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re: Toyota Hilux pickup | EDIT: Bookings now closed

Looks like Toyota is on a roll! 1st came the news of the Rav4 and now this!

If Toyota really price it between 15-20L, it will be a pleasant surprise! I sincerely hope Toyota to keep the price within 20L! V-Cross will be in trouble, if Toyota really do so.

I jokingly tell my friends, that Toyota prices their products at a premium when compared to similar products and their cars run double or more the life cycle when compared to similar products from other manufacturers!

There are examples where the Hilux covered more than 10L km with stock engine! The owners get bored and sell their trucks, before these Toyota trucks give up. These trucks come with a never say die attitude.

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re: Toyota Hilux pickup | EDIT: Bookings now closed

As much as we car enthusiasts love this, it will be an irrelevant launch:
1 It’s the same as fortuner with even worse ride quality and lesser air conditioned seats( okay I am not pouting at the loading bay)
2 I don’t think they’ll price it much lower than fortuner and make even bigger margins. They are probably trying to use the excess capacity of the fortuner assembly lines.
3 Being a Toyota, resale would remain high even after lakhs of kms done, keeping beyond reach of enthusiasts in used market.

I predict it to be superhit in political world and take away some volumes from fortuner. Reasons:
1 Have many supporters doing zindabad zindabad in the loading bay, while Netaji can wave/make V symbol from the front passenger seat. Would be even better with a sunroof. More loading capacity and visibility.
2 Allows privacy to Netaji inside air conditioned cabin to discuss his plans while also ensuring he is seen with enough supporters at the same time by passerby’s.
3 Segregation between khasam- khaas and unavoidable/ lower rank supporters. Getting inside the cabin would be akin to promotion.
4. Gunmen can be more effective from the loading bay; can also add roof rack to lie on for even better coverage.

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re: Toyota Hilux pickup | EDIT: Bookings now closed

I doubt Toyota will price it even remotely close to 15-20 lakhs. They have been notorious for overpricing each and every vehicle.

With the expected price of RAV4 to be 60 lakhs they will likely position the Hilux as some sort of luxury pickup at 80 lakhs No thanks I would happily get an Isuzu V cross/Thar and a luxury SUV from the German trio.
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re: Toyota Hilux pickup | EDIT: Bookings now closed

This is really good news and hope they price it at par with Isuzu or marginally higher for their brand value. If they can sell well, it could pave the way for Ford to decide to bring the F150/Ranger. Every time I see a modded Ford Ranger here I get excited. I know I am being greedy
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re: Toyota Hilux pickup | EDIT: Bookings now closed

If Isuzu could not sell even 500 units a month of the VCross, I don't know how Toyota can make a better entry into the pickup segment.

Pickups suffer from two main issues in India. Image and practicality. Even if you are in a well kitted V Cross, police and people will mistake you for a commercial vehicle. As for parking, it is a real pain even to park cars slightly longer than 4m, while the V Cross is 5m.

The Hilux is popular in other countries because of its reliability and load carrying capacity. Many owners drive themselves. In India, someone who needs to get something ferried can use a minitruck that costs less than 5 lakhs.

Yes, there will be a few lifestyle buyers, just like for the V Cross, but will that be good enough to justify homologation efforts for a brand new model? I don't know.
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re: Toyota Hilux pickup | EDIT: Bookings now closed

Originally Posted by DicKy View Post
Add to that rumours of Ford planning to bring in the Ranger in Raptor form to keep the Fordness intact during the Mahindra JV times.

Exciting times indeed.
Is this rumor really there? I mean even a rumor for Ranger (if not Raptor) coming excites me enough. So if indeed such a rumor is floating, that's a very good sign then.

Back to Hilux, I think Toyota is taking a leaf out of Mahindra's strategy for Thar and buoyed by all the buzz that new Thar has created. If Thar retails at 20L top end then Toyota may price this a level above, say 25L -30L.
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re: Toyota Hilux pickup | EDIT: Bookings now closed

Its a very capable product having driven it in Africa and ME. I'll be delighted it Toyota indeed brings this to India. But there is NO way ever they are going to price it at 15-20 lakhs. The commercial Hilux here in Dubai for e.g. is around 75K AED as against Fortuner which is around 125K. Even if one were to take 35 lakhs as Indian price of Fortuner, Hilux proportionately comes to 21 lakhs. I'd say even if they can manage 25 lakhs OTR it will be great value for something which will survive the owner and some more.
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re: Toyota Hilux pickup | EDIT: Bookings now closed

Like most here, I am also pleasantly surprised with the price bracket mentioned here. If top end diesel auto does not cross 20L (which I highly doubt), it will sell considerably well. Way more than Isuzu for sure.
After all it would be a well priced Toyota Pickup, based on Fortuner!
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re: Toyota Hilux pickup | EDIT: Bookings now closed

I’d take that price with a bowl full of salt.

If they launch it at the prices mentioned, they can have my money.

If Toyota can pull this off, why even wait? I see a huge following for this thanks to the brand name and due to ‘badi gaadi’ being in trend.
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re: Toyota Hilux pickup | EDIT: Bookings now closed

India is not a pick up market . The best one we have at the moment, the Isuzu V max is bought purely as a lifestyle vehicle. The size and lack of rear seat comfort makes them impractical as everyday vehicles. A great outdoor truck for 2 people though.

World over, these are bought by tradesmen who carry their entire shop in it. Electrician, plumbers, carpenters etc. The rest are bought by agriculturists who put these to farm duties.

The Hilux is one of the best of its genre, but for India its impractical. It is big, cumbersome and at 25/30 odd lakhs it will eventually retail, quite an indulgence.

I dont think Toyota is looking at numbers but more at product diversification and showcase. Not to mention the Hilux name has quite a following world over.

I say bring it on, Toyota. There would be more than a few takers for this even at the 25/30 price mark.

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re: Toyota Hilux pickup | EDIT: Bookings now closed

...and lets not forget that Fortuner is built on top of Hilux platform for (developing countries) and not the other way round.
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re: Toyota Hilux pickup | EDIT: Bookings now closed

I really doubt that Toyota will be able to price the Hilux at the 15 Lakhs. It should be priced more or less similar to the Innova since despite being more utilitarian, it comes with more complex 4 X 4 drivetrains.

That said, if it becomes successful, it might force Ford to launch the Ranger starting a whole new segment in India (which Izuzu now rules).
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re: Toyota Hilux pickup | EDIT: Bookings now closed

Target market for pickups in our country is majorly farming and businesses that have logistics need on a frequent basis. Yes there is a lifestyle market which could be the primary scope of Hilux.

IMO, most of the jobs of pickups are presently catered by Tata Ace, Bolero, Xenon, Scorpio and old Jeeps. Premium ones haven't really been churning big numbers. Although I feel the Hilux can change all that because a lot of big farmers, real estate sharks and politicians in rural areas do buy big vehicles. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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re: Toyota Hilux pickup | EDIT: Bookings now closed

Ideally, they should try to have one cheap version for the businesses which require utility & reliability on a budget and a more decked up version for the individual consumer. Pricing between INR 18 - 25 lakh can effectively kill the Isuzu brand overnight.

Based on the pricing on the AU website, the AU$30k translates to INR 16 lakh.
Toyota Hilux pickup | EDIT: Bookings now closed-hiluxau.jpg
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re: Toyota Hilux pickup | EDIT: Bookings now closed

They sell the Yaris for 15L here. No ways is this going to be introduced at 15-20L. It would be more like 25-30L and that too would be an introductory price. Also I don't see a market big enough in India for pick ups. Weather, road congestion and all are not in favour of a pick up truck in India.
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