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Default New Govt at the center.. your wishlist as a motorist

Dear Friends.

As new government would take charge at the center, every section of economy is putting up their wishlist.

As a leading Automotive community, we should also put up our wishlist
i start with mine

1. Road Tax harmonization across states and allowing cars registered across india without asking for additional Tax.
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Allow import (duty free) of used cars.
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1. Reduction in excise duty
2. Reduction in other taxes (octroi, etc.)
3. Equal diesel and petrol prices
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- State of the art international quality roads.

- Scientific driving license issuing method.

- Excise limit on small cars be made free of length restrictions. Engine capacity for petrol be raised to 1.4L. Diesel, I understand is 1.5L which is fine.
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Old 20th May 2009, 12:30   #5
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I want good (atleast drivable) roads.

Less congestion, by removing illegal shops, Laaris etc. & by increasing the number of flyovers.

More express highways,

Less speed breakers,

Smart red light controller,

& many more...

So that a common man can enjoy driving with even Nano or Maruti.

But i doubt, no govt will full fill my wishes for years.
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Old 20th May 2009, 12:36   #6
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My suggestions are;

1. Uniform taxation on cars throught India.
2. Create a central database of all vehicles plying in India.
3. Reduce excise duty on bigger cars i.e. exceeding 1200 CC.
4. Compulsorily scrap heavy vehicles and LMV older than 15 years.
5. Introduce biometric Driving License and maintain a central database which can be accessed by RTO and Police etc from anywhere in India.
6. Allow import of cars any make, any brand greater not more than 3 years old.
7. Bring down import duties on CBUs. Atleast, we get newer technology and better brands.
8. Build build and build roads...Since we have red tapism, by the time a new road is commissioned, the traffic has far exceeded the capacity of the new road built. Therefore, continuously upgrade the roads and dont wait for something like common wealth games to give an impetus to Infrastructure development..
9. Frame laws to deal with road rage. Make road rage an offence and make it non-bailable.
10.Form an agency under Public Private Partnership who would test and certify new drivers. relieve RTO of the burden of issuing licenses. The agency should only issue and review licenses.

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Old 20th May 2009, 12:41   #7
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increase safety standards. provide incentives for ABS/Airbags , like say lesser insurance rates ?
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Old 20th May 2009, 12:43   #8
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Completion of the NH4 (Karnataka State), and the rest of the broken, damaged, pending GQ. Yes, I am being selfish here
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Old 20th May 2009, 12:48   #9
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First and farmost, implement and create traffic awareness/discipline in drivers.

- Roads, yes. If not international standard, atleast drivable standard
- lower the Road taxes.
- make transfer vehicle more transparent and easier. RTO should claim the tax from other state and not the person transferring the vehicle.
- Improve public transports including the Rails.
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Road tax ,should be same in all the state , KA has highest I think so .

Import duty on superbikes should be reduced to say a fair 20-30 % .
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We pay road taxes. then why should we pay toll?

also projects like the worli badra sea link sholud be free, we don't pay to use the flyovers, why should we pay to use the sea link.

Just want these two wishes to be fullfilled

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Few of my wishlist:

1. Traffic rule awareness & compulsory proper driving test for drivers (include the people who already have license) to check their understanding on the road rules.

2. Build the world's next Autobahn in India.

3. Separate slow & fast moving traffics on roads / highways to decrease accidents.

4. Reduce duties on high-end cars.

5. Make safety features standard of vehicles (example, ABS, airbags, G-con body,etc.).

6. Scrap all the under-powered heavy vehicles plying on the roads/highways.

7. Strict rules on safety (no overloading, no more passengers than the seating capacity, working headlamps/tail lamps, etc.)

8. Build tracks like the Nürburgring .
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My wish list:
1) Good Roads of Intl standards if not should be worth comparing it to them or better.
2) All road taxes/State taxes should be uniform for all states
3) Increase the traffic fines in Urban / Metro areas ex, Drunken driving, Jumping the signal, not stopping on or before the white line marked during the traffic stop etc...
4) Traffic signal to work 24/7 in all metro cities & should be monitored 24/7.
5) All existing irregular humps to be standardized & built on Intl norms.
6) All state highways roads are to be re looked at, in KA its improved a lot, however needs standardization.
7) License should be issued by a proper governing authority be it private or govt.
8) Road conditions in rural areas have to improved.
9) The metro system have to be introduced for all Tier1 & Tier 2 cities.
10) Make sure the new Metro layout doesn't harm the existing green parks
11) Provide under-bridges/over-bridges for pedestrians to cross the main roads
12) Make sure the Auto companies provide horns which are restricted to certain decibals & not exceed them to be loud but more pleasing on your ears.
13) Provide more health centres on NH & SH. Increase the number of Ambulances & other ways for reaching the hospitals fast & safe.
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Variable Insurance premium. Like maintaining a Accident history of the Vehicle/Driver/Owner.
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Fix the RTO :|

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