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Default Re: Fuel prices increase 16 days in a row. What the hell is happening?

MSME will get money earned from petrol. This money is earned and paid by us.
We will buy stuff from MSME. That money is earned by us.

Yes - When we earned - we paid Tax. Some of us paid 30%

From 70% we buy needs of life. Then we pay GST, Excise, Toll and please add more if I missed.

Those who earn 100 Rupee in 30% tax bracket end up giving half to Government.
Anyway, Chalta hai!
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Default Re: Fuel prices increase 16 days in a row. What the hell is happening?

What's more annoying than paying exorbitant prices for fuel is looking at politicians and their kins driving around in convoys with not a care in the world.

It really is "Might is Right" in India and we need to change that mentality.

Wouldn't a petition to the Government help us out? Since they supposedly take those seriously.
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Default Re: Fuel prices increase 16 days in a row. What the hell is happening?

Since 2006 when I first joined IT industry, I am hearing about the need to increase tax payer base in India. Last month our PM mentioned only 4 crore people actually end up paying taxes. If one has 25 family members and only 1 earn, I don't think even basic needs will be met.

I believe the number paying 30% will be even lesser. Sorry to say but I don't see that number increasing going forward (major reason being World bank saying we are having a jobless GDP growth since 2008 ).

So this discussion doesn't even start will a level playing field as Govt doesn't believe in level playing field. Unless people don't have their begging bowls out, who will need the politicians?

If you are feeling so depressed on being screwed for everything, I feel immigration is the will cost the same as buying a new car. Then Govt's begging bowl is out as they love NRI's (Remittance dollars).
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Default Re: Fuel prices increase 16 days in a row. What the hell is happening?

Crude oil is not the only parameter which decides the fuel prices in India. Central and State Govt. taxes in form of excise & VAT also play a key role in fuel prices, which is less talked about.

Fuel is the major source of income for the Govt. On a rough estimate, we end up paying 60%+ of amount/litre as tax. Both the Govt.'s. have free hand in tax collection and hence it is not being included in GST.

Recently the centre has increased the excise duty by Rs.10/ litre for petrol and Rs.13/litre for diesel at a single go in May. State Govt.'s are also doing their bit to increase revenue from fuel. However, the price hike was not passed onto the customers by Oil Marketing Companies. They have only started increasing prices from June 7.

As per some reports, this rising trend of price hikes is expected to continue till early July. Hopefully we see a reversal in July
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Default Re: Fuel prices increase 16 days in a row. What the hell is happening?

Classic example of by the government, for the government and of the people.

The thing I have noticed is that when the lock down was declared the petrol price was about Rs. 71.35 in Kochi. And it stayed the same for the entire lock down period. Less number of vehicles on the road, the government didn't bother to increase the price. After May 31, when the first stage of unlock 1.0 started they started increasing the fuel prices. Now, when almost everyone is trying to use their own personal vehicles, the fuel prices are soaring. The government is making a killing on the sales.

I believe at this rate they will make much more than they made during 2018. The maximum I have paid for petrol is in October 2018 @ Rs. 86/- per litre. Today the petrol prices in Kochi just breached the Rs. 80/- mark. If the trend continues I'll end up paying more than I have ever paid by the nest fortnight. The revenues generated will be much more than last time because the number of vehicles have increased because more people are opting for private vehicles be it a two wheeler or car due to the covid scare.

Personally, I don't feel much of the pain because I predominantly use the scooter for majority of my commute and the car mainly for once a month long drive. So my frequency of refueling is usually 3-4 times for the scooter and once for the car (tankful in all case) per month. Scooter bill comes to Rs.350-400 range usually but the car pinches a little at Rs. 3.5k- 4k per refill. The fuel level in my car has dropped below the quarter mark and I think I'll take her to the pump soon so that I can save whatever little I can on the 45-50 liter fuel bill.

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Default Re: Fuel prices increase 16 days in a row. What the hell is happening?

Fossil fuel is the highest commodity sold in the world, and the second highest commodity sold after this is coffee.

Now, governments across the world are bleeding money thanks to Covid -19. Plus, without any meaningful income (Taxes) coming in their cash coffers are going to run up dry very soon at this rate.

Hence, you see a lot of states like Delhi have increased their taxes. The current government had given a lot of freebies prior to getting elected and are now unable to foot the bill for those schemes.

Similarly, the centre needs money to fund the zillions of schemes it runs for the poor if this nation
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Default Re: Fuel prices increase 16 days in a row. What the hell is happening?

On a side note, it makes the case to buy an electric vehicle very appealing!

Good direction to go for someone searching for the next vehicle, if you ask me!
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Default Re: Fuel prices increase 16 days in a row. What the hell is happening?

Agree with your reasoning, perhaps they can also work on putting the central vista plan on hold and divert close to 1000 crores

Originally Posted by dr.aviansh View Post
There was a revision of Delhi state tax last month, when petrol was hiked for around Re. 1 against Diesel which shot up to about Rs. 7. It made me wonder that diesel in Delhi is consumed mostly by upper middle class and elite class in passenger cars from Swift to higher end cars. Commercial Vehicles like Small Lorries, 3-wheelers, buses alot ply on CNG only. So Diesel is left only for the better off people. Hence, there is a disproportionate increase, as petrol is still purchased by Ďcommon peopleí for two wheelers and smaller cars as per Delhi Govt.

As far as national prices and tax are concerned, yes the Central govt and state governments are spending A LOT on health care. Be it any state, funds are diverted to purchase Covid-Test kits, to setting up of isolation wards, granting life insurance to Medical workers.

Only yesterday, the Central Govt granted Rs. 500 crore to the Indian Army because of the China situation at a time of crisis. So yes, itís not easy for the governments to bear so much at a time when business is going down, GST revenues have plummeted.

Fuel prices do pinch me as 2 of our cars are doing 150 kms a day but we know that it is the need of the hour. Our country is at a crisis, Arphan happened, Nisarga happened, our neighbours are in a mood to start a war, so yes the government is under alot pressure and a HUGE financial crunch, so maybe we should do our part too and hope things go back to normal.
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Default Re: Fuel prices increase 16 days in a row. What the hell is happening?

We will probably have to live with this situation. With Bihar elections coming, I hope to see a minor respite. The govt is in a tight spot and I hope they focus on the right things rather than advertising and bailing out crony capitalists.

On a lighter note, I wish this govt was in the opposition. Still remember how they used to pull off huge strikes and rallies against fuel hike of even 2 Rs in 2012/2013 and get the rollbacks done
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Default Re: Fuel prices increase 16 days in a row. What the hell is happening?

Day-before-yesterday, I took my car to the fuel pump after 3 months to fill in some diesel. I saw the price given as almost Rs. 75 per litre and I thought I had come to the petrol dispenser. Got in the car to move it when the fuel attendant told me that's how much diesel costs today.

I understand that the economy is in the pits thanks to corona but we were having a surge in prices before the pandemic as well even though International crude prices were low.

So, what's cooking? What's the reason for this daily increase in prices?

PMCARES has received thousands of crores and citizens are continuing to donate as I speak. I donated against my conventional wisdom to this fund. And now they say its out of RTI purview. Again, not sure what's happening there.

Meanwhile, 72,000 LEDs were bought for a party's election campaign to stream the leader's speeches.

Not sure whom to ask to since most media channels prefer to keep quiet and look the other way. And asking basic questions is termed "anti-national" these days so I'll keep quiet now.

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Default Re: Fuel prices increase 16 days in a row. What the hell is happening?

I thought the government doesnít control the prices of the fuel now a days and the OMCís decide the pricing since the prices are now deregulated. Sarcasm aside, this cruel joke of rising prices has now reached epic proportions.

The rising fuel prices are now taking its toll on the mass transport system. I donít know about other places, but here in Calcutta, private bus operators have stopped plying on several routes because they are apparently suffering heavy losses. Itís a double whammy actually- rising fuel prices and less people on board due to social distancing !!

The buses are so few in some sectors that people are forced to cram the few buses in their aim of reaching homes or offices. So basically the idea of social distancing died the very second the prices started rising and the buses rapidly going off the streets to save on fuel costs. It has become untenable to run buses according to the private operators because the ticket prices are same but the prices of fuel being rocketed through the roof.

I personally have stopped reacting to these fuel price hikes, as long as people are okay with the authorities doing the con job in the name of filling coffers of the government instead of questioning why the reserve banks keep their reserves for, there is absolutely no doubt in mind that prices will not come down soon since we are perhaps okay with it !
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Default Re: Fuel prices increase 16 days in a row. What the hell is happening?

Announce a 10 rupee hike overnight and see protests bringing daily life to a halt while do the same over 16 days incrementally and life goes usual.

I don't see any reduction in rashly driven bikes or construction trucks racing their way back to the quarry.

Let's see when that sleeping giant will wake up.
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Default Re: Fuel prices increase 16 days in a row. What the hell is happening?

Originally Posted by ramzsys View Post
No one out there to organise a protest anymore. Not a one, that would matter. We have sent across the message that this is the best governance we deserved.
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Default Re: Fuel prices increase 16 days in a row. What the hell is happening?

The increase is pinching as I do 50 kilometeres a day in my car for 25 days per month. However, I dont mind (Before anybody jumps in - please remember this is my individual opinion and I do not wish to be dragged into the arguments of what the middle class and lower middle class will be going through)

My country is cornered on all sides from neighbours who wish to see it fall. Our Armed Forces have hit back at one of the aggressive countries who is now sitting on our doorstep with all its might. If my country needs to increase taxes, fuel prices, commodity prices by 10-20%, I have absolutely no problems. The sorties in the Air do not come cheap. The consumables of the Fighter Planes do not come cheap. The Heavy Troop Movement and Artillery movement to forward bases do not come cheap. The 500 crore sanctioned for defence purchases has to be sanctioned from somewhere. With COVID- the Government's coffers not only ran dry as they were pumping out money for medical, migrants, trains, buses etc but their earnings from GST and other forms of Indirect Tax also dried up as Restaurants, Salon's, Malls and all other types of business establishments were shut.

If this is the price to pay - I am happy to pay it. Afterall, I would rather give this Government the money they need to defend me as oppposed to keep the money in my bank and be taken over by a Foreign Government who will make all of our lives a living hell.
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Default Re: Fuel prices increase 16 days in a row. What the hell is happening?

This government has always been non transparent from the time they came to power. Then they came with GST and other rules which came overnight and everyone had to follow. Going by the fuel prices, this is totally unfair by GoI and they're taxing us as much as they can from working class people.

Tax while buying the Car: 28%+ 18%(road tax in Bangalore)+ 1% TCS( though refunded after a year) =47% . Not to forget, the toll costs (in some states ₹3-4/km) despite paying Life Time road tax for 15 years.

Fuel has been increasing constantly from 2017 and Diesel is India's backbone. If diesel cost increases, it cascades down to increase in prices of all commodities.

As most of us have mentioned, we can't even voice out our concerns and we'll be termed anti-national.

I hope people can sense the elephant in the room now despite Covid and someone comes up with a petition to make the government aware of how it's going to affect people. Most of us are managing to balance our monthly expenses despite the pandemic crisis and government is adding fuel to the fire.

The less spoken about the PMcares fund and other funds that the govt has been asking public to chip in the better :(. Where did this money vanish??

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