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View Poll Results: Which Chinese / Non-TV TV brand are you most likely to vote for with your wallet
HiSense 7 2.30%
Kodak 9 2.95%
Motorola 0 0%
OnePlus 49 16.07%
Realme 4 1.31%
TCL 38 12.46%
Toshiba 30 9.84%
Vu 77 25.25%
Xiaomi 64 20.98%
Others (Please specify) 27 8.85%
Voters: 305. You may not vote on this poll

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Re: The Budget / Frugal TV thread

Originally Posted by Geo_Ipe View Post
Toshiba cannot be named a non TV brand. They have been in business for decades and as far as I know, manufacture components like boards & displays for the bigger brands. I'm a proud owner of a 29" Toshiba LED TV for the past 6+ years, with zero complaints.
I was clued in to the news that Toshiba is now basically selling rebranded Hisense products by a fellow member on this forum. So, unfortunately any fuss-free experiences that we have had with the Japanese Toshiba no longer serves as a reference today.

That being said, I am really looking forward to the u7980 (people think it's a rebranded Hisense H8F) and u8080(again there is speculation that it's the Hisense H9G). I hope that once we get decent FALD units in India within the 60-80k bracket (for 55inch size) the holy trinity will be forced to reduce their profit margins.
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Re: The Budget / Frugal TV thread

Ohh Toshiba! How can I forget my Toshiba 32inch Full HD TV that I got in 2014. It also came with a 3 year warranty that I did get to use.

1.5 years into the ownership, the panel started developing issues and it was having a white bleed issue. I gave it to the SVC only to be told, after a month of follow ups, that it cannot be fixed. As it turned out, a 32 inch TV with full HD resolution was extremely rare at the time (apparently it still is) and Toshiba had stopped manufacturing that model so a panel replacement wasn't possible.

6 months of back and forth and a consumer court notice is what led to a full refund of the TV. I plonked the same money into my 40 inch VU 4k TV (mentioned in post #3 of this thread) which is still going strong.

I would consider myself to be lucky that I could salvage the situation. According to the SVC person, I was one of the only people in Nashik who got the refund cheque (yes, there were more people who simply gave up!). Not the best experience but the helpful people at and automatic call recording Android devices definitely helped a lot (Damn you stock Android 10).
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Re: The Budget / Frugal TV thread

We had purchased a Videocon 40" TV for our bedroom back in 2015. We paid 22k. Handed over the TV to my folks when we relocated in 2017. This was a replacement for their 20 year old Sony Trinitron 21" crt TV. The Videocon tv panel failed a year ago and the Sony was put back into service briefly. I have now replaced that with a 40" Xiaomi. The Sony is on stand by.

The panel on the Videocon was a Full HD LED IPS but of the lowest quality ever. It was so bad that it made Blu Ray's look like DVD's! Picture quality was not the priority for this purchase so it did not matter. Sound was horrendous. Side access ports could not be accessed when hung on a wall. At the time we bought it, it was bang for the buck as a Sony or LG was 2.5x the cost. Low priced TV options were not as much as we have today. Videocon service is almost non existent and its a brand you should avoid.

Please add Sanyo to the list. I believe they were first to get into the budget led TV space.
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Re: The Budget / Frugal TV thread

Had bought Mi TV 4A for under 15k, 2 years back and it's working like a charm. Funnily when I bought it, it was running at 720p Res with YouTube videos and HD channels maxing out at 720p and it's still marketed as HD ready. However with the last year's software/firmware update it now runs in 1080p and all those things run in Full HD now!
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Re: The Budget / Frugal TV thread

I bought a Toshiba 32 LCD in 2012 for 17K for one of my bedrooms.
But, soon it became one of my favs. for binge watching and gaming.
Going great, touch wood.
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Re: The Budget / Frugal TV thread

Should we be including "Onida" in this? I have the Fire TV Edition Onida 43 Inch TV. We are very comfortable with fire tv interface so this TV was an obvious choice. Apart from flat sound (which I don't even realize now), the TV works well and it is nice to have Fire OS power the smart tv part.
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Re: The Budget / Frugal TV thread

Originally Posted by deathwalkr View Post
I doubt it. It was kind of a one time deal but on Amazon it's at 44k now

Throw in the card discounts and exchange offer then it could come under 40k i guess
Is this unit manufactured by Videocon?
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Re: The Budget / Frugal TV thread

Since all TV panels are ultimately built in China, I am a firm believer, that for all non-major purposes, going for non-branded TVs is the best way to go, as you get 80% experience for 40% money. Not bad.

My pleasant experiences with such brands:
40" Sensex Smart TV
Purchased a 40" Smart TV by the brand "Sensex" via Amazon in August 2019 for 11k. Working totally fine except Hotstar. Netflix is working perfectly. Paired it with Amazon Firestick in October 2020 (Amazon Big Billion Sale) for 2k and the experience has been seamless. It is also connected via external Phillips speakers and is switched on for at least 12 hours a day (commercial establishment), and so far it has been serving well.

40" Croma Semi-smart TV
Purchased a 40" Croma LED for the bedroom in 2016 for 13k which has been connected to a laptop via HDMI to play all streaming services like Netflix, Prime, etc. Four years, and despite the increased usage during lockdown, it has been trouble free with a fairly good video and audio output.

40" and 32" Micromax LED TVs
For a commercial establishment, purchased one 40" and five 32" LED TVs from Vijay Sales back in 2015 for 18k and 10k each, and they have been serving well, with no breakdowns whatsoever. They have been connected to Tata Sky HD boxes and are serving well. They replaced 26" "Hyundai" LCD TVs which served us well for 10 years. They were working fine even at the time of replacement.

One unpleasant experience:
32" Micromax LED TV
For my hostel use, had purchased a 32" LED in 2014 for 12k, which broke down in 2016, spent 3k getting it repaired only to find that it absolutely stopped working 6 months after. The repair was quoted to be 9k, although Micromax service fellow did come home via a simple call centre request. Sold it for 2k instead of getting it repaired.

All in all, I have been happy with numerous such purchases over the past few years, and would continue to buy such brands for non-primary uses and go for a reputed brand for the primary use. (Using a 46" Sony LED TV, connected to a Firestick, for the living room since 8 years now, and it has been working very well.)
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Re: The Budget / Frugal TV thread

43" Micromax LED TV purchased almost 4 years back for Rs. 21.5k - installed in a guest room. It doubles up as a CCTVs' DVR screen and have also used Chrome-cast, FireStick, extended Laptop on it, functions very well with good picture quality.

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Re: The Budget / Frugal TV thread

Originally Posted by Gannu_1 View Post
Is this unit manufactured by Videocon?
Nope. Their audio and tv brand is owned by TP Vision

Their audio division was sold off to WooX, then to Gibson and now owned by TPV.
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Re: The Budget / Frugal TV thread

Got OnePlus q series for my parents and my own home. Functional meets requirements, looks good, not very cheap but equivalent sony is at least 20 k higher.
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Re: The Budget / Frugal TV thread

Hello everyone,
I am looking for a budget TV with 120Hz display. Screen size between 49 to 55 inches and price range upto 70k. Not worried about the resolution. Can someone advice on the options available? Thanks in advance.
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Re: The Budget / Frugal TV thread

Originally Posted by dhanushs View Post

The cons:

- Its too bright for my liking.
- I had Creative 2.1 plugged into all TV's, however, with this one, the remote of the speaker triggers the TV too and vice versa. Thats damn frustrating.
We have a Kevin at my home too, sad part about brightness is that, even if you reduce it from the menu, TV goes back to its older setting.

Have the same issue with remote too

Rest of it is good IMO.
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Re: The Budget / Frugal TV thread

Last year, after I moved back home, we started looking for a budget smart TV as a secondary device only to be used for streaming - Netflix, Prime Video, Hotstar, NDTV, and the likes.
When I was resigning from my previous company, I had been given an INR 10k Amazon gift card as a farewell gift. With the gift card plus about INR 6-7K in my mind as the budget, I started looking for smart TVs. It was down to three brands - VU, TCL, and Xiaomi.
Finally went with Xiaomi as I have used several Mi phones and accessories over the years, and they have performed well for the price.
I bought the Mi 4A Pro TV from Amazon during their Diwali sale last year at about INR 13K.
I can't complain about the TV, especially at that price point, though I wish the speakers were better.
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Re: The Budget / Frugal TV thread

Can someone throw some light on which among the brands listed in the poll is closest to being a non-chinese ?

We use Vu TV's (bigger ones) at office- the color reproduction accuracy of these TV's are rather poor. Have no experience with the other's in the list.
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