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Shan2nu 26th June 2004 02:54

Photoshop/Digital Art thread
Oh yeah, it's me with the photoshop stuff again.

Here's my idea of an accord that's not only powerful and fun to drive, but also very useful when tackling city traffic.

The original pic.

My version......

I'd love to own a car like that.


F50 26th June 2004 03:20

Hey I like the First one

_Crazi4Speed_ 26th June 2004 03:43

Hey Shan2nu, I love the stuff that you can do with PS, but personally I like the orignal one...even though I understand where you are coming from, i really dont think accord coupe is really that bad to handle in a place like india..may be you can somehow shorten it keeping its trunk and stuff, but making it into a hachback is somewhat difficult to digest, I dont know, again thats my opinion, but whatever u say man..ur skills with PS are awesome..

keep them coming..


Shan2nu 26th June 2004 10:25

Hey C4S, that's the kind of feedback i was expecting. I too like the original design but you know i've heard a few decide not to go in for the Accord just bcoz it's too big for their garage or that the lane leading to their house is too narrow.

This is just a substitute for people who feel the Accord is too big. But yeah the original design rules man, just love the Coupe.

But if Honda price it perfectly, i don't see why it shouldn't sell.

Imagine a small car that looks like an Accord, has an accord engine, accord interiors, safety and comforts for the price, equal to or, cheaper than the Civic.

I knw these looks are hard to digest but hey, didn't the Accord get the same treatment when it was launched? I, and many here just hated the rear design of the car, but now it just doesn't matter.

I'd love to own an accord but there are places where i wouldn't like to take my car. But with this, i can enjoy being in an accord without having to worry about size.


Stratos 26th June 2004 11:14

Thats not bad... but then u cant call it ACCORD.. u can probably call it the new CIVIC!

Stratos 26th June 2004 11:16


Originally Posted by [b
Quote[/b] (Stratos @ June 26 2004,09:44)]Thats not bad... but then u cant call it ACCORD.. u can probably call it the new CIVIC!

Or CRX for that matter!

Shan2nu 26th June 2004 11:29

How about "Honda Accord Type - M", M for Mini.


lamborghini 26th June 2004 19:19

love wht u do with photoshop
though i like the org. design the hatch doesnt look all that bad.
but if honda looks at yr version and builds it ............
many of the owners are gonna grumble about the FE of the hatch like in the case of the sweet palio 1.6 GTX

Shan2nu 26th June 2004 22:21

Well the FE thing is a good point but i'm sure Honda will figure that out.


nitrous 27th June 2004 03:21

hey shantanu, thanx man. the link is working now.

Sahil 27th June 2004 06:15

The Accord coupe is one of the best sellers in the american market, i think it looks best in its orignal form. What u need buddy is a C-class coupe which looks very similar to the alterations u have made to this pic only diff being it has the mercedes touch to it.

Shan2nu 27th June 2004 11:16

No, no. you ain't getting my point. I'm not saying that this car should replace the Accord.

Just keep this as an option for those who might want to buy a small car that looks and feels like an Accord from the inside.

It's like this.....

The Indigo has the Indica.
The Siena has the Palio
The Corsa has the Sail.

They all look different from the outside, but once you're in you wont know which is which.


Hari 20th August 2004 20:29

An Accord cheaper than a civic? Guess we should call it 'Afford'.:D

Rudra Sen 20th August 2004 22:53

Hey Shan2nu, why don't start making the cars big instead of chopping them all the time. What happen to your Wagon R project?

Godspeed 24th August 2004 16:29

man ur good on ps
but the lights are too big for the car... looks out of propotion
so the honda designers made them slightly smaller
they sell it as a honda civic coupe

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