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ananthkamath 17th October 2005 11:55

Presently I have a Sony Cybershot DSC-P73, good enough for what I use it for....Back in the good old days of film, I used to have a Canon EOS-1000F, which was one of the most advanced cams of its time....unfortunately it broke a lens and i am unable to get a replacement.....

sinner 17th October 2005 12:24

i have a olympus Camadia 3.2 MegaPix

its a nice one but consumes a hell lot of battry

DRC 17th October 2005 13:59

Mmm Never saw this thread before!!

I have a
Olympus IS 50 SLR for all my film work...

and a SonyP93 for Digital which my wife uses mostly.

My son also has a un-named camera we bought it for Rs.150 but take reasonable good pictures!!

shuvc 17th October 2005 14:22

Yashica 635 - My first camera experience was on this relic belonging to Dad. Still like it a lot. He wanted to sell it off but I'm don't let him ! Pretty heavy and quite tricky since one has to look down into the viewfinder.

Hotshot - Many of you must have used this but have forgotten ! My brother presented me with a miniature one. It used to take cassette films. Still have it.
Edit: I recall it cost around Rs. 85 during the mid 80's !

Canon EOS 300 - Currently use this, with Canon 28-80 USM III , Canon 70-300 USM III

Panasonic NV GS 35 - Takes care of the video needs.

jkdas 17th October 2005 14:51

Now :Fuji S5000
B4: Nikon F50
Next: D50

moralfibre 17th October 2005 14:54

Mamiya RB-67 ProS chasis
Nikon Coolpix 5100

mohit 17th October 2005 16:22


Mamiya RB-67 ProS chasis
You into professional photography?

streetlife 17th October 2005 16:33

mine is a CANON SLR model no. EOS3000 V with 28-90 mm lenses

devarshi84 18th October 2005 03:02


Originally Posted by Steeroid
Somebody puhleeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzz ask Rudra about his cam.....

My cams are a Motorola A1000, an iMate JAM and a Siemens SL65...hehehehehe thats like me telling Sam and Navin about the audio in my car!

Somehow looks like you look at a smartphone the same way I do.

and you also own a siemens?????????? go to

nice siemens forums.

btw my camera as of now is a siemens s65

moralfibre 18th October 2005 08:37


Originally Posted by mohit
You into professional photography?

We were into advertising business but no longer do. Had a camera which looked good and hence kept it with me.

Any buyers?

Samurai 18th October 2005 10:30

4 Attachment(s)
Here are cameras I own:

Sony Cybershot DSC F-717 (2003)

Sony HVL-F32X Digital Camera FlashHVL-F32X (2003)
Attachment 1151442

Raynox DCR-FE 180 Pro (2005)
High Definition 180 Degree Fish-Eye Conversion Lens (0.24X wide angle)
Attachment 1151441

Kodak DC4800 (2001)
Attachment 1151439
Also have Kodak 0.6X wide angle lens for this.

Canon ZR10 Camcorder (2000)

Olympus IS3-DLX 35-180mm (1993)
Attachment 1151440

observer 18th October 2005 13:57

Canon Optura 40 MiniDV.

Sam Kapasi 21st October 2005 16:33


Originally Posted by Rudra Sen

50mm, 1.4 Ultra Sonic Motor. Normal lens.
20mm, 2.8 Ultra Sonic Motor. Ultra wide lens.
100mm, 2.8 Ultra Sonic Motor. Macro lens.
70-200, 2.8 Ultra Sonic Motor with Image Stabiliser. Zoom lens.
Tripod: Manfrotto 058 with Manfrotto 029 head.

After this post, you'll have no shame posting your cameras or what? lol

Well, I might as well be shameless too.
I have a Nikon D70 and I just bought that new superslim Nikon S1.

navin 21st October 2005 16:40

sam the S1 has been replaced by the P1 I think.

Sam Kapasi 21st October 2005 16:45

Replaced??? Replaced??? No no, it's a brand new model yaar. Arrey please dont say that, I just bought it 3 DAYS ago!!

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