments to support these guys. Some days back, a news channel ( i guess Star news ) ran stories of such incidences and even after that, no action was taken against these guys.

just read Devarshi84's post. spot on.
If he happens to come across you again, make sure he gets what he deserves.
There's lot of time spent in giving all this info to the news channels / papers and again, if the media decides to kill the whole incident, you are left with a freakin frustration.... am telling you this from personal experience.

BTW forget and forgive should not be the way with these people.

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Thumbs down

very sorry to hear about the unfortunate incident you & your family members were involved in N_C. glad you're not planning to sit on it quietly. though there isn't much to be expected in the form of 'justice', every little bit helps. unfortunately, there isn't much one can do about it - unless you know someone in authority - thats the plight of all us commoners.

one good thing that i like about the law system in certain other countries is that the common man is protected from miscreants - usually, very very few people can easily get away with such misdemeanours.. a broken nose can mean an exorbitant fine and a nice long jail-term.

it's sad - one can't expect much from our politician's (or their offspring, in this case) - people who are expected to run a country - except a show of might from their 'hired-help' - it's common knowledge regarding their backgrounds and where they come from.... sickens me to think about it..

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our civilisation is a world where intelligent humans have conceived of a moderator in the form of a govt. to prevent the world from slipping into the hands of brutes. a govt. system gives only a semblence of order. the sad irony is that the govt. itself is run by brutes and rowdies. and the whole point is that the world is full of hooligans who survive on misusing power.

no matter how big our own self-esteems and egos might be, it's plain truth that the average man is far too busy and has a far better culture to compete with hooligans at the level of acquiring and using power. there's really nothing one can do but take the help of another hooligan or publicize to satisfy oneself.
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