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Everyone has said it... bring it to the attention of MUL. What you need to do is gather some email addresses too and mark a copy to them.

Write a formal letter with this thread link enclosed, send copies to whoever is in charge.
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I had also issues with their workshop workmanship and wrote an email to MUL, the very next day the manager and all called me up and my car was taken , problem rectified and returned to me at my residence , also I was given hourly updates on the vehicle status
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Awaiting Email Confirmation
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The Sagar automobiles definitely has a lot of -ve feedback going against them. Lack of punctuality and bad attitude towards customers seems to top the list the other is being perennially out of stock with spare parts.
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Oops ! This is some thing that is very very nasty on Sagar's part.

Vishnu, why dont you CC the Mail / Fax to RNS Motors, Bimal and Pratham too.

This happened to me in 2005 Spetember. I booked a Wagon R Vxi - BS III. At the time of booking, dealer said that it will be delivered in 2 weeks time. 2 days after booking (Ambal Auto, Coimbatore), some one calls from their office and say they had only BS-II (stock, immediate delivery) and a different color. And i had to buy only that coz, BS -III cannot be delivered in 2 weeks time. They dont want to cater my needs and they wanted me to take only BS-II. I had various converstations over the phone to them and nothing moved to be productive.

I was totally displeased. I wrote my grievance to Maruthi and one other dealer in Coimabtore. I got a apology call from Maruthi. Guess what? Ambal delivered the BS-III Vxi in 7 days time ! My two cents !

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Damn he knows no crap about customer service and after paying up 5 odd lacs you don't deserve to be treated this way.

I am the most experienced person under this roof. I have 12 years of experience in service and I know everything. Our service center works this way, we cant make it faster.
MUL if you are reading this, get this man(GM) back to school and teach him some basics of manners 1st and then when he graduates teach him what customer service is.

Dont let this man go scot-free take him to task vishnu. He doesn't deserve that designation and bad on the part of Sagar that their so called experienced people(GM) are such illiterates.
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Oh yes, Anil Rao! We're old friends!

I've had similar issues with him, and I forced him to apologise to me in front of his staff. He's not a very nice person, that Mr Rao. Try dealing with one Rajkumar, he's quite a sweet guy.

Something should really be done about Anil Rao though.
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No wonder with a GM like that their service center is in a mess. Maruti needs to look into this.
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Default Go to suraksha


Sagar's other branch in basaveshwaranagar was closed down for bad service..& poor response from customer's in the area, on the way to my office, i have to go in front of RNS, Mandovi yeshwanthpur branch, but i am not intersted in getting service from them, i have bad experiance with RNS service....

Mr. vishnu where u stay?, if you are near silk board, goto suraksha meet Mr. lokesh, i will go here from mathikere[23km's-north part of b'lore] to get very good service from MASS, just quote TBHP forum or my name, or speed sathya. he will be happy to serve you better..

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Hmmm, again! Yeaaaars ago had walked in on a lazy weekend morning in Jeans and chappals to enquire about the Baleno - and there was some mumbling abt "no test car" etc - and moments later it appeared out of nowhere for someone else to test-drive! The Maruti MD was mailed to , and the next week was spent answering very sweet phone calls from Sagar auto about how I was welcome to test drive anytime etc. I chose the City instead (well, also for moolah reasons - the Baleno was crazily priced those days).
I think they havent changed a bit. How sweet.

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Horrid, Horrid, Horrid. You should definitely take this upto MUL and make sure you give them the link to this thread so they can read about it. Faced with a similar situation the manager present would have gotten to hear much more than what you told him from me including some good old-fashioned hindi greetings!
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Originally Posted by iraghava View Post
Faced with a similar situation the manager present would have gotten to hear much more than what you told him from me including some good old-fashioned hindi greetings!
True, thatz how things work out in North India!
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Default Thanks a bunch !!!

Hi Friends,

Thanks a lot for your support.

My hunch that teambhp would be the best option for taking the issue to right audience was correct.

As you all advised, I will call, email and also send a formal letter to MUL referencing teambhp post to show the reach and feedback from audience.

In, I only see a feedback form kind of contact, does anyone have email id of the key contacts?

In the meanwhile, should the ECM replacement be carried out only with Sagar? Because I received the recall letter from Sagar and not from MUL and I left the letter with the service personnel today. Will other dealerships replace the ECM for the car sold by Sagar?


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Default take him to task

Take him to task by reporting it to Maruti. If he can not do the job on time he has to explain and/ or apologize, this uncultured guy needs to be taught a lesson.

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everyone here is with you. go ahead get yourself heard.
talk and shoot letters to the top brass.

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Vishnu, you got a raw deal, and as everyone adivised take it up with MUL.

But why ECM replacement, what was the problem or need for MUL to recall buyers for ECM replacement?
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