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Default Re: Buying a car: Your *compulsory list* of must-haves & must-nots

Here is the list of my priorities:

Must have:
1. Safety. 7 or more airbags including driver knee airbag. 5 star NCAP rating. In addition, ESC and driving aids such as collision avoidance/ autonomous braking, lane keep assist, adaptive cruise control and blind spot monitoring are a must. These are absolutely non negotiable for me.
2. Latest gadgets. All digital speedo console along with a large center display that should be at the top of the dash to avoid taking eyes off the road.No tiny 6 or 7 inch displays under the ac vents. It should be a pop up type or at least like the Seltos where it is closer to your eye level. Needless to say the display should have navigation along with Android play. In summary, give me all possible gadgets!!!
3. Comfortable. Nice leather seats that are ventilated. Absolutely non negotiable in Indian weather.
4.Good fuel economy.
5.Good or at least decent looks.
6. Smart entry and start with a keyless fob with request sensors on all doors and the boot or at least on front 2 doors and the boot.

Good to Have:
1. Heads UP Display
2. Automated boot opening along with a strut to auto prop the hood. I hate it when even expensive vehicles need you to manually tether a metal arm to hold the hood up.
3. Connectivity features along with sufficient usb ports.
4. Reasonable price- new or used.
5. Spacious.
6. Contactless opening for the boot by standing near it or waving a foot under it.
7. Hybrid or electric motor.

Good not to have:
Sunroof. It is mostly useless and makes me nervous about the integrity of the vehicle even though I have read enough evidence to the contrary. Panoramic sunroofs are better as they make the vehicle feel well lit but I would still prefer not to have one.
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Default Re: Buying a car: Your *compulsory list* of must-haves & must-nots


1. Character - I hate boring reliable cars. My car may not be the most comfortable or efficient or powerful, I can deal with that. But one thing is important - it should have loads of character and street presence.

2. Features - Be it safety, comfort or pure tech features, the car should be loaded. I hate basic cars because it makes you feel so deprived the moment you sit in the car.

3. Engine - I don't care about 0-100 timings or how quiet the motor is or even how reliable it is. When I start the car, the engine note should give me goosebumps. When I smash the throttle, instead of a refined purr, I need a mad roar!

4. NVH - These days I like cars with good sound insulation, be it wind/tyre noise or suspension knocks. It just adds to the feeling of comfort and refinement.


1. Super light steering - I absolutely hate a light steering feel. It is the biggest turn off for me in any car.

2. CVT - I never consider cars which have a CVT transmission. Even if the rest of the car is perfect, if I read CVT on the specs, I will not even give it a second look.

3. Super light build quality - Or as is famously know in this forum, Tin Cans! the car may even have a 5 star crash test rating, I don't care. I like my cars to "feel" heavy and solid and I want that 'thud' when I close the doors.


1. Fuel Efficiency - Have never considered it nor will I give it any importance because I know the cars I like will never give me good FE as I need a heavy car with a strong engine.

2. After-Sales - With modern cars having service intervals of 10K, I don't mind dealing with incompetent service folks twice in a year, if I get to drive a great car 363 days a year.

3. Resale - Never have I bought a car thinking about how much I will sell it for or how fast I can sell it. And I never will.
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Default Re: Buying a car: Your *compulsory list* of must-haves & must-nots

Must Haves
1. Brand - I will never put my money on a new/ established brand. I keep my cars for more than 10 years and don't want me stranded without the manufacturer's support to maintain and repair my car.
2. Reliability - The car should be reliable.
3. Space - I hate cramped cars. It should have decent space.

Must Nots
1. Chrome - I hate cars with chrome.
2. High maintenance Cost
3. Very Low Resale - I am ok with low resale value, but not very low resale.
4. Hard ride - I prefer comfiness over sharp handling.
5. Boats - I absolutely hate cars that corners like boats. It need not be a sharp handler, but should not make passengers sick (Like the Scorpio)


1. Light Steering
2. Ill handling cars - I am kinda ok driving cars which doesn't handle well. I get used to it quickly.
3. Boot Space
4. Fuel efficiency - Good to have.
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Default Re: Buying a car: Your *compulsory list* of must-haves & must-nots

Must Be/Have

A small SUV (with decent ground clearance) - the closer to the 4 meter mark, the better considering all those narrow winding roads in my area.
Good build quality and safety features - multiple airbags, ABS etc.
Climate control (excellent aircon system to handle the stupefying summer humidity and heat here)
Automatic transmission - I'm ok with AMTs too as I've driven them all and am basically a sedate driver.
Reasonable ride and handling (again as a sedate driver I'm not into topnotch performance)
High on reliability.
Good Service back up.

Would Like to Have (but not a dealbreaker)

Electronic features like - folding ORVMs, camera etc

Not Too Bothered About

Fuel efficiency (though of course, it shouldn't be the low single digit figures)
Sunroof (actually this is in the not required zone for me)
The quality of the audio system
Cruise Control
Resale value
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Default Re: Buying a car: Your *compulsory list* of must-haves & must-nots

Must have :

1. Chatty steering. My passengers maybe ok in a Hyundai but I feel nauseating with that disconnected steering.
2. Reliable- Japs preferred as most of the time my wife will be driving.
3. Good braking - this is a very important requirement for me as I dont like when cars give me heart is mouth moments .
4. Good build quality- I can't help but feel pity on drivers driving tin cans with Zero fear or care at 100+.
5. Good visibility from driver seat.
6. Ground clearance.
7. Electrically adjustable ORVM
8. no attempt at design language. Clean functional urban looks required.
9. Brownie points for - red colour, small to medium size, decent boot space, Vanity mirrors, sunroof.

Not much concerned:
1. Brand
2. Features like: push button start, auto headlamps, auto wipers, auto dimming irvm, electronic parking , DRLs etc
3. Manual or automatic
4. Mileage - I am ok with single digit milage as car won't see more than 200 km per month
5. Resale

I am looking at pre-loved Outlander as I think it fits the requirements.
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Default Re: Buying a car: Your *compulsory list* of must-haves & must-nots

Must have 's

* Safety (read structural safety )
* A 2.0 L engine (minimum)and a great transmission to boot
* Automatic
* Torquey engine and hence diesel
* Excellent Ride and Handling
* Sufficiently weighted Steering.
* Should age well. I should still love to look at my car with the same awe even after 10 years
* Reliability.
* Boot space

Must not( the deal breakers)

* very soft suspension that spoils handling.
* Sluggish and inconsistent brakes
* Poor cabin insulation
* Very low ground clearance ( 170+ min)
* Bad A.S.S
* Bad Resale Value


* Rear seat comfort
* Tech gizmos
* Sun roof
* Road Presence
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Default Re: Buying a car: Your *compulsory list* of must-haves & must-nots

Must Haves:-

+ Interiors - I can't stand a car with poor looking interiors, the quality of materials is absolutely a must as my cars are driven quite a bit and I need them free of rattles and squeaks. Moreover, that's the place I am going to spend my most of the time in hence it has to be a pleasant space. It also brings me to another important aspect, ergonomics. It has to be spot on or it just spoils the car for me. One of the reasons why I don't experiment much with the manufacturers irrespective of how much I like one of their products. For me, it's always between Hyundai, Honda & Toyota or the Germans except Audi.

+ Design - Another extremely important aspect for me.
Simple yet sophisticated with a tinch of sportiness. The car should have a character of it's own. I generally don't like the quirky designs (Baleno, WR-V, KUV, XUV) much but too simple cars also don't work for me. For e.g Vento & Polo but I wouldn't mind buying the Rapid as I find it to be better looking with a lot more character. I firmly believe the quote, "if you do not look at your car after parking, you're driving the wrong car".

+ Engine - After driving so many different kinds of engine, I truly don't know what I really prefer, especially the debate of NA vs Turbos puts me in a serious dilemma hence I have just made a simple list of how I want my car to drive.
i.e Good low grunt for quick runs in traffic and overtakes, minimal Turbo Lag, Strong Mid Range, Adequate Top End, refinement & NVH Levels are another major important factor for me. I don't care if it's noisy outside but it just shouldn't be too audible to me. In the lower range, both 1.2 i-vtec & Kappa has met me requirements, in the mid range City & Altis does the job fine though the 3er leaves the area of improvement but well, it's so good to drive that I kind of ignored that

+ Maintenance - Nothing too expensive, as my cars are driven highly, I prefer something which is easy to maintain and doesn't cost a bomb but at the same time I don't want to compromise on the vehicle. For me, Hyundai & Honda does it perfectly and among the premiums, my money will go on to Mercedes Benz followed by BMW though I feel Warranty plans of the latter is cheaper. I am among the few who doesn't like the after sales service of Toyota at all. Infact I would go on to call them crooks.

+ Features - I love getting pampered hence a good set of features is a must for me. Yes! It brings down the reliability of the vehicle because of too much technology involved but who doesn't wants to get that good feel factor? Having said that, the following are my must have features.
  • ICE with Good set of Speakers, Bluetooth Audio is a must.
  • Automatic Climate Control with Defogger
  • Steering Mounted Audio Controls
  • Seat Memory Function with Arm Rest
  • Powered Adjustable Driver's Seat With Auto dimming IRVM & Electrically Folding Wing Mirrors.
  • LED or Projector Setup For Head Lights with Strong set of Fog Lamps.
  • LED Tail Lamps (Bright and looks brilliant from an Aesthetic point of view as well)
  • Informative MID With well LIT Cluster. (DTE is a must)

+ Safety - If I am paying so much money on a vehicle depending on the segment, I want it to be as well built & equipped as possible. For e.g in a hatchback, Multiple Airbags with ABS and EBD is good enough for me but when I am spending for a 3er, I want them all like 6-8 Airbags, Adaptive Headlights, ABS with EBD along with ESP and traction Control. One feature I would like to have in my vehicle would definitely be the AEB. In fact, the more the merrier. Furthermore, the car ought be 5 Star rated.

+ Light Clutch - An absolutely must if I'm driving a manual. It's just gets too annoying with a long and heavy clutch. In the current traffic scenario of our Cities, if the car I am driving has a heavy clutch, I am getting an Uber.

Strict No's

- Poor Build Quality - I love my life way too much to compromise on that.

- Notchy Transmission - Absolutely spoils the driving experience.

- Poor Rear Seats - At times, quite a few friends & Family travels with me hence comfort is an absolute priority. I don't want them complaining!

- Stiff Suspension - Similar to what I said above, additionally even though it improves the grip levels, I am not going to attack corners all day long hence I would prefer more a mature setup.

- Dead Steering - Being an avid Hyundai user and now driving Japs and Germans, I can't imagine being behind the wheel of a poor handling vehicle. It should atleast be neutral. For e.g the new setup of the upcoming Hyundai vehicles is quite okay for me though I absolutely hated how the older generation i10s drove.

- After Sales Service - I begin harrowing my dealer if the car is not ready on time or if a simple service is taking an entire day! It's extremely important to have a good after sales service along with Parts availability. I hate BMW for that but the dealership experience is quite good hence it's overall fine though I absolutely loved Mercedes Benz for this.

- Poor Automatics - A well tuned Transmission is extremely important, AMTs are a strict NO!

- Convertibles - Yes! They look absolutely smashing but I just hate the overall body style and wouldn't want to drive one in this polluting environment. Moreover even on a highway I like to feel cocooned in my vehicle hence it's just not my type of vehicle.

- Poor Driveability - I am running away from a vehicle which just doesn't offer a decent driving experience, for e.g a heavy clutch with Notchy gear box and Turbo Lag.


Fuel Efficiency - Anything around 9 - 11 kmpl works for me.
The other aspects are far more important.

Resale Value - I don't care as I keep the car for atleast 5 - 7 years and most of them end up clocking more than a Lakh in the same period hence the Resale is not a major concern.

Apple Car Play & Android Auto - I will still use the Bluetooth anyway hence doesn't matter.

Size - Never mattered! I love them all for e.g I wouldn't mind buying a Carnival or say the Kwid too.

Value For Money Factor - As GTO too said, I am not price sensitive. It's the overall vehicle which ought appeal to me as it's going to be a part of my everyday life. Hence, I cannot fathom buying something just because it's more Value for Money.

Service Network - I don't want 100s of dealerships all around, instead I would prefer quality workmanship.

Sunroof - Do we really need it? It doesn't matter unless I am getting a Panoramic roof.

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Default Re: Buying a car: Your *compulsory list* of must-haves & must-nots

Must Have:
Atleast 4 Airbags
Hill Hold Control
Speed sensing door lock
Rear defogger
Front & Rear sensors, Reverse camera
Tilt and Telescope
Door ajar warning
Distance to empty
Solid built quality. Doors should feel heavy and close with a Thud

Nice to Have:
Steering mounted control
Ventilated seats

I'm on lookout for a sedan for my wife, so have compiled this list keeping in mind that she will be accompanied by our 18 months old daughter. Safety is high priority.
Have short lised Toyota Yaris, Skoda Rapid, VW Vento, Ford Ecosport (last option)
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Default Re: Buying a car: Your *compulsory list* of must-haves & must-nots

Wonderful Topic for discussion!

Here are few pointers from a budget car buyer like me.

What I ask for to any sales agent:
* Decent petrol engine with weight to torque ratio. A lot of people harp on BHP (and this is Team BHP !!) but for daily drives I feel it is the torque (especially at low revs) that really matter.

* Turbo boosted engines that kick-in over a certain RPM is not that attractive to me; give me linear power delivery please! I prefer a easy laid back drive.

* I want a car that is well build. I understand that most cars do have issues like rattles etc but I would prefer a one which is least likely to have them. Reports of niggling issues, rattles, quirks etc drive me off. I want a hassle free experience with minimal visits to the garage.

* I want proper rear wheel cladding instead of DRLs, I want 60-40 split rather than automatic headlights, I want black interiors as they are easier to maintain, and am not a fan of dual toned interiors.

* MT only. I know AT is the future but somehow I love the clutch-gear-stick dance routine! But what goes along with that is a gear box that is short and precise. I do not like rubbery gear shitfs or those with longer throws. the position of the gear too is important. I so miss the steering mounted gears from the old school Amby and Fiats.

* I do not like overtly designed or flashy cars. This goes with my overall persona, I myself am a bit of an introvert and do not dress flashy. The new range of Honda products for instance do not appeal to me as I find the cars like WRV to be too loud with too much going on in the design. A critical reason for not buying Nexon was the garish rear end.

* I am always looking out for a sub 4 mtr car given Parking challenges in my locality (I stay in a rented accommodation and getting parking space is a challenge) and general driving around in congested Delhi traffic. I feel sub 4mtr can only do justice to a hatch. The new range of mini-SUV or compact Sedan etc either compromise in ride by raising CG or compromise in cabin space by squeezing in space for a faux boot. If and when I want a sedan or SUV; I will go for a proper one. A good hatch is as much pleasurable or fun to drive today as any other car and I don't feel I am missing out on anything by not buying a wannabe SUV or sedan!

What I am not really listening from any agent:
* Frills and whistles do not attract me. I want the solid basics as per my needs mentioned above before I look for anything extra.

* After sales value does not really matter to me when I am buying the car. I buy a car to drive it and enjoy it. The car is not an asset like a home and the money spend on a car is not an investment like it is in the case of buying a property.

* Kitna deti hain is important but I will not compromise on power or driveability for that!

* Highest selling model/ car does not cut ice with me. I am not looking for society's approval when I buy a car. I but a car on its own merits.
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Default Re: Buying a car: Your *compulsory list* of must-haves & must-nots

What I would need
Great suspension setup - rigorous test drive before the buy can prove that. I generally prefer test drives from showrooms located at outskirts of City.

Safety ratings - lots of url to check safety and ncap rating.

Awd/4wd - ( this was never a mandate for me but now after driving one for last 4 years, it's a mandate now, it gives you that extra peace of mind when threading on unknown terrain)

What I would strictly avoid
First generation of any vehicle, will research/ buy after two or three facelifts.

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Default Re: Buying a car: Your *compulsory list* of must-haves & must-nots

So many points you guys have pointed out here. In fact posts like these helped me to decide on my purchase. Not everyone will have the same taste but below are mine.

What I want:

1) Comfort
2) Power
3) Wide Body
4) Good Service & availability of parts anywhere
5) Ground Clearance

What I'm not bothered:

1) Best in class mileage
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Default Re: Buying a car: Your *compulsory list* of must-haves & must-nots

All of your points are good ones. But has anyone thought of making an in-car fridge mainstream? Especially in our hot country! We are seeing more space open up on the centre console courtesy of auto gears and push button handbrakes, why not whack one in even as an option to start with? Or, work on remodeling the existent armrest to do the same.
Cooled gloveboxes aren't the same. We all have them stuffed with so many knick knacks and even the car's documents. It's a gamble placing a liquid in there, which doesn't get really chilled in the first place.

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Default Re: Buying a car: Your *compulsory list* of must-haves & must-nots

Must haves"
1. 5 star safety rating
2. Hatch / CSUV preferred.
3. A good responsive engine. A 1.5 turbo petrol / TDI or Hybrid engine will be bonkers.
4. Wet clutch DSG > 6 speed TC > CVT > AMT
5. Android auto, steering mounted controls, 10"+ tocuh screen and voice recognition
6. HID projectors, Hill hold, ABS and EBD
7. Ventilated seats, approx 350L boot space

Not required
2. Sunroof
3. Connected apps / Geofence
4. Poor build quality
5. Poor driveability
6. Sticker shock (looking for the 10L range)
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Default Re: Buying a car: Your *compulsory list* of must-haves & must-nots

Must have:
- Tilt and telescopic steering
- Height adjust driver and passenger seat
- Space at the rear with my driving position
- Android auto / Apple car play
- Proper AT (DSG/DCT/Torque converter) or a good CVT.
- 6 airbags minimum
- LED/HID proper headlights
- Black/Tan/Brown interiors
- Good fit and finish and solid build

Must not:
- Beige interiors
- Crappy audio system
- Uncomfortable seats
- Overly light steering
- light and tinny feel
- Poor brakes
- Heavy and sharp clutch

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Default Re: Buying a car: Your *compulsory list* of must-haves & must-nots

Must have:
5 star NCAP rating
Manual transmission
Smooth engine, not noisy

Nice to have:
Plush ride - hate bumpy rides esp when most of the travel is in city
High revving engine
Silent cabin
Good looks
7 seats

Must not have
noisy suspension
notchy gear shifts
jerky engine/clutch
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