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normally_crazy 12th January 2007 19:35

Hyundai Sonata Diesel @ 14.75 lacs
Read all about it HERE

Its a 2.0 litre CRDI , 142 BHP @ 4000 RPM with torque of 33 kgm/2000~2680 RPM with a 6 speed manual !!! Check it out - Hyundai Sonata Diesel

ravibhat 12th January 2007 19:42

Thats good news for sure! 2007 is year for Diesel Lovers.

Thats why I picked up Petrol Innova before Toyota stop its production :)


adarsh76 12th January 2007 20:02

That's a great price. Need to know more about the car's performance and efficiency.

abhibh 12th January 2007 20:09

Thought its tempting news but i still don't have a good feeling about it selling like hot cakes.. but time will tell

danlalan 12th January 2007 20:14

great price and all...but will people leave the mighty skoda and go in for a sonata diesel...i dont think so...

Boom Shiva 12th January 2007 21:01

142 hp, 33 kgm torgue and a 6 speed manual sounds quite interesting...I think our tuners could extract much more out of it.

Price should have been more tempting though...

da MotorHead 12th January 2007 21:36

This is one car, I've bin waiting for anxiously. Embera is already nice.. PLUS Diesel, 142 BHP, 6 speed manual .. Cool. Korean or not, Hyundai sure knows where to hit the market ,,, Lets see the specs when its out ..

theMAG 12th January 2007 21:51

I read somewhere that from 2008 Hyundai does not want to be recognized as a manufacturer of low cost cars and therefore will up prices of all its models starting in Europe; this to sidestep the even lower cost Chinese autos expected to debut then. Slightly off-topic but then Indian buyers might want to consider good Hyundais like this Embera diesel much before 2008 itself.

aadix 12th January 2007 21:54

it should sell pretty well in the south.. finally an alternative to the skodas..

Rodeo 12th January 2007 22:10

What will be the cost of the new Elantra that will be out soon if Sonata is priced at 14+ and with verna at 8+OTR...

rahul_intlad 13th January 2007 00:10

Dont know if the octavia would have much of a problem ,but definitely something for the laura to watch out for.

Equus 13th January 2007 07:40

Yep, some competetion finally to Skoda diesels! Good luck, Sonata!

The only thing I dislike about the Sonata is the road presence.. Especially considering we are paying 15+ lakhs.. The older Sonata was somewhat more appealing to me with its jaguar-ish looks!!

speedzak 13th January 2007 08:45

That's it. I support Hyundai in this venture to pull the NEW OCTAVIA (some calls it Laura) down to where it belongs.

It will sell like hot cakes I think.

GTO 13th January 2007 11:08


Its a 2.0 litre CRDI , 142 BHP @ 4000 RPM with torque of 33 kgm/2000~2680 RPM with a 6 speed manual !!!
For a second, I thought we are talking about the C220....those stats are so similar. Fabulous Hyundai! This should show the Laura of the type of power that D-Segmenters deserve.

The Sonata looks pretty decent, is cheap to maintain and now has a fabulous diesel. I think the price at 14.5 is pretty competitive, and makes it the only spacious diesel-D segmenter.

ajmat 13th January 2007 11:12

They will scoop the upmarket taxi segment for sure and put the accord/camry out of business over there

As for the is it 120 bhp for 14 lakhs or 104 bhp for 19 lakhs... no brainer

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