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Old 2nd February 2007, 14:11   #31
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Any experiences of folks driving the Swift. I've only used Speed in my Swift and the manual says: "You must use unleaded petrol with an octane number (RON) of 88 or higher."
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Originally Posted by raajks View Post
For Indian bikes including Pulsar 180 and Hero Honda Karizma. It is not recommeded to use high Octane fuels. (Speed, HP Premium ..)
The heat generated by these fuels are high and increases the carbon deposits on the engines. This can reduce engine life, if bikes are reved at high RPM constantly.

For cars, it would improve efficiency as the fuel heat and energy gets distributed and utilized. The efficieny would be evident from the C segment class cars.
Are you sure about your data regarding the bikes ???
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Originally Posted by shuvc View Post
Hmmm .. while on that topic of quality - isn't Pure for Sure Speed meant to assure clients of untampered quality ?

Another Q - Are factory owned pumps more reliable vs franchise/privately owned pumps ? I mean even normal fuel can be tampered with, isn't it ?
I rather doubt if that ensures quality. I have seen 2 worst BP and HP in Pune, which have caused engine failures for various reasons.

I prefer factory owned ones to private ones. There are less likely to be adulterated than private ones. I "heard" that reliance pumps are tamper-proof. Don't know if it's truth or just a myth?
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Old 2nd February 2007, 21:01   #34
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Default Premium fuels

My friend owns a S350 and he was clearly advised by T&T motors, Delhi not to use premium fuels as it would ruin the engine. The service supervisor said that normal fuel must be used.

Ring Road Honda, Delhi advised me against using premium fuel in my Honda Accord 3.0 as the engine is not designed to handle these fuels. I tried once with HP Power and the car started misfiring and giving jerks. Never ever after that have I put premium fuels in Accord.

The same is the story with my both SUVs. I use normal diesel.
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Old 5th February 2007, 13:49   #35
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Are there any issues with moving back and forth from premium to normal fuel? I have knocking issues and power has gone down. For some stupid reasons, I had to fill at different pumps and diff grades of fuel. Before I speak to Advaith Hyundai, wanted to know if you guys have any thoughts.
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Old 5th February 2007, 14:28   #36
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Some people advice using premium once in a while to clean out deposits. I personally find the car (Petra 1.6) to be running smoother on premium. Manual advices 87 Octane for this car.
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I find only IOC Xtra Premium and Shell Super are worth trying among premium fules. My Zen MPFI runs much more smooth and has more grunt with these fuels. Been using Xtra Premium for past 2 years and never had a problem. Recently tried Shell Super and found it to be as good as Xtra Premium in smoothness with even better pick-up.
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Old 8th February 2007, 13:13   #38
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I did use premuim fuel (speed) in my accent gvs, but was told at the service centre that the engine knocking that I experienced was because i used premium fuel. Was advised to use only regular unleaded fuel.

Recently, had to tank up with premium fuel again, and discovered that while pick-up did increase, the knocking started again. Now back to regular fuel, and the car's not as peppy, but the knocking's gone.

Strangely enough, the hyundai website recommends premuim fuels, while their service centres advise against using premium fuels!!
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Old 8th February 2007, 23:46   #39
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Originally Posted by yogi1771 View Post
well even for the fiesta petrol they recommend normal petrol with system G
I have the Fiesta 1.4 and it clearly states on the manual to use only 91 octane.

I am surprised on what you base that statement. Please go through your manual carefully and dont forget both sides of the cover page!
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Which fuel is ideal for a swift?

What is the RON for normal fuel, do they all fall above 88RON.
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Old 30th June 2007, 01:21   #41
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Default which petrol(xtraprem/speed/regular) is the best for your car?

I am always confused the minute i drive into a gas station as i dont know which kinda petrol I have to fill my baby with. Few years back my uncle's brand new honda city produced a knocking noise and on taking it to the honda service station he was asked to use only the regular petrol and not speed/xtrapremium as these contain additives which affect the engine and produce knocking and other problems. From that day on I have been filling my lancer with regular petrol.

Today i topped my baby up with xtraprem and immediately felt a difference in the ride quality. Now am really confused which one(petrol) to use.

What are your experiences guys? Which one is the best? I think for city driving speed 97 is a waste of money but other than that what do you guys use and suggest?

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I still see only questions and doubts. Techies any answers??

I feel Shell ordinary is good clear VFM fuel. Overdrive or some mad did a test and Shell ordinary scored over HP Power and IOC premium.

Sadly Shell has very few bunks and all in odd places.
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Old 30th June 2007, 02:15   #43
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Originally Posted by mithun View Post
Are you sure about your data regarding the bikes ???
i think this data was provided in one of the magazines where they tested bikes from various segments and used all brands of fuels in them to see which fuel was better for which bike.they used a discover,p180,p150,unicorn and karizma and the results were divided into best fuel for efficiency and best fuel for power.
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i have seen a lot of gm cars lately with the bharat 3 sticker and written below it is premium fuels only.. has anyone noticed this ?
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These engies are made in way that they are able to digest the chalu disel as Sam mentioned ,and any rich stuff and they start choking thats why the company recomends the normal 87 mixture on the other hand on imports where it is not prepared for cahlu stuff ie ( kerosene or what ever ) they will always recomend you 91 or 97 like porsche BMW (imports only) cars companies will tell you that adultration is rampant but they would not acknowlege it openely ,but they will detune and make engines in such a way that it will handle anything from 80 to 87 octane , if skoda thinks that the fuel pump of the car died due to poor quality they should aknowledge it so that the person suffering could SUE the Bunk as well as the Company FOR not only 24000 but much more ,but i guess it will take atleast 50 years to happen in india After all these companies are also taking Land worth crores from these so called Politicians Who chamchas mostly own and run these Adultration Pumps
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