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Old 25th September 2010, 23:30   #16
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I got my tires balanced in this place today. They also rotated the tires and fixed a puncture which I was not aware of. Cost of balancing is less compared to other places. Overall a good job, at par with the work done by other Bridgestone or Michelin guys.

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Old 27th September 2010, 20:03   #17
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Originally Posted by Sandeep_K_Ram View Post
They used to be located near South End. I have been going to them for the last 10 years although in the last couple of years I was a bit miffed with the attitude of some of the "senior" people there - kind of "take it or leave it, I dont have time for you .. "

But once they moved into this new building they seemed to have become more "professional". Been there twice in the last three months. Got a decent deal on two new tyres plus no extra charges for rim bend removal, tyre rotation/fitting, labour etc.

They are good.

I know it's an old post but I would like to apologise for the attitude of the "senior" people.

However, I am glad to know that it isnt the same now. Please dont hesitate to get in touch with me directly if you have further complaints.
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Old 23rd October 2010, 20:12   #18
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Hi, All,

Today I swapped my stock tyres on Dzire to Michelin and the experience was true to its name. Well I did have some expectation after reviews. So there you go, no-nonsense staff, very courtious and if you name 'Team-Bhp' you dont even need to talk more!
I got good deal and plus a free samsung phone that Michelin is running an offer. The shop set-up is nice and not crowded, you have nice lounge to spend time, browse through magazines, listen to music or watch telly. I chose to see how do they live 'Pro' at work. Good lord, the boys who work there change wheels pretty fast and what a precision... no underage boys (munnas as in mechanic shops) and no foul language :-) if you know kannada the 'boys' will answer your stupid questions too.

What did I get :
1. Stock tyres MRF 165/80 R14 (5 Nos) -- less 2000/- per tyre
2. Michelin Energy XM1+ 185/70 R14 (5Nos) -- 4050/- per tyre
3. Wheel alignment -- 250/-
4. Wheel balancing -- 30 X 5 = 150/- + 100 /-(weights)
5. Nitrogen air -- 30 x 5 = 150/-
6. Samsung GURU mobile phone -- Free
7. Cash discount of Rs. -- less 100/-

Total expense for new shoes 10800/- paid by cash :-) there's a Federal Bank ATM across the road, cards are accepted as well at 2% charge.

Highly recommended and I am going back there again!
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Old 26th October 2010, 18:38   #19
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Tyre Professionals are way too expensive compared to other tyre dealers. There is a difference of 250/tyre for Yoko Adrive 175/70 R13.
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Old 27th October 2010, 18:39   #20
Team-BHP Support
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Note from Mod: Public poll added to the thread. Please vote if you have first-hand experience with Tyre Professionals.
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Old 30th October 2010, 16:20   #21
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Upgraded from stock 195/65R15 Goodyear NCT5's to 205/65/R15 Continental CPC2's, 2 weeks ago. Tyre Professionals did a very good job overall and I'm very happy.

* Technicians are quite courteous and know their job well. *Professional* part of them is, they seem to do their job with passion.

* Good set of equipment and seemed to be in good condition as well.

* The alignment guy deserves a special mention. He took excellent care of the leather while fixing the steering lock, without me prompting at anything. I was pretty impressed.

* The guy who fixed the tyre had to keep the alloy on the floor once and I noticed him taking a few minutes to arrange a mat/tire to place it on, to avoid scratching the alloys.

* Convenient location for me (with reasonable parking space and less crowded!)

Didn't like
* Supervisor is the odd man out; seems fit for a vegetable shop (no offense please); simply put, his equation seems tire = some vegetable.

* Nitrogen filling station does not have digital gauge and auto cut-off. Its a manually operated analog gauge and prone to human errors. However, the technicians did take enough care to double check the pressure.

I forgot to ask them for sticker weights instead of clip weights. Will do next time. I'm planning to go to them for all wheel/tire stuff henceforth. I just hope they maintain this quality of service and not deteriorate in any way. I'm OK with slightly higher price as long as they maintain standards.

Nikhil, thanx for supporting over phone/SMS throughout.

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Old 8th February 2012, 12:15   #22
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Re: Wheel Alignment/Balancing : Madhus Enterprises (Langford rd, Bangalore)

Been to Nikhil's place at Basavanagudi yesterday for some wheel balancing + alignment. This was a last minute attempt, called up Nikhil when i was leaving from Office. He just checked the availability and told me to go, as soon as I was there, was glad to see the bays free! Got the balancing+alignment done pronto!

Kudos to Nikhil!
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Old 15th February 2012, 16:28   #23
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Re: Tyre Professionals (Bangalore)

I had been to Tyre Professionals on 2nd Feb to get the wheels balanced and alligned for my Punto.

I had called as day in advance and made sure they have some free slots for the next day and they assured of quick service once I mentioned Team-bhp.

On reaching, I was one of the first cars there (reached early ). They took the car in promptly and asked me for the requirements and history of Balancing and Alignment.

As they got working on the car, I sms'ed Nikhil just to check if he remembered me and say 'HI' . And to my surprise, he remembered me, my car and the reason of our last conversation almost 9 months back. He promptly informed the supervisor at the store to take care of my needs and to give me a discounted bill.

Got the work done under 30mins and got loads of relevant and helpful Gyan on tyre/wheel upkeep for Free.

All in all, it was a great experience, especially compared to the TASS fellows who treat Balancing/Alignment as a waste of their time.

The car has run more than 2k kms after that (Blre-Pune-Blre included) and still holds its line flawlessly.

Thank you Nikhil and thank you Team Tyre Professional.
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Old 16th March 2012, 08:07   #24
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Re: Tyre Professionals (Bangalore)

I upgraded tyres for my 2005 model Getz GVS from the stock 155/80 R13 to Turanza ER 60 175/70R13 from Tyre professionals. They are professionals and I would recommend them.
They had only 4 tyres in stock and costed me 17k including wheel balancing and alignment (also in exchange for old tyres). They will call me when they exect the new tyre stock is received for 5th tyre.
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Old 26th July 2012, 09:33   #25
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Tyre Professionals

This is not for Madhu's at Langford road, but for it's sister unit Tyre Professionals in Basavanagudi.

A good friend of mine wanted new tyres for his Santro. I called Nikhil, who spoke to his people there. My friend went there & was helped very well by the team there. The car was running on OE tube type tyres. The team checked the rims, and after ascertaining that the steel rims can take tube-less tyres, they fit in Yoko tube-less tyres.

My friend went on a 800 km trip the next day, and no problems at all. He was very happy with the tyres too. Thanks to Nikhil again for helping with it all, including selecting the right tyres for the car.
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Old 11th November 2012, 10:04   #26
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Re: Tyre Professionals (Bangalore)

Visited Tyre professionals yesterday for two jobs, WA WB for my Waggie and Tyre change for a cousins vintage Omni. Both of us were happy at the end of the day and my cousin got a lot of info about maintenance of tyres and we got a fair quote for the work and tyres.

My dad and me are regular customers from the Time when Tyre professionals were put up on RV road and so are we today. What I like about the shop:
  • The technicians are comfortable with what they are doing and they know the job in and out. Compared to this, I had problems with a different shop when I had taken my SX4 for just a WA.
  • The chaps are very friendly and take extra time to explain to us what is happening
  • In spite of yesterday being fairly crowded, they did the job as soon as possible, and both the cars were out within 90minutes
  • They do not mind customers watching what they do. For people like me, who are curious about such things, we always want to watch how they go about things, and teh chaps there are fine with it
  • They suggest practical solutions and refuse to put the customer at risk
  • Though equipment is good, price is still fair, considering car dealers charge more for the same equipment.

What I dont like(Or what can be improved upon):
  • I just wished that the two bays were a bit spacious. I agree that the building is a bit narrow, but I felt standing in the service bay would cause an inconvenience to the workers working around the car. They never mind, but still I personally felt I was obstructing them. Maybe if you guys rearrange the equipment, you may be able to put some space between the two bays, which would be better

Keep up the quality and kudos for the whole setup!
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Old 3rd January 2013, 16:07   #27
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Re: Tyre Professionals (Bangalore)

Been to the TP for a Wheel Alignment/ balance yesterday. Job was done in a jiffy - 45 mins flat and to the satisfaction, but had to wait for an hour as I had not taken a prior appointment and was crowded with customers. The technicians answered to all the queries of mine satisfactorily and also gave an advice on the maintenance of the tires. Overall a happy experience. Keep up the good work.
The bays are quite cramped as the customers tow in their families into the work area causing inconvenience to the staff and hindering the alignment, in particular.
I was happy to note that they put down a customer's request for a tubeless tire on a badly damaged rim and advised him on the cons of having such a set up and the effects on the driving. At the end of 30 minute discussion, the technicians' sanity prevailed and the customer agreed to have a tire with tube on his WagR
I would recommend this place to anyone who would like to avail their services.
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Old 12th February 2013, 18:42   #28
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Re: Tyre Professionals (Bangalore)

I have known Tyre Professional since 1996, while they were located next to Bangalore hospital. Had been to their Kanakpura Rd showroom last year to upgrade the shoes on my NHC. Prices might be little on the higher side, but dont worry just speak to Nikhil and he will try and work it out on the Balancing and Alignement to compensate that. Work was carried out seamlessly to my satisfaction and Nikhil really knows what he sells, please do take his advise.
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Old 28th March 2013, 08:21   #29
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Re: Tyre Professionals (Bangalore)

Nikhil, do you guys stock the Pirelli Citynet l6 (175/80/R14). I'm looking for new tyres for my Fiat Adventure and would like to go back to the original if possible. I used Turenza (195/70/R14) from your place a few years ago and while I didn't really have any issues with the tyre the feel wasn't as good as the original Pirellis.

Any other Pirelli dealers here in Bangalore ?
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Old 25th September 2013, 12:21   #30
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Re: Tyre Professionals (Bangalore)

Just back from Tyre Professionals, Basavanagudi after a wheel alignment, Balancing and rotation for my Punto. This was the first time I did alignment outside FASS/TASS.

The Good parts:
- Automated, so fast. Took a total of around 45 minutes for the entire job.
- The mechanics are well informed and they did explain things very clearly to me.
- Very reasonly priced services
- Accept cards, so payment is hassle free

The Bad part:
- Did not notice anything bad.

While removing the front tyre for balancing, I was in for a shock. There was considerable damage to the inner sidewall of the front left side as seen in the pictures below:

Tyre Professionals (Bangalore)-20130925_105122.jpg
Tyre Professionals (Bangalore)-20130925_105141.jpg
Tyre Professionals (Bangalore)-20130925_105206.jpg

I am still wondering how could this happen. We then checked thoroughly if anything was protruding inside the wheel well so as to continuously rub against the tyre causing this damage, but could not find anything. These tyres are just 12.5K kms old. Any inputs on what would have caused this?
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