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View Poll Results: When will you be ready to buy an Electric Car?
Now baby! I'm ready 53 9.01%
Short-term (1 - 2 years) 54 9.18%
Mid-term (3 - 4 years) 129 21.94%
Long-term (5+ years later) 285 48.47%
Rubbish, no EVs for me 67 11.39%
Voters: 588. You may not vote on this poll

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Default Re: When will you be ready to buy an Electric Car?

Can't vote on the existing options, for me it's simple:
1. I would have to wait for my current car to get old [I prefer holding on to my vehicles and my Verna is not even a year old]
2. EVs would simply have to get as simple as ICE cars in terms of re-fueling time/options

Above points would hold good for all unless one wants to be early adopter for whatever reason and/or has multiple cars at home.

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Default Re: When will you be ready to buy an Electric Car?

Let's accept that at some point in time, EVs will be the reality. I believe EVs will coexist with ICE given the gamut of challenges India faces and the way our Government almost invents future policies.
Today morning, Uber sent an electric Tigor and the first thing I uttered was it's happening fast buddy.

As for me, I believe the cost, product and supporting infrastructure has to reach a level comforting me to see it as VFM and reliable. I have to get rid of Ubers and Olas for daily intracity trips unless I am going to an extremely crowdy or chaotic place. And nothing beats an EV on that. But the acquisition cost has to come down for it to happen which I believe will happen in due course of time. Hence I selected the greater than 5 years option.
Let's say a big highway cruiser like Kia Carnival or Gravitas along with a smaller footprint EV like Altroz is the garage I am looking forward to.
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Default Re: When will you be ready to buy an Electric Car?

In our country, EVs are still a long way from reality. I do not see anything but some noise happening in the next 5 years, form the government.

So, maybe after 5 years an EV could be in my garage for the city commute. But for the highway its always a conventional ICE powered car.

All of this could change if I relocate to another country where the infrastructure is already established. Then, an EV will be the only car in the garage.
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Default Re: When will you be ready to buy an Electric Car?

More than affordability, the factor for me is infrastructure support and reliability. EVs will be cheaper, but these two factors are of utmost importance.
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Default Re: When will you be ready to buy an Electric Car?

Voted for "No EV", I don't see any point having a diesel generator to charge EV at our apartment, we don't have reliable (and clean) source of power in cities where power cuts are frequent. Unless this issue is solved I don't have any plan of buying EV.
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Default Re: When will you be ready to buy an Electric Car?

As most have already pointed out, there are 2 main concerns regarding EVs.
1. Range
2. Charging infrastructure/ Charging time

Till these are not improved to acceptable levels, I will not consider EVs at all.
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Default Re: When will you be ready to buy an Electric Car?

Give me two things and I am immediately ready; 250 kms proven range with AC (Including 1 hour of jam) and a top speed of 100 kph. For longer routes, I have a road liner; for nearby ones or even shorter ones - I would love to travel in absolute silence of an EV.
So, I am immediately ready for one!
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Default Re: When will you be ready to buy an Electric Car?

No EVs for me till the charging infrastructure is developed, the range per full charge is increased and the prices come down.
EVs with decent range (300+ kms) still cost above 15 lakhs (Nexon) which is definitely on the expensive side.
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Default Re: When will you be ready to buy an Electric Car?

Like I mentioned in the Nexon thread, even though there are great attempts at producing good EVs within accessible prices, unless and untill we have a proper charging infrastructure along with continuous and dependable electricity supply in our homes, I wouldn't invest in an EV just yet. Yes, nobody could argue against the fact that EVs are the future but that future will take time to cross the Indian border and reach us customers. My bet would be on hybrid/mild-hybrid powertrains for the next upgrade and maybe after that, pure electric can be considered. Slightly off topic, there are also discussions about Hydrogen cells being used instead lithium ion batteries and if that technology can be properly exploited to it fullest potential, i believe it can pose serious threats to lithium ion powered cars. So till we get a good enough picture of the future, its better to stick with ICE for now.
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Default Re: When will you be ready to buy an Electric Car?

Its the cost that would matter the most.. !

If Tata can bring the technology at half the cost of expected Nexon cost I think I am and many would be ready for a daily commute.

I am so impressed with the PMPML electric buses, hence I am sold to technology as they are noiseless & even though they have been used as per regular buses still they are holding on as if they are new.. Not seen a single break down since they were introduced.

Plus a 300 Km range i think its a decent one, which as per my current utilisation should be a week.

It would immediately make me feel good for contributing to nature, noiseless, ease of usage.

Only thing dithering is cost & evolving of technology, I also have a fear of depreciation of product like mobiles as this is would become a very fast evolving technology.

If cost comes anywhere under 10 lakhs with a 300km range I am sold today itself, or whenever that range comes.

P.S I would be now working very closely with this technology. Hence would surely update on the same to you.

Have a great day ahead !
007 Bond !
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I am ready to buy an EV right now provided it's a model of my choice and not the garbage that is available today.

If given the option of a model 3/X or Mercedes EQC or even the bmw i3. I can consider but kona and mg and Tata are a no go.
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Default Re: When will you be ready to buy an Electric Car?

No time-frame as such. Will definitely buy an EV once a fully electric vehicle (Not Hybrid) can complete a 24 hour Le Mans including charging time and come back next year with the exact same battery without changing it

The only unsolvable problem with EV is battery. With which come lot's of problems. Charging Time - Bringing it down to single-digit minutes to fully charge to 100%. Battery Reliability - Lifetime of at-least 10 years without losing over 25% of it's charge. And Energy Density which affects range. Any sub 10-lac vehicle driven even spiritedly will easily do 500 kms at a minimum between re-fuels. No electric car comes close.

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Default Re: When will you be ready to buy an Electric Car?

Crunched some numbers, I am having second thoughts.

Considered NEXON variants for the replacement city car.

Name:  EV Comparo.JPG
Views: 351
Size:  57.5 KB
Last row description : Effective ROI (months)
I have tried to reflect the residual value in terms of ROI in months and added it to the ROI based on fuel cost savings of an EV option is chosen.
I am not a numbers guy. Hope the calculations are logical. If you want to tweak the values, I have attached the file too at the end of the post.

Points not in favour of EV:
  • The considered 1600 km monthly usage amounts to ~ 20,000 km per year. I would have to beat the hell out of the EV by combining usage of two cars to achieve the number. Current city car has done 32,000 km in 10 years.

  • ROI for an EV over the Petrol variant, takes close to 8 years with a NIL residual value. I cannot get bored of it in between.

  • Niggles, after sales support, drive-train longevity, tax incentives on EVs and penalties for e-waste, in the long run are not known.
Attached Files
File Type: xlsx EV - Value Proposition.xlsx (5.7 KB, 44 views)

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Default Re: When will you be ready to buy an Electric Car?

If they give us interesting choices like the SmartForTwo and similar cars - also the Renault Twizy and so on, I can consider an EV for the daily commute. But this also argues that the roads and infrastructure be up to standard. I would not want to drive a small little EV on the moon craters that pass for roads in Bangalore.
And I am neither in need of nor in favour of buying an E-SUV like this Hyundai Kona, MG E ZV whatever it is etc because for the most part it is only me in the vehicle.

So to me, it is important that the Government first fixes all the roads, maintains them and helps make the commuterís journey a predictable one. Then we must have adequate charging points all over the place, in offices, public spaces, parking spaces etc.

By the time all this happens, it ll probably be atleast another 10-15-20 years.

So I ll wait and see for now.
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Default Re: When will you be ready to buy an Electric Car?

Well, I have voted for no EVs for me.

Even though electric vehicles are greener alternative to ICE, they still do not look like a viable one. For my use case, I would be driving my car within Chennai and monthly, at the least once, to Bangalore and Coimbatore. Range anxiety will definitely be a concern and even if multiple charging stations are erected en-route, charging times might still be a problem. What might take just 4-5 minutes with diesel / petrol might take hours. Frequent power cuts, absence of charging stations is not something that will be resolved soon. Whereas, fuel stations are ubiquitous! I will be forced to go with an EV only if Government decides to ban petrol / diesel cars altogether. Until then, am staying away!
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