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Default Re: Buying a car: Your *compulsory list* of must-haves & must-nots

Must have:
1. A good NCAP rating with a stable bodyshell and footwell. (I don't care if it's lightly built as long as it's safe enough)
2. At least 2 (front) airbags, anti-lock brakes, adjustable rear headrests.
3. Well-contoured seats (front and rear) with decent under-thigh support. (Legroom does not matter as long as my knees don't touch the front seats/dashboard)
4. Neutral handling/ride quality (need not be a corner-carver, but must not be a boat either).
5. If an automatic, must be a torque converter/CVT/wet-clutch DCT/Hyundai AMT
6. Basic creature comforts(OEM stereo, rear power windows, parcel tray)

Must not:
1. Be a market dud.
2. Rattle/squeak/bottom out over small potholes.
3. Have economy-grade (both quality and design) interiors.
4. Have a weird exterior design, especially those with excessive chrome strips (Baleno/Liva) Don't mind Honda's chrome grilles much though.
5. Have a dry-clutch DCT(Octavia TSI will be our first and last)
6. Have a flashy infotainment system(this is a personal quirk I developed after looking at the pre-facelift Honda Jazz/City)
7. Have any major reliability issues/bugs.

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Default Re: Buying a car: Your *compulsory list* of must-haves & must-nots

I will list down things which i expect in cars costing more than Rs. 9 Lakhs OTR as you cant expect too much below that budget.

In my opinion, a car must be true and honest in it's purpose. SUV should be able to go off road places, MUV must be spacious and comfortable, Sports cars/variants must be great handlers and powerful, etc.

My must haves irrespective of the vehicle class:
1. Safety - strong body shell, Minimum 6 airbags, ABS, ESP
2. Decent engine power for a 10-12 seconds 0-100 kmph acceleration times as per current standards. Smooth and quick AT option should be available, not AMT. Sports cars/variants should have justifiable power and not just the external body form/kit.
3. Good ride quality and good handling if not pure fun to drive.
4. Decent space for all the rows of seating as per the class of vehicles. By this i mean that if the vehicle is meant to be a seven seater, it should have acceptable space and ergonomics for all seven passengers, otherwise just design it as a four/five seater. For example, i will never buy Tiguan Allspace/Kodiaq, instead i will prefer regular Tiguan. If i want a seven seater SUV, i will buy fortuner/mux in that price bracket since Pajero Sport 2020 isnt available here as of now.
5. Long lasting, rattle free build quality over too many features.
6. High quality ICE setup for the class. For example, Tata is doing great job in giving good quality ICE setups in their Tiago, Nexon, Hexa, Harrier. I expect Bose and equivalent for vehicles costing above 25 Lakhs OTR. Renault Koleos, Mitsubishi Outlander, Skoda L&K variants offer that but few other manufacturers are lagging behind in this area.
7. Cooled and ventilated seats in vehicles costing more than 20 Lakh rupees OTR.
8. Good NVH levels and cabin insulation.
9. If it is an SUV, AWD/4WD is a must have feature.
10. If it is a 7 seat MUV, it has to be a rear wheel drive if not AWD, no front wheel drive 7 seat MPV please.

Must nots:
Manufacturers should include specifications and features which are reliable, well engineered and long lasting even if it means having less of them (like Toyota). Half baked products with poorly engineered specifications and features just to complete the check boxes is a strict negative for me.

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Default Re: Buying a car: Your *compulsory list* of must-haves & must-nots

The things, I look forward to, when choosing a new car.

1. ABS + EBD + Traction control (Traction control/ESC would not be in this list if it was made 5 years ago). Makes the car future proof.
2. Punchy engine
3. Good comfortable front seats along with android auto (This is a must for touring)
4. Strong proven built quality (No more sub 4 star safety rated cars). Airbags come to rescue only when the built is strong enough.
5. Decent fuel economy with min tank range of 500 km.
6. DRLs are welcome because it also adds to the safety quotient, enhancing the looks
7. Good boot space for touring purpose. Now I'm not asking for 500 liters, but anything above 250 is good enough for me. 350 plus is the sweet spot.
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Default Re: Buying a car: Your *compulsory list* of must-haves & must-nots

Things that matter!

1. Road presence - There is an element of safety in this as well apart from an ego massage. I was surprised when an uncle of mine bought a compact SUV in a bright yellowish color, he said road presence matters, if they don't see you , it's no good for a small vehicle.

2. Power - The ability to effortlessly get out of its own way fully loaded, give me an old Marshal or Sierra with an Mhawk and I'll buy it.

3. Visibility - Driving position, big windows all around, I'm not that old but long distance driving is making me more of a sit on the car person than in it. Also it's nice to sit on a taller chair when you are holding a camera or a pair of binoculars.

A good pair of headlights too matter, safety of course and fatigue free night driving.

4. Comfort - I am very concerned with the comfort of passengers and do not mind being a road hog when the road is bad, slow and steady. But the vehicle should isolate the road well, especially when it gets rough. It should also be able to hustle through a lunar surface when I'm in a hurry and not having to replace the suspension after reaching home

Handling? Enough to make quick lane changes without falling over , the rest of the handling best left to the driver itself, no compromise on ride quality for handling.

5. Durability - If the above things are met, this one's next. The vehicle should not fall apart with normal use, yes that includes the odd instance that someone may bump into you on the road at slow speeds, it should be strong enough to withstand the occasional bump. If the good old Nano can , others should do as well.

The vehicle should feel like what you bought for 10 Lakhs at the end of 5 years or 10 with appropriate maintenance of course.

6. Reliability - Should not leave you on the side of the road, I'm okay if the sunroof is not working and remains in the shut position and the massage seats do not work, but the vehicle should reach where it needs to be.

7. Safety - Not that bothered with NCAP ratings, A vehicle with enough tech to reduce accidents from happening is preferred over one that would crumple to protect you later. ESP, TC, ABS, Autonomous Braking, Lane keep etc. I would prefer it to be heavy enough for the size.

I have not come across bad brakes on vehicles released in the recent times, I guess that bit is now taken care of.

8. After sales - This is not about getting a bouquet of flowers when I visit the place, I would like the vehicle to be taken care of well and most importantly parts to arrive fast, not only oil filter but stuff like bumpers and body panels.

9. Looks - Stance matters, in my books only Range Rover and Rolls Royce Phantom gets to keep their 'Head High'. Others should be looking like they are going somewhere, front lower than rear ride height to be exact.

Proportions - Set back axle in the front makes the car look front heavy, won't go well with the rake of the windshield, not nice in my eyes. I know manufacturers do this for various reasons, like being front wheel drive or pedestrian safety , whatever - but front end should be like old BMWs, front axle as close to the front bumper as possible and the rear deck can stretch nicely beyond the rear axle.

Things that do not!

1. Large wheels and low profile tires - I like the looks of it, but they are not practical or comfortable once you are out of a toll road, dangerous once the road gets rough, a bulge in the wrong place can go unnoticed.

2. Features - If the car that meets the must have criteria comes with a few features I do not want , I may just take it.

3. Fancy steering wheel - I remember driving an Etios with flat bottom steering wheel (why Toyota?) , It wasn't pleasant. Steering wheel can have two bottoms, for horn.

4. Extended 7 & 10 year warranty, for drive train that isn't supposed to break at all under normal use.

5. Mileage champ - This comes at the cost of many things, all are fun to have.

6. Hybrid just for sticker / subsidy - This unnecessary complication adds weight and returns nothing meaningful other than the annoyance of stop start. A proper hybrid with a motor filling in for when we need more power is nice to have.

7. Dead brands - Won't touch them as I intent to keep the vehicles for long, Dead models too is a pass, some mass market brands and models have sold less than a Ferrari in India at times , that makes them more exclusive but I'm not getting those or the Ferrari , not rich or resourceful !!
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Default Re: Buying a car: Your *compulsory list* of must-haves & must-nots

I considered the following things when I purchased my car in 2019. I was looking for an MUV and purchased an Ertiga.

1) Reliability: I don't want to be stranded somewhere in the middle of a journey. Especially when the whole family is there in the car

2) Service: Service centers near my home or office place so that I have the flexibility of giving it where I like.

3) Comfort: Especially when moving with family including kids. They should not feel claustrophobic.

4) Performance: I am ok with above-average performance.

5) Happiness: Happiness of traveling as a family, with kids, parents, etc

6) Safety: Ertiga offers all basic safety features but as you know it is not a 5 starred vehicle. I always try to be a responsible driver especially moving with family. Rest on God

I had the problem with MGU and Maruti replaced it quickly.
Overall I am really happy with my purchase.
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Default Re: Buying a car: Your *compulsory list* of must-haves & must-nots

Thanks GTO.

Your list seems to be reasonably exhaustive.
I will straightaway pick up first 4 items for my purchase like
Top Class Engine.
Good looks.
Ride quality and

But I will also consider
VFM ( I do not want to pay more for a product than it deserves , especially models that sell on perception like Zen in those days and Creta now- a days)
Manufacturer ( should be there in business in India next 10 years)
Age of Model( especially if the car does not sell in good numbers).
Reasonable Interior quality ( both in terms of looks and utility )

All other factors really do not matter so long as it is reasonably close to my budget and caters to my usage in general.
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Default Re: Buying a car: Your *compulsory list* of must-haves & must-nots

I am a simple man, and my needs are simple :

Must haves

1. Ride quality & space - being a 6'2 having to travel over really bad roads for 100+km daily

2. Responsive and trustworthy A.S.S - I am a short fuse when it comes to shady practises/ unpunctual A.S.S

3. Interior quality - Interiors must be decent enough as that's what I am going to see for hours every day.

4. Arm rest - oh yes! I cannot compromise on this

5. Reliability

6. Adequate punch in the engine

7. Good looks - should be elegant and urge pics to be taken.

8. Decent audio setup- I have the habit of listening to podcasts and audio books while driving as much as I listen to music.

9. VFM - Definitely tops the list. I don't buy cars to prove a point. I buy cars to use them. I give 0 craps to image. Hence, maximum bang for the buck is needed.

10. An effective AC - residing in one of the hottest cities in TN

11. Clear and precise rear parking camera and sensors

Must not have

1. Snobby sales and service teams

2. Unreasonable spares costs / unavailability

3. Niggles

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Default Re: Buying a car: Your *compulsory list* of must-haves & must-nots

We need ride comfort, looks, powerful engine,plush interiors, reliability, good quality ride, and of course safety. I do not think we can get this perfection in any one segment or price range. Is there a car which actually has it all with a value for money tag on it. Perhaps Rolls Royce Phantom !!!!
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Default Re: Buying a car: Your *compulsory list* of must-haves & must-nots

Just the kind of thread you are contemplating, when you are about to walk into the market looking for a new ride.

For my criterion,

1. It has to be stunner in looks, must turn heads wherever it goes and should be a long lasting than fast dating one.
2. Good powerful diesel engine. (FE doesn't matter)
3. Fully loaded with latest tech.No compromise.
4. Safety standards is by default - to be the best
5. Top Notch Ride Quality & a so so corner carver
6. Maintenance Costs
7. Reliable Automatic, needn't be a quick shifter (read DCT)
8. Body hugging Seats ( Global Fiesta-esque)
9. Top notch fit and finish. Built to last kind of.
10. Hydraulic or a well tuned EPAS Steering
11. VFM - for its segment or my budget
12. A sunroof (just to have a feel of it)
13. GC - high GC is a must with all the pot holes and near flooding situations
14. A brilliant ICE - Music is a no compromise and only companion when driving alone.

Things that can be given a miss:
1. Ventilated seats
2. Leather seats
3. Market performance (Hit or Miss doesn't matter, I own a Punto Evo 90HP).

But now I am unable to find a ride that ticks all the boxes above.

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Default Re: Buying a car: Your *compulsory list* of must-haves & must-nots

Thing's that matter the most:

1. Should be well built.
2. Should handle well.
3. Should have decent audio system.
4. Driver ergonomics should be spot on.
5. Should look good.
6. Should have a good reliable engine.

Thing's that doesn't matter much:

1. Fuel Efficiency.
2. Service network.
3. Fancy gadgets.
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Default Re: Buying a car: Your *compulsory list* of must-haves & must-nots

My requirements and preferences are as follows:

Design - Simple, straight lines and plain designs like VW even if people call it a decade old design.

Mechanicals - Torquey engine for the city commute, slick gear shift and light clutch, loud horn helps too

ICE - Happy with non touchscreen as I dislike the glares and finger prints, prefer to feel the rotating knob and buttons to do the job

Features - I am also happy with normal AC without ACC, analogue display of my speed and revvs. Auto sensing lights & wipers are not required as long as I can sense to do it for a second myself.
Sunroof not required as I am scared about breakage due to coconuts/foreign objects when parked outside my garage.
I can even go to the extent of not having turn indicators on the mirrors because of the two wheeler's menace.

Lastly a big no to display on the center of the dashboard like Etios, Liva etc.
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Default Re: Buying a car: Your *compulsory list* of must-haves & must-nots

Is it just me or does the top of the line Seltos 1.4 satisfies most of the requirements stated here. Again I could be wrong since Compass and Seltos are driving thru my head now a days.
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Default Re: Buying a car: Your *compulsory list* of must-haves & must-nots

Must Have:
Good Looks & Top End Version: I love timeless designs that will age gracefully. (I owned a Zen (Jellybean), Maruti Esteem VXi, Lancer GLXi, Polo 1.2 Highline MPI, Fiat Sienna & Wagon R in the past). I currently own a Passat B7 Highline DSG & Ford EcoSport Titanium+ AT 1.5L.
Safety: Min. 6 Airbags, 4/5 star NCAP rating, with TCS, ESC, etc.
Electronic Parking Brake + Auto Hold: Wow factors to make your driving easier
Min 2-Zone Automatic Climate Control: Great if the wifey wants to increase the temperature, as I always set the temperature at 21/22 degrees.
Amazing Engine: It's the heart, needs to be super - VW 2.0 TDI, Ford's Dragon Series, etc. Must have good torque & fuel efficiency
Automatic + Paddle Shift: All cars in our family are automatic with paddle shifts. The auto gearbox should be a DSG or Torque Convertor. We have a Jazz Automatic and though its good for the city, I will always drive it sedately on the highway; lacks the punch required for overtaking
Good NVH Isolation: Everyone love to drive / be driven comfortably
Good ICE with Apple Carplay/Android Auto: Being an audiophile, I want a good sound system, Apple Carplay/Android Auto has become a necessity now.
Leather Seats: Don't like fabric seats, looks terrible when stained, specially lighter colours
Interior Space: Should be good for 5 over medium distances.
Dashboard Ergonomics: I love a neatly laid out dash, funky interiors do not appeal to me
Trip Data: Having data like instantaneous fuel consumption, average fuel consumption available has taught me to be gentler on the pedal to squeeze maximum fuel economy. I have done Pune - Mumbai at max speeds of 80, 90, 100 & 110 km/hr and got a trip fuel efficiency of 21.6 km/l at 80 km/hr max speed, going down progressively to 14 km/l at 110 km/hr. Also helps to keep a complete driving log when making long trips, where one can easily record time, distance, av. speed, av. fuel consumption, etc.
Indicator Stalks, Knobs & Switches: Love the tactile/robust feel of German & American cars
Automatic Rear Windscreen Sunshade: Helps keep the car cool during daytime drives
Electrically adjusted front seats w/memory: I love my set driving position, so easy to get it back if any family member changes the settings
Auto Headlights & Rain Sensing Wipers: Don't have to bother with turning them on/off

Must Not
Light coloured seats: Very difficult to keep clean
Small Dead Pedal: Makes long drives uncomfortable
Cramped Interiors: Makes long drives painful
Run Flat Tyres: For some reason, I don't like RFT's. Too expensive & almost non-repairable. That is the main reason why I have not gone in for a BMW in the past.

Rear Window Sunshades: Good to keep the car cool; also keeps away prying eyes
Front Armrest: Very important for long drives
Large Trunk: It is mostly necessary for airport drops/pick ups.
ASS: I usually catch one SA and stick with him as much as possible. The SA's know which customer is knowledgeable, usually won't fool around with them.
Full Size Spare: Not necessary, however the spare should not intrude into boot space.

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Default Re: Buying a car: Your *compulsory list* of must-haves & must-nots

All I need is:

Power : To take-off and Stop


Music system

ABS & Airbags

The rest everything is skin-deep.
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Default Re: Buying a car: Your *compulsory list* of must-haves & must-nots

Here are the point which I consider as a ‘must’ while buying a car.
1-Safety :- It must have at least 2 airbags, ABS and EBD
2-Reliability :- The car must be reliable. The spares should be available everywhere and even a road side mechanic can fix that if needed in any emergency situations.
3-Good and proven engine :- 1.2 Kappa, K series and Revotron Engines are considered reliable for small and hatchback cars.
4-Build quality :- The car should be well build that is why I prefer Mahindra and Tata over Maruti. I have XUV500, Grandi10 and Tiago in my garage.

I would also prefer to have good handling, good ride quality and good ground clearance in my car but that would not be a deal breaker.

I can live with the below points in my car.
1-NVH levels and cabin insulation.
2-Fuel economy
3-After sales support.
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