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satish_appasani 10th October 2005 11:20

The Digital Camera Thread: Questions, discussions, etc.
I bought my digi camera 10 days ago and got curious to know what cameras does fellow bhpians own.

I bought a Kodak LS755 5 MP digi cam. The actual cost was Rs.20,000. But there was 20% discount going on it. This came with bill and warranty. I exchanged my 15 months old Canon film SLR camera for this. I wasn't using the SLR much and so i went with the exchange.

Apart from this, I have a Panasonic Mini DV camcorder and a 20 years old Richo SLR camera with Starblitz flash and cullman trupod.

My new digi cam

normally_crazy 10th October 2005 11:37

Sony DSC P-100 5MP Digital Camera
Sony DCR TRV 460E Video Camera ( with memory stick slot)
And aslo a Minolta film roll camera - forgot the model number.

typeOnegative 10th October 2005 11:39

Cannon EOS Rebel 2000.
Sony digiat video cam - forgot the model. :)

mohit 10th October 2005 11:40

Nikon Coolpix 950 - an 1999 vintage 2MP Digital
Canon EOS 300 (Rebel 2000)

vivekiny2k 10th October 2005 11:44

Fuji A320(3.2 MP) only reason i have it is it's small size, i can easily keep it in my jeans pocket.
Sony TRV350 (or is it 250, the one without memory stick).

Steeroid 10th October 2005 11:49

Somebody puhleeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzz ask Rudra about his cam.....

My cams are a Motorola A1000, an iMate JAM and a Siemens SL65...hehehehehe thats like me telling Sam and Navin about the audio in my car!

vivek_pinkoo 10th October 2005 11:56

JVC CAMCORDER MiniDV for last 3 years
Canon EOS 50 with 28-105 lens (Auto Ultrasonic) Film Camera
Canon A95 PoweShot DigiCam

zaphod 10th October 2005 12:04

Nikon F55 SLR (Film)

I'd like to sell this and buy a digital SLR as film works out quite expensive at times.

vivek_pinkoo 10th October 2005 12:20

U can c the result of my Canon A95 PowerShot

(My daugther )

navin 10th October 2005 13:27


Originally Posted by Steeroid
Somebody puhleeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzz ask Rudra about his cam.....

Rudra Sen takes his cameras and his car very seriously. I suggest that this question be phrased extremely carefully. Dont say you weren't warned.

for film work:
I have a Nikon N80 with a 28-105D and 70-300ED lenses and a SB50Dx flash

for digital work:
I use a Canon G2 with a 420EX flash.

For video work:
I use a Panasonic DV851

All cameras were got in 2001.

satan_crazy 10th October 2005 13:52

umm, i think i should wait for a couple of posts after rudra sir's post before putting down the specs of my camera ... will make it feel completely out of place ... heh ... just kidding, have a fuji s3000 3.2 mega pixels and 6x optical zoom.


AGP 10th October 2005 15:12

Minolta Dynax 5.0 SLR Camera of the Year 2002.

Purchased for Rs. 16,500/- want to sell for digi cam

dmitri 10th October 2005 15:13

Still :Canon PowerShot A40 - 2 MP.
Video:Sony handycam DCR-HC42

zulfikar 11th October 2005 12:48

Hi all,
i am using a HP Photosmart 945...
52x ZOOM Kick A**
with Tripod...
512MB SD Card.

Abhay 11th October 2005 14:59

I have a analog Canon simple one..
Digital - Kodak Easyshare CX7430 4 MP, 3x optical zoom

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