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Default Re: July 2011 : Indian Car Sales Figures

Nice new format GTO. Looking forward to whats coming next.
  • Maruti sales have declined, but they have been magnified because of production issues with two of their bread and butter models (Swift + Dzire). Ritz sales have shot up thanks to no Swift production.
  • Its too early to comment on the Beat D's sales as the car was launched only at the end of July
  • Nano sales are really sad. Its more to do with the image of owning the cheapest car than the car itself
  • The less said about Fiat the better. Like GTO mentioned, lets see what the new guy from Italy can do
  • The Honda city has come back in style. It'll be interesting to see if these numbers continue
  • The Verna is flying off shelves, though i20 volumes have dropped from the usual 7 - 8 K
  • VW's Polo and Vento have pretty much stabilized at those numbers.
  • The new Fiesta has not received a great response which was expected after the killer pricing
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Default Re: July 2011 : Indian Car Sales Figures

Originally Posted by arvi86 View Post
All other petrol-only cars including the trio of hatchbacks from Hyundai, Maruti's Wagon-R and Chevrolet Spark are dwindling down the charts. Its better to stop producing the A-Star that continues its absolutely dismal run in India. Or atleast, Maruti should reduce its price and reposition the A-Star to where it actually needs to be - in the Alto segment.

Finally, I am shocked and deeply saddened to see the Linea selling a meager 175 units. This, despite it being a stunner in looks, with arguably the best-in-class ride and handling, offered with a choice of a superb diesel engine and a stonker of a petrol engine among others. I fail to understand what is actually stopping us Indians from buying any car that has 'FIAT' in it? .
By your argument, if Astar production has to be stopped, I guess Fiat should have stopped production of Linea a long while back
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Default Re: July 2011 : Indian Car Sales Figures

@GTO, nice compilation.
Any idea about the numbers of the Mahindra thar?
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Default Re: July 2011 : Indian Car Sales Figures

A mixed response to sales of petrol cars. Market is also suffering from the recent RBI interest rates hikes.
Never the less following are commendable!
Hyundai Fluidic is the reigning leader in the C segment.
Honda City has regained its sales with the recent price cut. (Thanks to competition)
Fiat and Tata's having poor sales
Skoda and VW are holding on with decent numbers
MS with the upcoming Swift launch would be the car to watch out in Sept sale figures.
Fluence have a consistent decent sales considering the ridiculous price point.
Ford and GM having a lackluster performance in July sales figures.

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Default Re: July 2011 : Indian Car Sales Figures

All that decline in WagonR or i10 numbers can (and will) be scooped by someone who introduces a sub 5 lakh Diesel hatch. It's clear as a day light that even with a monthly running of 1000 odd KM's, the fuel savings would be significant for an average middle class family that buys these vehicles. Added to it the fact that Petrol is deregularized, whereas it doesn't look like Diesel is headed the same way anytime soon. So the numbers of Beat should not be that surprising. Of course we need to wait for the next few months for the actual picture to emerge, but it seems GM has made a smart move this time.

I have said this before, but Fiat have lost a great opportunity by not launching the new Palio in India. A 4 pot, proven engine in that budget would have garnered respectable numbers IMO, reputation of Fiat in India nowithstanding.

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Default Re: July 2011 : Indian Car Sales Figures

Clearly lots of beats flying to dealers. 5240 from 1614 is huge. Let's wait for September sales figures to comment on Beats numbers.

Linea 175??? Fresh Verna, Fresh Fiesta and ANHC with a price cut. I don't see much of improvements in the Linea's numbers in coming months unless FIAT wakes up.

Fiesta Just 781? Not so impressive, especially when prior to launch Ford was yelling that they are stocking the car to avoid delayed deliveries. Again 2 more months to comment on this.

Verito crosses 1600. For Logan, things got better after renault's exit. Slow and steady but definitely on right track. Bolero and Scorpio showing no sings of slowing down. Overall good month for Mahindra.

Ritz also impressive to take a leap from 5k mark to 7k.

Strikes, no strikes SX4 back to usual 2.5, however still not impressive considering advantages of Diesel engine and maruti A.S.S. Come on maruti it's time for a revamped SX4 (Same lines of Verna->Fluidic Verna, Fiesta->New Fiesta)

Fluence not so great but not so bad either for brand building exercise, I don't think Renault expects this car to set charts on fire. However this car has a road presence.

Etios, slightly lower than earlier month, diesel should come fast.

Corrola took down cruize to mark 1060. Quite impressive, but Chevy has to pull the sleeves up.
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Default Re: What's going with Big 3 of Indian automotive industry

What's going on with these biggest volume players in the Indian Auto industry is a prelude to whats coming next, its quite predictable. Some of the biggies in the world of automobiles is finally starting to make the right noises on our shores. Probably the market is normalising itself in tune with the markets where these players rule.
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Default Re: July 2011 : Indian Car Sales Figures

Originally Posted by prabhuferrari View Post
Cruze sells more than civic. Does it make civic and Honda iffy product and brand? It's unfair to call Optra an iffy product. Can you substantiate your claim?
What more proof do you want when the sales trend stare at your face? Optra cannot even be termed as an also ran
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Default Re: July 2011 : Indian Car Sales Figures

Sales of Hyundai's flagship car, I10, has plunged since January this year.

Jan - 16694
Feb - 15105
Mar - 14215
Apr - 12415
May - 11538
Jun - 10969
Jul - 8828

The car is, indeed, a superb vehicle, and deserves a five-digit sales figure, but it is clearly failing to attract the masses in these times with its petrol-only engines. The petrol vouchers to arrest slump in sales due to the petrol hike has failed. Besides, Hyundai's stubborn refusal to sell the I10 diesel in India is one strange decision that is misfiring badly.

If Hyundai continues to withhold a diesel variant for the I10, sales could plummet even further.
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Default Re: July 2011 : Indian Car Sales Figures

Rush , thanks for the new template. Brilliant Effort

Originally Posted by xPK View Post
Verito crosses 1600. For Logan, things got better after renault's exit. Slow and steady but definitely on right track.
Good to see Verito at those levels. Must admit its a good effort from Mahindra. But it must watch out for the Etios D launch next month.

Originally Posted by xPK View Post
Ritz also impressive to take a leap from 5k mark to 7k.
Has to be customers who could'nt wait for New Swift / Could'nt get through the last stock of existing Swift Model.

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
No war between the Cruze & Altis this month; the Toyota is king of the C+ segment by a mile.
Surprised to see Altis bouncing back . Toyota surely needs to do something about the underpowered diesel. Can we expect a more powerful engine , now that Etios will get the same displacement engine ( sans VGT).

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
Things continue to look good for the Etios, though the Liva is off to a slow start. We'll have to wait & watch how the market accepts a built-to-a-cost Toyota.
Etios is doing quite well for a petrol sedan . With the diesel launch around the corner , it should easily clock 8k units monthly.

Originally Posted by ghodlur View Post
Why is the Nissan Micra numbers so less inspite of having the diesel variants?
Due to wafer thin network. Im sure the no. of dealers would increase with Sunny launch around the corner.

Originally Posted by vb-san View Post
Laura and Cruze going quite close.
Looks like the Discount on Laura TSI has helped it fly off the shelves. Though Laura can't match Cruze on features list and VFM tag.
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Smile Re: July 2011 : Indian Car Sales Figures

Not sure if it has been discussed before. But, Is there no way to get the split up numbers of the Petrols and Diesels (For all models with both Engine options) ?

Would love to see that. It would give a better insight and highlight the difference between the Diesels and Petrols. In hindsight, VW should have plonked the Polo with the 1.6 diesel than the 1.6 petrol. And Hyundai, Where is the i10 diesel ?
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Default Re: July 2011 : Indian Car Sales Figures

Originally Posted by MCR View Post
Guys, wake up and smell some coffee. The honeymoon days are over.
These are the two huge factors affecting the car sales;

1. High rate of interest on car loans and
2. High prices of fuel.
Current Int rate is 10.5 (SBI) ~ 15(Private Banks) percentage. Almost like a personal loan.

Adding to that US Debt issue may be another reason of low sales.
I believe Maruthi needs to gear up their profile to have a better sales chart. How ever competition to Maruthi has increased. Buyer may find various option and good product
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Default Re: July 2011 : Indian Car Sales Figures

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
There's still a LOT of work left on this sheet and you guys are going to love what's coming your way.
Couple of small suggestions for the Aug 2011 sheet - Add up the numbers in both X and Y axis.

- Basically, add up the numbers for vehicles sold each month and put the numbers at the bottom row - this gives an idea about the overall health/sales trends of the car market.

- And then add up the total number for each of the car models and put them under "Year to Date sales" column on the right hand side. I haven't thought of a single use of this number yet, but it just happens to complete the picture

Top 20 Models By Sales (Year To Date)

July 2011 : Indian Car Sales Figures-top20.jpg

The market is slowly shrinking every month, thanks to interest rate hikes and fuel prices.

Name:  totalsales.jpg
Views: 2874
Size:  50.4 KB

And that seems to be hurting a large number of models - most are seeing a steady month on month decline while others are seeing sudden steeper falls.

Name:  downtrend1.jpg
Views: 2749
Size:  69.9 KB

Name:  downtrend2.jpg
Views: 2792
Size:  61.9 KB

In a slowly shrinking market, it looks like there are three ways to succeed - bring in an altogether new model (Eg: Fiesta, Venture, Verna, Etios & Liva), plonk a diesel engine into an existing car (Eg: Beat) or change the name of an old model, splash some chrome all over the car, advertise by hiring an actor with a fake mustache and ask him to wear a constipated look (Eg: Verito).

Name:  uptrend.jpg
Views: 2755
Size:  63.7 KB
Attached Files
File Type: xlsx sales.xlsx (28.0 KB, 297 views)

Last edited by smartcat : 3rd August 2011 at 00:02. Reason: Added sales data MS Excel Sheet
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Default Re: July 2011 : Indian Car Sales Figures

Great job GTO!!! Very nice enhancement to display the sales figure.

Ritz on the upward trend and i10 on the downward trend. i10 requires the diesel engine badly.
WagonR still fighting hard even without a diesel engine. Not sure if Maruti has any plans for diesel engine.
Sad to see the Linea disappearing from the sales chart.
As expected the price tag of Fiesta is getting reflected in the sales number.
Diesel engine is doing the trick for Beat. However august sales chart will give a clear picture.

Can't wait for the numbers of next gen swift next month.
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Default Re: July 2011 : Indian Car Sales Figures

The sales figures are not very surprising. A few important points are
1) Increase in interest rates - This not only affected EMI's that you would pay for the car, but also the Home. Many if not Most people would not own homes as a part of family heirloom but as a mortgage security with bank. The interest rate increase affects this as well. For example a person paying EMI of 18K now has to pay almost 20K. So most people would put off 'buying a car on loan' till salaries increase (read increments/appraisals) or EMI's reduce.

2) Increase in prices - This affects everyone. It also has an effect on the overall family budget. It is not just fuel (petrol) but priices of Home LPG has also gone up. Also, prices of essential items has increased. e.g: Cooking oil from Rs 64 -67 per litre (Sunflower) 6 months ago is now approx 75-78 per litre. Groundnut has increased 30%, Sugar - 20% and so on. Also, because vegetable vendors were getting lower profits because of increase in these things, prices of this also increased which means your monthly budget of say 8K for these expenses just went up by 20% to 9.6k.

3) Availability of cheaper/ better alternatives - Most major cities now have Radio cab service. During weekdays a person would use company cab (most companies have this) and weekends call a cab. If your average weekend use is 100 kms, in a month this translates to 400 kms. The Cab costs around Rs 12 average, translating to 12*400 = 4800. Then there are rickshaws, buses, metro etc. This is still cheaper than paying EMI +fuel and also you have a chauffer.

Add to this other expenses like fees, incidental expenses etc and your monthly spend has gone up a lot. Can you afford to pay EMI for a car which you sparingly use just to show off that you have a car (a major reason many in India buy a car).


Another point being made was about the Nano, sure the Nano willl take a hit. It was meant for the Great Indian Middle class who used a scooter/bike. But now, can the middle class guy afford to pay the EMI for the car (a very 'low' 4K compared to a bikes 1-3K) + reduced FE (compared to bike) and suddenly with the reasons above, the Great Indian Middle class cannot afford this and will make do with a bike.
Can this change? Yes, based on discussions with a Sr. TATA chap, the Nano Diesel has the potential to change fortunes. But they are delaying the launch to ensure no niggles and safety issues. Also trying to get the NVH to not resemble a Garuda/APE rickshaw. If they are successful, and they have been pretty successful from what I understand, this can be the gamechanger.

I expect the Toyota numbers to increase and settle soon. FIAT it seems is content with getting the moolah from 'side business' - Supplying engines to Tata/Maruti and letting Tata use their plant for painting/ body work etc. Why invest time and money on dealerships when you can do this?

Ford India is going the Ford US way - Getting complacent to a point where a Jap/ Korean/ Indian company whips them, then doing damage control. Honda - Well, this is a prime example of 'be confident - not - overconfident'. Nissan is slowly building numbers.
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