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Originally Posted by radiokidb View Post
Yea i agree, its the brand value or image that matters in the 10 lakh rupee+ segment.

I feel Maruti should launch a premium branding for their higher end cars, SX4 and above, akin to Toyota and their Lexus brand. IMHO this will help a lot
while i do agree with you, i do not completely agree, as there are many examples of 'pride' brands doing very badly in the segment viz : opel Vectra, Nissan Tiena. I think the indian customer does care about the imagery but over all he wants good value.

The above point explains, Skoda relative success, a budget brand abroad, but a luxury brand in India, accord a budget car abroad is the car for CEOs here.

So i think its purely a case of value for money rather, money for value as i put it.

But maruti should not forget what they are famous for
1. Fuel Efficiency
2. Lower Part costs
3. Easy of servicing.

if they make a car and do not forget the above 3 things, i think they will be successful.

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@ AC427

Although being a Maruti and bemefit from a wide dealer network, the Kizashi wont be cheap to run or maintain;

The Kizashi might have an economical 2.4 ltr. petrol engine but wont be fuel efficient per se, especially according to Indian expectations.

The parts will be very expensive especially since almost all of them will be imported from Japan. This was one of the major factors that lead to the Baleno's decline initially.


I agree that the Kizashi is only a distant possibility in India and even farther is its VW powered diesel variants. But VW has been liberal with its diesel engines especially within brands of its own group. There are plenty of Skodas, VWs, Seats, Audis that overlap each other. VW bought a 20% stake straight away in Suzuki only seeing its potential and if the Kizashi does sell it will of course grab nos. from the likes of the Octavia, Exeo, Passat but more so from the Jap biggies like the Corolla and Camry.
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Originally Posted by aaggoswami View Post
1) If it is costing above Rs. 10-11 lakh OTR, this car will not sell. No chances and this is because of the badge. The reason why Baleno did not sell and the reason why SX4 cannot take competition to Honda City is badge.

2) VW-Suzuki deal. Lets assume that Suzuki Kizashi is available with 2.0 ltr. CRDI mill from Passat. But the bigggest loser will be Laura and jetta. I am assuming that with diesel this car can get success. Add to that people perception of Suzuki being cheaper to own will add to number for Kizashi.

Do you think that VW will even give an engine to Suzuki so that Suzuki can put its car against Jetta and Laura ?

With Suzuki being now in control of dominant VW, I thing Kizashi will never see Indian light. It will be head on with Laura and Jetta which VW will not like. Forget diesel Kizashi, even petrol remains a distant possibility.
Agree with this analysis 100%.

Honestly I think Suzuki will never price with in the 12 Lacs segment in India. Why would they put a 2.4L 180 bhp car in the Civic/Corolla range? But if i continue to dream, this car with a 2L VW engine (140 bhp) will rock! Petrol would go down the drain with "average kitna hain?" people. I am sure people will expect a minimum of 10kmpl city FE for this one

Right now, Maruti's energies are better spent on getting a diesel SX4.

And lastly Kizashi - what a name! Is that the best they could come up with? goes down in my list as the lame car names right after Laura and Superb
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Kizashi launch is planned on 28/29 Jan 2011.

SX4 diesel 1.3 is currently under testing. To be launched around or after Mar 2011( reason of delay is back log orders of Swift / Dzire diesel)

sources : informal talks with maruti employees
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Any idea about the pricing of Kizaski?.Hope it doesn't go beyond 10
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@binoy , it would be an Import . so the guys in discussions were talking of a 15lacs + figure ( unfortunately)
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Kizashi should be in the close to 15L, it is intended to be a half class larger than the Civic/ Cruz and kindoff in the Accord class, so considering the civic price can't expect this to be in a lower range. This could be a brand image changer for Maruti in India, but will people buy it at that price range.
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