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Default Re: Which of your cars do you love the most?

Pretty darn impossible to state which car I like the most. All the 4 cars that I have personally owned and driven are close to my heart, and were chosen in the first place because I loved the cars.

However, two cars really stand out:

1. First car bought at the age of 24 with my own salary - a Maruti 800. That kingly feeling of driving off from the dealer with a brand new silver coloured Maruti 800 wrapped in red ribbon (no power steering, no power windows and no AC ), is absolutely unmatched and will never be matched by any other car I own in the future. My first very own car, and legendary one at that. Those days, things like features and comforts were more or less unheard of and not even remotely on my list of essentials. All I knew was that it had 4 wheels, 5 seats, and an engine and was solely mine to have fun with, and had some fabulous times with this car through my twenties.

2. The Swift K12, bought in 2012 - this was also very special because I am known among my friends to be a rabid and blind Swift-fan since the car was launched in India. Ever since the first Swift in the family back home (2007 G13B, which my father had for many years), I had yearned for my own Swift and that day came in January 2012. A brilliant shade of blue (Torque Blue, it was called) on a Swift VXI 1.2 K series petrol. I was again on top of the world. For me, it was the epitome of sportiness and a "hot hatch". Had tons of fun on this this till it made way for my current Honda City in 2019. My love for the Swift continues unabated, till this day. My grail purchase would have been a Swift Sports 1.4, had it come to Indian shores.

Sharing a picture of my Swift, looks real sweet with the Lenso Samurai rims, doesn't it? Could not find a picture of the 800, unfortunately.

Presently our garage consists of a 1.5 year old Honda City iVTEC and an 8+ years old Honda Brio. Both super fun to drive, and bring smiles to the face every time I take them out for a spin.
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Default Re: Which of your cars do you love the most?

My Wagon-R (2006).

Not because it was the very first car I purchased with my own money. Not because she gave me 90K+ of problem free rides. Not because of luxurious leg space + headroom.

But because of it's awesome seat design. All seats (after removing the head rests) can be folded down to turn it into almost a queen size bed.
Young age + foldable seats + girl friend.
Join the dots.
Lots of ...ahem!...fond memories.
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Default Re: Which of your cars do you love the most?

For me from #1 to 10, it is the Landmaster and Ambassador. Other cars follow from #11 onwards starting with the #11 Maruti 800, #12 Fiat 1100 variants/Premier Padmini and so on.
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Default Re: Which of your cars do you love the most?

One car which I really loved was my old jellybean zen, had great memories with that car and was always a joy to drive.
But among the present vehicles there can be only one is a pic of him standing in a meadow somewhere between sandakphu and phalut
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Default Re: Which of your cars do you love the most?

Just loved the sentiments of all the car owners here. I can truly imagine how one must be feeling when trying to recollect the vehicles that they and their families owned and the uncountable memories.

So my list goes as below (As far as I can remember since I was a kid)

1. Ambassador Mark 4 (Learnt to drive on this car.)

2. Fiat Safari

(Both the above mentioned cars were owned together and the Fiat Safari was sold off when I was still too young to drive)

3. Maruti Omni - 1991 sold in 2001 (Did some "Haath Saaf" Driving on this)

4. Maruti Omni - 1999-2000

5. Hyundai Santro Zip Drive LS 2001 - 2006 (Enjoyed some round the block driving on this car)

6. TATA Indica V2 DLS 2006 -2012

7. TATA Indica Vista (Quadrajet) 2012 - Current (Used mainly by my dad, now a spare car)

8. Fiat Punto Emotion Pack 2014 - 2017 (Selling it was the worst ever decision of my life - Some really good memories)

9. Maruti Suzuki Swift ZDI 2017 - 2020 (Did not get any driving pleasure as such and was fed up with he MASS guys)

10. Fiat Linea 2017 (Purchased second hand in 2020 - Current (Purchased on Oct 5th 2020 - Planning to review this here, figuring out how to post a new / add to an existing thread here, still a newbie figuring out the interface)

From the above:-

The Ambassador is the one I loved the most. Then comes the Maruti Omni (1991 one) Then the Fiat Punto and Finally, The Fiat Linea.

Unfortunately I have only one pic of the Ambassador (from one of our family road trips BOM-PNQ-BOM with me and my sister as kids I suppose 1990)

Which of your cars do you love the most?-ambassador.jpeg

For the Fiat Safari, I cant locate any hard copy pics, but managed to get a screen shot of me as a toddler against the vehicle registration plate from a video which was recorded by an old family friend of ours who was into videography and photography back in 1989. Sorry for the really poor image quality.

Name:  Safari.jpeg
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Size:  38.5 KB

The Fiat Punto I had, drove it for 2,75,000 Kms without a squeak (Still don't know what went wrong with me that I sold it off back then , the current owner keeps in touch and mentions that the car is perfect and approaching 3,50,000 Kms)

Which of your cars do you love the most?-punto.jpeg

This one below is the Maruti Suzuki Swift, Done 78,000 Kms and and then I was done with the MASS guys. Still on the lookout for the folks who say Maruti Services are cheap!!

Which of your cars do you love the most?-swift-new.jpeg

This is the newest member to my family , just purchased (A used one) Has done 27,000 Kms in 3.5 Years. Previous owner sold it since he din't want a big car. Its the Dynamic variant - Multijet Diesel Engine.

Which of your cars do you love the most?-linea.jpeg

Wish all the members some good ownership experiences and some crazy memories with their cars!!
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Default Re: Which of your cars do you love the most?

The car-love graph looks like below for most folks. You bought the car because you loved it, then comes a phase where you are a bit bored, there are newer/fancier options and the love quotient dips a bit but that is when you understand the car deeper. Once you overcome this phase, the love increases exponentially with time.

Which of your cars do you love the most?-car_graph.jpg

Sharing a picture of my favorite. This car did everything without a complaining for 11 years!
Name:  Innova.jpg
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Default Re: Which of your cars do you love the most?

My Zen, First car undoubtedly - too much emotion attached with her. She was always present with us in the good and bad times. Never ever complained, never was stranded on road with her.

And that's why the pain of letting her go still remains deep down due to stupid NGT rule that painted every Tom and Harry with the same brush.

I may cherish other cars in this journey of life but no car can take the same place as my Zen. She was more than a car for us.
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Default Re: Which of your cars do you love the most?

Turbo petrols are part of our life now, but I think everyone remember the car which gave that true turbo kick.

Sweet handling
Good ride quality
Wonderful fuel efficiency
Low on maintenance
Reliable and
Awesome TURBO kick!!!

Yes, I am talking about my first love and I bet it is also the love of many others who bought it.

My beloved Swift Diesel.
Which of your cars do you love the most?-img_20180808_152050.jpg

I got the car the day before my engagement (car was delivered a day before), and it was the car that bought my baby home for the first time from the hospital.
I attended many interviews, meetings and other important life changing events with it.

I dressed it up with sweet alloys, music system with woofer and interior ambient lighting.
Was sad to let it go as problems started creeping up regularly.

Now I am driving Etios diesel. I was not emotionally attached with it initially but the humble car is slowly winning over my heart with its ability.

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Default Re: Which of your cars do you love the most?

Without a doubt, my 2004 model zen. It was the first car I owned and I bought it myself
I really loved the way it looked. The real beauty of this car was the handling. A very good product from the Maruti. Now I really miss her.
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Which of your cars do you love the most?-screenshot_20200316183414__01.jpg  

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Default Re: Which of your cars do you love the most?

i recently sold my SX4 zxi after driving it for 11.5 years. I have changed a few other cars in this time period, but letting the sx4 go actually caused a twinge. I guess over the years it became an integral part of my life- super reliable, fun to drive, robust, and despite owning cars a couple of segments higher, it was my default car to take to the mountains- it was that good! I do miss my White Lightning!
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Default Re: Which of your cars do you love the most?

Off all the cars we as family & I owned, I love Punto 1.3 MJD the most. First car with my own money, travelled so extensively and often that SA was surprised at the intervals I bought the car to ASS upon completing the designated distance between service, off beat experiences like serving as a pilot car to an unknown group of bikers who were new to the highway, on a rainy night, which I know like the back of my hand, loading the car with relief material during the Chennai floods and reaching out to relief centers & many more, learnt a lot about car ownership.

While there are many horror stories about Fiat & its ownership experience, I never had any issue. I spent a lot on it but at the end of the day, it was worth it. Wish I hadn't replaced it.

Punto at the end of land (Hare Island, Tuticorin)
Which of your cars do you love the most?-fiat_hare-island_20200810.jpg

In our current Garage, my loved one is the Jeep Compass (D) Limited. An excellent mile muncher & a car with loads of character. I grin madly every time I floor it.

Taken during a family trip to Dhanushkodi
Which of your cars do you love the most?-img_4400.jpg
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Default Re: Which of your cars do you love the most?

The first car my family ever owned, '02 Zen Lx. It was sold off in 2014 and I have learnt to drive this year only, but still it holds a very special place in my heart.

Which of your cars do you love the most?-dscn0343.jpg

Which of your cars do you love the most?-dscn0345.jpg

Those full chrome wheel covers may look whacky to anyone else but if I ever bought a Zen my life, I'm gonna put the similar wheel covers on it.
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Default Re: Which of your cars do you love the most?

11 year old me was a fan of low slung premium hatchbacks and i urged my dad to buy the Hyundai i20 in 2010 instead of the Swift Dzire and Verna and i truly loved it from the passenger seat.

Even though we modified it with racing stripes and a banging stereo system it never was my true love.
Which of your cars do you love the most?-hyundai-i20.jpg

After throwing tantrums to not sell the i20 and get the Ecosport in 2013 my dad brought home the Ecosport and i didn't gel with the car for a few years until we started doing road trips and i started learning how to drive on it. I didn't even go look at the car when my dad brought it home.
Which of your cars do you love the most?-edit-1.jpg

Our family is so attached to the car now that we had troubles looking for a replacement 2 years ago. After getting my license i went back to drive the i20 which was still with my Dad's friend and even the newer Elite i20 of my classmate and realized how naive I was back then to get swayed by the features of the car rather than sheer driving pleasure. Given a choice today i would sincerely pick the keys of the Ford every single time and we have no plans to sell it until the 10-year old rule come into play.
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Default Re: Which of your cars do you love the most?

The duster AWD for me was an unforgettable experience. It made short work of nearly everything, be it long distance highway runs, inside city commute, exploring decently difficult trails and all this with a great ride and handling combination. It was a true allrounder and one which gave a new dimension to travel. Even though the car is not with me now, it still evokes nostalgia. Two pictures from different parts of our beautiful country.

Which of your cars do you love the most?-duster.jpg

Which of your cars do you love the most?-28953814_10215593865980516_5668027572281204555_o.jpg
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Default Re: Which of your cars do you love the most?

Which of your cars do you love the most?-img_20190415_110248172_hdr.jpg
Our 2006 Swift 1.3
This is the car in which I learned dynamics of the car (not driving I learned that in Maruti 800)
It was fun enough for me to push enough and learn finer points like grip levels, suspension behavior in mid turn bumps etc.
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