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Lightbulb on the FINE thing..

why not have a collection system whereby the person who is at fault ( parking violation/ speeding/ any traffic offenses) is handed over a card for violating and the fine is paid within some period to a common account. The money in this account can be used for the improvement of the infrastructure. All it needs is ppl who will just follow the rules and penalise the errant drivers.
Have a log of violations of all drivers and penalise him accordingly.

There should not be any physical cash exchanged and that would address the corruption to some extent. Make the traffic ppl an independant body with proper pay/ training. Maybe part of the amt collected can be distributed among the traffic staff.

Let there be proper financial audits and the results presented to the public.

Some initiative of this sort will definitely go a long way in helping the cause.

Hurry Home
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Originally Posted by muni
Let there be proper financial audits and the results presented to the public.
Thatís where the problem arises. Any system would be successful, if this was followed.
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Originally Posted by Insane Devil

Bro, i dont mean to say that if u are not able to afford to pay 2,000 as a parking fine, u shouldnt drive an Accord, what i mean is, the fine should be such taht it pinches the person. what is a FINE? its a Punishment. if you ask a body builder to do 100 situps, its not a punishment to him, if u ask a lean, weak person to do so, its a punishment to him, coz it hurt him. its to tap him on his head and point out that hez been wrong.

i hope i have cleared my point. REVTECH: i am sure a rs.100 fine wont pinch u a single bit while u can afford to own an Accord. ( its adifferent thing that you are not into ur business now, and live off a very stringent pocket money and have to pay that fine off ur pockets, not from ur dads. ) coz if Rs.100 as fine mattered to a person driving an Accord, he wouldnt be buying an Accord (considering the high costs to run the vehicle.

firstly to clear out some stuff.i didnt buy the accord nor can i afford regular servicing etc...but my dad can.but i drive the accord pretty often and just incase i get violate a traffic rule its upto me to pay off the fine.as you said earlier i live on pocket money at least right now untill i start working so i definitly cant afford to pay Rs 2000 just like that for a mistake because obiously if im in my senses i wouldnt park in a no parking zone knowing im going to get fined.

coming to my point.what i am trying to say is a log should be created and those who break rules often...they should be fined more than the others who break a rule very rarely due to some mistake and not intentionally.

very often at signals people look out for pandus and if they arent standing around they jump the signal and im sure you have seen that too.its people like them who dont have any road sence and discipline and they are the ones who should be fined a large amount not a person who makes a mistake occasionally and just because he has a big expensive car !!

hope my point is clear now.

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o yes! have seen heaps of ppl lookin out for "no-pandus" and then jumping signals.

one good thing i see in Australia, is that they have a 12Point system. Speeding costs 3 points. etc...and once u finish up ur Points, ur license is cancelled. that is a good thing to control ppl from disobeying law freq.

and bhaiya! if u r in ur senses u will surely not park in a no parking zone, and this even u know, that many in there very rite senses, do still park in no-parking zones! what about them? its like...coz of some, everyone does have to suffer.
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There are some morons that cant park the car straight. if they get a space between cars it is too dangerous for the cars front and back. They will bang bang bang bang. Some people are just like they are disabled.
Mostly they dont see the rear view mirrors or use them. They are folded al the time!
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Old 22nd March 2011, 09:57   #66
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Default Re: How good drivers/road users are we Indians

Last weekend I was at Puri for a weekend. While returning back to Calcutta, I had to stop at the closed railway level crossing, about 5-6 KM away from Puri, on the road leading to Bhuwaneswar. I took out my camera and rushed to shoot a picture of the passing train. I was not careful enough to use the parking brakes and the engine was running as the AC was on. I left the car in neutral. My eleven year old daughter was sitting beside me in the front but she also came out to see the train. None of us could see that the car was slowly rolling backward. Fortunately one gentleman who was driving a Tata Indigo noticed that and timely rushed in from his nearby car to put the parking brakes on.
I thanked the gentleman profusely before continuing on the journey.
Rahul Biswas
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Default Re: How good drivers/road users are we Indians

These days bikers are a huge menace for car drivers esp in Mumbai!

There have been so many instances where, say, I go from 40k to 60k and still accelerating, where suddenly some jack-a** on a bike cuts me off from the side, and drives his tin-can at the same speed and then i have to slam the brakes!!

I dont go to temples that often but I am damn sure a place in heaven is reserved for me considering how many live i save everyday by screwing my brakepads!
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Default Re: How good drivers/road users are we Indians

Friends, very good topic but I am not sure what we are going to do about it. team-bhp is a large community based out of nearly every city in India (I would like to believe). We all agree there is a problem. What can we do about the problem? Can we change behaviour? Maybe we should pool our heads and start a drive to improve road sense - like Munnabhai sending flowers. Can I stop 1 bad driver every day and give him a team-bhp good driving tips greeting card?
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Default Re: How good drivers/road users are we Indians

I think the problem is much deeper than we see. Most drivers, literate or not, are not educated enough about the traffic system etc. On a highway, it's the truck drivers that are most disciplined. So, it's obvious that it has nothing to with being literate.

How many of us go through the process of obtaining the driving license properly? How effective are the driving tests? I mean, people have no idea of simple rules, let alone understanding right-of-ways. Every third bike-rider I see is talking on mobile phone. When merging or taking a turn, people always take the shortest path and don't understand the importance of looking for traffic or sticking to the left. And about the infamous high-beam problem, I doubt that many people know that there is a thing called highbeam and lowbeam!

And above all, how educated are the law-enforcers? I am sure you would have seen traffic cops driving in wrong directions and such many times. Even though the population is huge in India, we did have a chance to anticipate and do it (educating people ,systematizing etc.) right since the surge in number of vehicles happened in the last decade or so. But now, I think it's has gone out of hands.
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