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After you have decided on the make/ model try to read up as much as possible on common problems associated with them. For example the chances of failure of O2 sensor in OHCs is pretty high - ditto for suspension.

Its a good idea to get the car evaluated by authorized technicians - the fees might be a little on the higher side but i would say it would be money well spent.

Just recently i almost decided on a Mar 01 OHC VTEC - after a 10 min check and 15 min test drive the honda technician told me i) the o2 sensor is gone most probably - intermittent yellow light on the dash ii) Suspensions not in great shape (will have to open the assembly to tell anything further, iii) Some problem with the speedo cable etc.

And finally, never believe the dealer no matter how courteous and honest he might sound - the VTEC dealer told me 'apnake charana kharcha korte hobe na' meaning 'You dont even need to spend a penny on the car'

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Sorry if this has alredy been asked, however can someone please advice how does number of owners impact a car ? Like if I buy a car to whom I am the 5t owner, how much difference would be there in resale value ?
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however can someone please advice how does number of owners impact a car ? Like if I buy a car to whom I am the 5t owner, how much difference would be there in resale value ?
There is really no fixed percentage of difference, but generally, a car that has changed too many hands can expect a compromised resale value.
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Originally Posted by esteem_lover View Post
It is always better to avoid cars that are done up. You might get acrried away by the accessories , modifications etc & end up with a lemon. Mostly the fully loaded, fully modded cars are sold in the open market because neither the owner nor his friends have any use for it, it has gone through everything that it has to be dumped.

I also tend to agree with the opinion that one needs to be careful with done up cars. But perhaps done up interiors may be tasteful to some but vulgar to others. IMHO, I would try to be careful with cars that have been done up to improve power or given `race car job or looks'. That may tell something about the profile of the person who owns the car and also how he has perhaps been driving (hard and over-revving). This may not hold true for many, however. At a red light once, I was next to a Lamborghini owner who used to rev up his car at idle every 5-7 secs making a growling sound.
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Added this tip to the Article. Thanks to Ajmat for sharing:

Cold Start: A cold engine will give away far more than one that has reached operating temperatures. Insist on starting the car from cold, and work the engine up yourself.
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Originally Posted by Shashank.A View Post
Sorry if this has alredy been asked, however can someone please advice how does number of owners impact a car ? Like if I buy a car to whom I am the 5t owner, how much difference would be there in resale value ?
If the car has exchanged so many hands, it needs to be thoroughly inspected and triple check needs to be done before purchasing. Reason being that there may be a bomb waiting for you in terms of maintenance or the car would have given lots of maintenance headache to the previous owners. This might be one of the top most reasons for selling.

If the car condition is perfect, there are no worries other than the resale. Its difficult to find a direct owner for a car that has changed many hands and you will end up selling it to a dealer. No need to explain how the deal will be exploited considering the situation.
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The 10 point guide to used car inspection

1. Check to see if the owner has maintained a chart or a service history with bills - all good responsible car owners maintain a chart and keep a track of their service record, it will give you an idea of how much care the car has got and also how much it costs to maintain it.

2. Check out the car - take a good walk around it, look for any scratches visible to the naked eye, any signs of a dent, any part out of place. Easiest things to spot - windshield, scratches, dents, corrosion spots, broken lenses, faded mirrors, worn wipers, missing wheel covers (hubcaps),

3. Closer inspection - bend down, take a good look at the undercarriage - if needed take an expert along to gauge the quality of the suspension ( right down to the bushes and bolts ) and or anything which could give a sign of the car having ben driven rashly or by a novice. The lines of the car should be perfectly straight - what I do is position myself behind the car on either side of the back fenders and bend down to my knees to see the lineage of the car right down to the front head lamps ( gives a fair idea of the care having been involved in a side on accident. ) Check the paint quality - it should be even parts of it too faded, or too new, are dead giveaways of having been readied after an accident...

4. Much closer inspection - open the bonnet - look on the insides for any kind of unevenness ( again for crashes and accidents, or rash driving ) the car should have a perfectly crafted skeleton if driven responsibly. Try to check for any kind of leakages, rusting, paint chips, or funny smells. Open the Boot, check the linings again for unevenness ( again for crashes and accidents and rash driving ) lremove everything from the boot including the spare wheel and sit inside if you have to and get a good look.

5. The Tyres- check for tread - uneven, extra worn, over used, chipped rubber missing hubcaps, brand, size etc ( check for the company size brand and spec and carry it along with you if possible depending on the car you are looking at ) take an even closer look at the rim, get those knees down, run your fingers around the rim from the insie, it will grease and dirty the fingers but will tell you a lot about what the car has been through.

6. The inside - open all the doors and sit in the drivers seat and get a feel of the vehicle, check the seat lining, bend down again and look at the amount of wear and tear, remove the floor mats and check for any kind of damage, check the pedals ( clutch brake and accelerator for any kind of looseness ), try changing a few gears, try the seat adjustor, inspect the steering closely, start the car - it should start easily no matter how old or cold, check out every electrical equipment provided from indicators to the Aircon, Wipers, Music System ( if fitted ), keep a ear out for engine noise ( remember your doors are open and you should get a good sound of the engine.

7. Switch off and get in the back seat, inspect thoroughly again for any signs of excess wear and tear, seat quality, door handles, windows ( especially if power windows ) leg room.

8. You are now ready to take the test drive! get back in the drivers seat and start the car, take a test drive - preferably in a deserted place at first and then onto a crowded road - get some good speed - see how the car handles - check for excessive roll, take it into a couple of potholes ( It shouldn be too hard to find on our roads! and see how the suspension is, the drive quality should extremely good if the car has been well maintained. Check the Pick up, with and without the Aircon, check the sound wuality of the music system ( speakers etc ) if one is fittted. Test the brakes by jamming them just a little hard at good speed ( 55-60 kmph should be good ) ( make sure the road is adequately wide and deserted and drive safe. ) If your not sure about how to gauge the alignment then take an expert along with you. The wheels should be well aligned and the machine should not have any kind of wobble, neither should the suspension be too soft and squishy ( which is the case with most used cars I have driven, sad but we dont maintain our cars very well! ).

9. Testing the Gears - while on the test drive Try to drive the vehicle in each gear. All gears should shift smoothly and easily without any noises, jerks or shudder. While driving at the second or third gear, try to accelerate suddenly. The clutch should not slip. If you feel slipping (the engine rpm increases but the vehicle speed remains the same), the clutch may need to be replaced. Try to drive with acceleration and deceleration - there should be no whining or humming noise under any condition. All the gears should shift easily and noiselessly. Try to shift into reverse; there should be no grinding noise.

10. Under the Bonnet - I would recommend you take an expert with you as it is dificult to check the oil levels, engine quality, noises, coolant, funny odours ( for eg burnt rubber or oil ), the caps, leakages and excessive rusting and corrosion, moreover, the engine should be clean.
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hello all, can you help me?

I would like to know what are the documents that needs to processed / transferd, and how to go about doing them? where to go to and whom to meet.
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very useful thread...extremely informative..
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actually one of the best ways to test out many cars is to go to a second hand dealer and checking them all out.
Not only do you get to drive different cars under one roof, but you also get to see how the car will age.

Of course you cannot do that to a just released car.
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I am planning to buy maruti sx4 from TRUE VALUE(maruti run 2nd hand car dealer), Gurgaon. Can anyone tell me how safe is it to buy from me..!
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Originally Posted by agrawala View Post
I am planning to buy maruti sx4 from TRUE VALUE(maruti run 2nd hand car dealer), Gurgaon. Can anyone tell me how safe is it to buy from me..!
Hi agrawala, Please search within the Team-BHP Forums for user experiences with Maruti True Value. This is not the thread to discuss them though.
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Some tips for buying a used car
Having finalized the car of your choice, now comes the main part of checking the car and its documents. You should spend some time checking the following things

The first parameter is the year of registration of the car. A 3-5 year old car that has traveled 14,000 to 18,000 Km a year are prime buys.

Check the Odometer reading of the car and calculate with the year of manufacture. Important thing to remember is that there is a possibility of Odometer tampering irrespective of a mechanical or electronic odometer.

Check the engine, it should be smooth starter. A well maintained engine would not produce any unusual noise and emit blue or black smoke while accelerating. Also check for oil spouting from exhaust.

If the Tyres are not in a good condition, there is a chance of bargaining for up to 1000 rupees. Look for the wear and tear and also the alignment. Check bushings, springs and sounds from the bearings. Wheel bearings can be expensive.

Check the bonnet and look whether the car has been repainted or not.

Check for acid wear and tear around the battery areas, it indicates the car has not been maintained by the earlier owner.

If the battery is not new, there is another chance of decreasing the price of the car by 2, 500

If the seller claims, there is an audio system in the car, check if its in working condition.

Check on electrical components, lightings and dippers, cabin lights, hind lights and reverse lights and their workings. Check the AC by taking a round in the afternoon, check how it functions with a/c on / off climbing a slope.

Regarding financing option for used cars it starts from min.15% upto 18% depends on the age of the car, if you like to calculate amortization schedule visit this site and jot down your numbers..
cybersteering FinanceWiz - Amortizaton
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I have come across a car which is a 2002 model owned by a Navy Officer and has done only 16K till date.
One of the suggestion was that car run less in more years should be avoided. I am getting confused with this one. I have to see this car this weekend. Advice required.
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The car will probabaly be in good condition as most service officers are particular about vehicle maintenance.

Less running is because the officers either use service provided vehicles or are out sailing. As the officer climbs the promotion ladder the personal vehicle is used less as official vehicles are provided.
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