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Default Re: Is a Petrol CVT suitable for driving on steep hills?

Originally Posted by VKumar View Post
No automatic car will upshift while going up the steep inclines, I have never seen one upshifting until the favorable speed is reached.

In DSG equipped cars, you will notice this love for upshifting (Hexa too does it). What happens is, the car shifts up, soon the ECU detects the loss of momentum, and immediately a downshift is done.
Hi VKumar,
True, that's exactly what I was saying, that if you sort of accelerate and hit a desired speed, it might up-shift / downshift on hilly terrain where there is a constant change in speed and inclination and load, thus leading to the engine being under additional stress.

What I was recommending in my earlier post was to just keep a light foot and try maintaining a constant lower speed. That way, the engine is also under less stress and the ECU is not going to keep trying to up-shift or downshift. I thought this approach would be easier / better on the life of the engine + gearbox.

Hope that made sense.

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Default Re: Is a Petrol CVT suitable for driving on steep hills?

Was it a City Diesel?

My bad, So it was a Petrol, as the thread is about that?

Originally Posted by VKumar View Post
Hello Singh saab, welcome on board. I have no experience of the Seltos or Hyundai CVT cars; but can share my experience of driving a Honda City CVT all the way from Gurgaon to Gangotri, with 4 adults, one kid and a LOT of luggage in the boot.

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Default Re: Is a Petrol CVT suitable for driving on steep hills?

Originally Posted by guessme View Post
I own a Seltos IVT. I have been to mussoorie and to a spot (don't remember the name) where the slopes were even steeper with 5 adults. As far as I have observed mussoorie's slopes are much steeper than Shimla and many others.

It performed extremely well and even though there is no hill assist in the car there was no rolling back in start stop traffic while going up. The car performed much better than even manual for that matter. I never felt that it has to struggle to go up. I tried in manual mode too but found auto mode was better as you dont need to think about which gear the car did that job perfectly.

You won't regret your decision with Seltos IVT in my opinion.

My uncle is looking for a SUV in the range of 12L to 20L.Since his yearly usage will be around 4000 KM's that to in City, I suggested him the Seltos CVT petrol. Can you please share the service cost, performance & fuel efficiency figure, front seat comfort (he has a big and wide body frame) etc.

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