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Old 12th February 2014, 10:21   #91
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Default Re: Tata Motors @ Auto Expo 2014

I love the zest. I think it looks really good . Might even pick it up when it comes out.
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Default Re: Tata Motors @ Auto Expo 2014

Did anyone see the tata winger upgrade model (a.k.a renault master). Couldn't find that in the commercial vehicle section of auto expo 2014 as well. Is is really coming?
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Default Re: Tata Motors @ Auto Expo 2014

Originally Posted by smsrini View Post
Some more and better pictures of the Storme Ladakh here:


Looks a bit different - alteast the alloys doesnt have that bluish theme in the center that was present in the auto expo display model

To add - in this link, the Storme looks like THE vehicle "The Predator" would choose !

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Default Re: Tata Motors @ Auto Expo 2014

Zest and Bolt looks very promising, Zest more for me. Its high time that Tata makes these cars perfect at the time of Launch only. V2 should not be needed. Tata should make sure that each and every single part goes under harsh QA & QC. If Tata fails in quality this time also, then it will be difficult for them to capture the market. Vista and Manza has lived up to the expectations, almost. But this time Tata needs to cross that line. Tata should do "Expect less, more deliver" instead of "Expect more, less deliver"

IMHO, Zest has potential to easily do sales like 6-7 K per month. It can easily do that only if the quality is top notch from the first car itself. More car, per car will work for sure. I am very excited seeing the new interiors on these cars. Eager to see them in person. Tata, please don't disappoint us
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Default Re: Tata Motors @ Auto Expo 2014

Originally Posted by tushky View Post
The front face of Nano active is bad. i mean there is no cuteness at all.current nano face is the cutest. please tata, remove that black strip from the front.
Exactly my thoughts!! Always felt Nano was among the better looking cars out there on the road. Why do these nose jobs by car companies on their mid-cycle cosmetic upgrades go so wrong? Remembering the "facelift" of the previous gen Hyundai Verna (which looked like the car was on braces), the previous gen Honda City (which had more chrome splashed on), the list is endless..
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Default Re: Tata Motors @ Auto Expo 2014

Originally Posted by human_wheels View Post
Did anyone see the tata winger upgrade model (a.k.a renault master). Couldn't find that in the commercial vehicle section of auto expo 2014 as well. Is is really coming?
It wasn't showcased at the AutoExpo but yeah it is really coming soon
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Default Re: Tata Motors @ Auto Expo 2014


Tata International, a manufacturer and exporter of leather and leather products and GST Autoleather Inc have entered into an agreement to form a joint venture (JV) company to supply leather products to the automotive industry.

The new JV company would be headquartered here, with operations in Dewas. Products made at the plant would be directly supplied to the original equipment manufacturers.

Noel N Tata, Managing Director, Tata International and Dennis Hiller, President and CEO, GST AutoLeather, Inc. Said in a joint statement, “At closing, this joint venture brings together two great companies with a long heritage in the leather business. TIL, with its deep experience in producing leather for the Indian market and GST’s global automotive experience brings together two companies that share common values and a relentless pursuit of excellence,”

The new company would be known as TATA International GST Auto Leather Limited. The formation of the company is expected to occur within the next 60 days.
Great News right! So now maybe premium leather for all TATA cars will be sourced from them!

Btw, heard from Cartoq that Nano with AMT will be launched by next year! (Whatif they turbocharged its engine like they turbocharged the Xeta block to make Revotron! hmm...)
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Default Re: Tata Motors @ Auto Expo 2014

Spoke to a dealer in Delhi and the sales team mentioned that Zest bookings may start from May, and the deliveries would commence after June. Its all speculation, at this point of time.
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Default Re: Tata Motors @ Auto Expo 2014

For everyone who couldn't make it to the AutoExpo, check out this highlights video from Tata Motors. Amazing stuff!!

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Mr. Yadav and Mr. Pisharody looked absolutely lost in front of the camera. Tamo has to focus on marketing these products more aggressively. They must believe themselves that their products are good.

The compact sedan seems to have good ground clearance, almost like the 'hatch on stilts'! That's going to be another major draw IMO.

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Default Re: Tata Motors @ Auto Expo 2014

I guess Pisharody and Yadav are no showmen like Iacocca. Of course as professionals they would be uncomfortable before cameras! I guess the sad demise of Karl Slym must be weighing on them as well.

They seem to be on the right direction, I agree with someone on this thread who said that they ought to focus on 'desirability and reliability' - they seem to have gotten the direction of desirability - I guess a design language matures and evolves to build its own character over time. But TaMo's signature has been VFM - and honesty, but the deal is in executing an intent.

Wish they move quickly to get their rightful place that they deserve. To their credit - they sensed many new 'spaces' and opened up - whether it is the Sumo, whether it is the Indica, or the Indigo CS or Nano and the ultra-small commercial vehicles - they opened all the spaces. They seem to have a sense of what the Indian market wants, at a given time, but somehow were not able to orchestrate all the resources that are needed into a harmonious symphony! Hopefully they get it.

Car-making I am told needs a lot of tacit knowledge which unfortunately only builds over time. I guess it took the Japs some decades and the Koreans a similar time to get there.

With their in the face design and throwing a ton of gadgets the Korean cars have a lot to be desired where drivability of their cars are concerned, even today. But to their credit they have been at it. Hope they will match the Europeans over time.

Tatas have done a decent job to make their cars more desirable - I was impressed with the boxy looking dated Sumo with the few additions - except the mirrors which looked out of place. The Ladakh seem to have more consistent design language (though it was skin deep).

I am an admirer of the Tata's and pitch for Indian manufacturers (though irrational) and wish them the best (a pseudo-satisfaction of Indian pride), kya karen hum aiseech hain!
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Default Re: Tata Motors @ Auto Expo 2014

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
A look at the Tata Motor's Pavilion.
The designing heads at Tata got it right, this time around and the Zest and Bolt simply rocks. Classy interiors with solid fit and finish, at least in pictures. Look at the nearly non-existent/negligible and consistent panel gaps in the exteriors ! Fantastic job done. Something expected way long back from this Indian Giant. Still, better late than never !

Another sensible move by not showcasing the likes of Vistas, Manzas & Arias, didnot like the after marketish cosmetic makeover given to Storme though. A Storme refresh with a completely re-designed dash would have done no harm at all, the aspect worth investing upon, IMHO. This could very well be on the cards, probably waiting for the Scorpio facelift. Or some thing bigger being planned ?

To me, this Auto Expo episode is a true pointer that there has been a structural overhaul at Tata Motors, especially in the designing department after the launch of Storme and the subsequent feedback.

Way to go

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Default Re: Tata Motors @ Auto Expo 2014

The TATA storme Ladakh edition seems like the usual storme with after market add-ons.If someone were to strip-off those add-ons, I wont be surprised that the original storme comes to fore.

Nevertheless, TATA has been strenuously attempting to hoist itself above from the usual 'Taxi, Cab wallah' buyers, with which TATA cars are synonymous.Thier attempts-- the Indica Vista, Manza, thier youth-directed advertisments -- to seperate themselves from thier staple buyers, have all been futile.

Its about time that they create a sub-brand under TATA. Because, the new line of products like bolt and zest would definately entice potential buyer,the products are resplendent and set an aspirational value,the design language of these products is inspirational.But the intended buyer would love to trade off the TATA moniker with something, that would assure them that they are not part of the 'Taxi, Cab wallah' buyer. The intended buyer would like to distinguish himself from the usual TATA car owner.
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Default Re: Tata Motors @ Auto Expo 2014

Not sure if this has already been posted on this thread before. Check out the dedicated website to Zest:
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Default Re: Tata Motors @ Auto Expo 2014

Tucked away along the sidewalls, behind a Prima Truck was a partially cut section Nano Diesel Engine. Guess this missed the attention of most. Note the barely visible gear on the lower right side. Looks like a balancer shaft geared with the crankshaft to smoothen vibrations.
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